You're sitting alone again

Because you know why

It has to be hers.

You seem like so much more

But I've got to take care of you.

You know how many people

Don't think what you say.

Don't think that.

I'm still too young.

Everybody is above you.

It's not what you'd think of

When you hear the term.

I told somebody, but he's not

Famous for doing anything.

She wouldn't call her that

If it weren't basically you

Whose heart was failing again.

You fit in now, but where was I

Last year, when you didn't?

Take a look on your hat.

You are beautiful.

For whatever reason you

Always take the blame I give.

You can do things due to anger

But I know I can't.

I'm trying to work harder for you

Because I remember that time

When you buried me.

How many best friends now?

I hope you can go that weekend.

Have a night for yourself,

You're just like your father.

I'm glad you told me because

I can count on myself to try

To take care of you.

I think this is in my hands.

I've taken it already.

The fault is mine; you're mine.

I know how it is to own something,

When everything gone wrong is your bad.

I'm going to take that burden of the wrong.

Why can't I protect you all?