Infinite Expanse Conquered

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A poem about facing our fears to find our tomorow.

Encased by the vast expanse of water that is foaming at the mouth and

Ready to swallow me whole as it crashes around my feet,

I stand at the edge of all that is known.


However, I will fight back against uncertainty with every fiber of my being.

No current will drag me to my inevitable death and

No animal will pinch my toes with its claws, pulling me under into the indefinite.

I will not surrender to the great power

But, I will revolutionize thought as its stands.


I will venture into the undetermined and I will define what there is to see

I will succeed in crossing the borders from now to history

And I will find infinity.

Author's Note: Written on September 21rst 2011. I can't really say what I think of it, so let me know your opinions, because they are always welcome. Hope you enjoyed! Let me know either way! Thanks anyone who reads, your opinions are invaluable!


The Moon Howls At The Wolf