Chapter 4

I just ran. My opiate is running. It gives me a temporary feeling of satisfaction, of success, of…accomplishment. And it also makes me feel relaxed. I could run for hours on end but that isn't healthy, according to Lisa. I don't think Lisa fully understands that I'm different. I think she doesn't get me like Janelle did. Thinking about Janelle makes me nervous…I don't want to be in special ed, no matter what Janelle says. I don't care. College, no college, good job, no job, maximum wage, minimum wage…NONE OF THAT MATTERS TO ME.

I ran and ran and ran. I finally got to my second favorite spot to be. I got to a park about 3 miles away from our house. Not far enough, but I needed to stop. Lisa always told me after 3 miles I need to stop, take a breather, and get a drink. Even when she's not with me I listen to her, and think about her, and almost half wish that I was still with her. But I can't be with her if I'm gonna be in special ed. That isn't an option for me. I just decided I would keep running and decide as I go. I don't want to be labeled as a runaway, but I will do what it takes.

I got to a park. It had kiddie swings, a bench, and a beautiful pond. I was staring at my disheveled appearance, when suddenly a dark figure came up from behind me. I figured it was a shadow of some sort, but as I blinked, I was….

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