Chapter 1

As I stood, alone in the middle of a forest all was quiet. The dark trees surrounded me and the only sound that could be heard was the faint whisper of the wind. I grabbed my stomach in pain and sat down on a nearby log. I looked over to where I was standing to see a small puddle right where I was standing. "No, not now," I said to myself.

I live on a campground, yes I am serious. My parents are huge nature freaks so when they heard about the campground they moved there right away! In the campground there are two different sections, the trailer section which is where we all live and the camping section which is only open during the summertime. The trailer section is pretty big, it has rows and rows of trailers. It is usually nice and quiet plus we are right next to a lake. There is a town that is about a fifteen minute walk, it is a small town but it has everything a person would need.

My parents moved to the campground soon after they got married. They bought a two bedroom trailer right near the bathrooms. The trailer has a bathroom but it is tiny and it's just easier to go to the public bathrooms. My mom got a job in town working for a flower shop, now she is the manager of that flower shop. But my dad has to drive for an hour to get to his job, he is an important businessman for a large company. Anyway soon after they moved to the trailer park my mom become pregnant with me. She was the one who convinsed our neighbour to open a woman's clinic in town since my mom had no doctor nearby. Our neighbour did open and woman's clinic and she even delivered me! So I have spent my whole life in the outdoors and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Two years after I was born, we welcomed my baby sister Stella into the family. And now here were are thirteen years later.

I'm sixteen, I have a car and I go to a small high school in the nearby town with all of the other kids at the campground. Surprisingly there are a lot of us! My four best friends just live a few trailers away from me. There is Noah he is really sweet and is a great swimmer, he is dating one of my other best friends Lilly who is an environmentalist. There is also Jake who is your typical jock, he is great at soccer and all of the girls around here love him. Last but not least is Roxie, she is kind of quiet but once you get her to loosen up she is really fun.

School just ended last week and now all of the summer campers are starting to flood into our little campground. The good thing is that we will have some new people around here.

"Stella I'm going to work now so the trailer better still be here when I get back!" I yelled as I walked out the door.

As I was walking Noah and Roxie joined me.

"You working in the activities centre this summer?" Noah asked.

"Yup, I'm so excited!" I replied.

We opened the big heavy door to the activities centre to see kids running everywhere and making a big mess!

"Hey everyone settle down!" I politely yelled.

All of the kids suddenly stopped and rushed over to us.

"Ok so we are going to spit you guys up into two groups, I will take group number outside to play some sports with another one of our counsellors named Jake, Roxie here will take group number two out for a fun trip to the lake!" Noah announced.

I spit the kids into groups and they were off and I was left with the mess. I tried to organize things in here so it would be ready for when the kids came to do arts and crafts with me but the room was pretty messed up. I tried my best to put everything back in its place but I got pretty messing along the way.

Suddenly the large door swung open, I turned around. Standing there was a tall, tan, blonde haired hottie. Oh and did I mention that he was shirtless! Then I noticed the little girl standing beside him, I walked over and knelled down to the little girl.

"Hi sweetie I'm Emma, I'm guessing you're a little late?" I said sweetly.

She nodded and then looked up to the boy. "We just got to camp last night and we kind of over slept," He said.

"Ok well would you like to go to the lake or go play sports?" I asked the girl.

"Um the lake," She said.

"Ok I'll show you to the lake and introduce you to Roxie," I looked up at the boy, "You can go now if you want?"

"Its okay I told my parents I would make sure she got to her actives safely," He replied.

"Ok well come on!" I said cheerfully.

The little girl held tightly onto her brother's hand the whole way there.

"I take it she is a little shy?" I commented.

"Yeah, Annie had always been kind of shy," He replied.

I introduced Annie to Roxie, Annie gave her brother a big hug and then went to play in the water. I started to walk back.

I looked behind me to notice that the boy was following me, I turned around and asked, "Are you following me?"

"I guess so, I don't really know what there is to do around here," He replied.

"Well if you want you can help me clean up?" I asked.

"Sure," He replied and then we started walking again.

I told him what to do when we got back and the place looked a lot better afterwards and with his help it didn't take that long.

"So if you missed it early my name is Emma," I said.

"Well nice to meet you Emma," He replied.

I looked over at him, he questioned me with his eyes and then I sighed. "Are you going to tell me your name?"

"Oh yeah my name is Connor," He said.

"Well nice to meet you Connor, come with me."

I led him outside and gave him a very short tour, I looked at my phone to notice it was almost noon. We walked over to the field where Noah and Jake were, they both waved when they saw me and I waved back.

"Brothers, boyfriends or friends?" Connor asked.

"Friends," I replied.

Noah walked over to us, "Hey Emma, who is this?"

"I'm Connor."

They shook hands and then Noah asked, "So will you be helping us with lunch?"

Connor looked over at me, I shrugged then he nodded.

Connor, Noah, me, Jake, Roxie and a few others of the teenagers including Lilly rounded up the kids and took them to the only restaurant type place there is on the campground. It's a little cafe called, "Dragonfly Den". It was named when most of us were little kids and no one feels like renaming it.

We each sat down at a table with about five younger kids, Connor sat with his sister. The teen at their table was a girl named Riley, she was twisting her blonde hair as she attempted to flirt with him but he was distracted.

Sadly soon the kids had eaten and they wanted to move onto their next activities, arts and crafts and team building. Team building is pretty much games you would play at a family picnic. In arts and crafts I had the kids making macaroni pictures with lots of glitter! Annie was in my group so Connor was around. I walked around and supervised the kids but then I sat down on the couch with Roxie and Lilly.

"So who is the guy?" Lilly whispered.

"His name is Connor, he is staying at the campsite with his little sister Annie and his parents," I whispered back.

"Annie is really cute, she wouldn't leave me side the whole time we were at the lake," Roxie whispered.

"Yeah cuteness must run in the family," Lilly replied.

"Remember you have a boyfriend," I whispered.

"But you don't and he obviously likes you," Lilly whispered back.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Apart from lunch he hasn't left you're side all day and he is always looking at you," Roxie answered.

"Well he is really hot but it's a little weird that he was been walking around without his shirt all day," I added.

"He can walk around without his shirt any day of the week," Lilly said and then she bit her lip.

"He is on vacation at a beautiful campground, I'm sure if you were in his place you would be walking around in your bikini all day long," Roxie said.

"Excuse me," A cute little boy said as he held up his picture to us, "I'm done."

"Wow that is a great picture!" Lilly exclaimed.

"The activities are almost over, you can go back to your parents if you want," I suggested.

"Okay," He said.

"Do you want someone to walk with you?" I asked.

He nodded, "Roxie will you come?"

Roxie got up and replied, "Of course I will, see you guys later."

Once they left Lilly turned to me, "Please tell me you are going to go out with Connor!"

"I don't know, we'll see," I replied.

"That's what you always say. Come on you are sixteen and you have never gone on a date, please just let lose for once and live," Lilly encouraged.

"Ok, I'll go out with him, if he asks," I replied.

Lilly dropped her head into her hand and loudly sighed.

We ended the activity and got everyone to go home, then we focused on cleaning up.

"Hey girls, how did it go today?" Mr. Johnson the organizer of the activities asked.

"Good, I think the kids really enjoyed it," Lilly answered.

"Ok well, the teen room will be open tonight from seven till ten," He said.

"Only till ten?" Lilly whined.

"I need to all to be good and rested because tomorrow is all water activities," Mr. Johnson replied.