Welcome To Gen Ex!

"In the program there are four handlers, some handlers are paired up and some are in charged of two subjects. We have a new subject and we want her paired with a... let's just say a stubborn subject."

Michael sat very still, not looking up. He flipped through the paper folder that lay in front of him. His subject was a woman named Alice. No last name was given, instead there was a numeration. She was a dirty blond hair woman, five feet five inches tall, weight of about 135. Michael kept flipping the pages, it was a once in a life time opportunity to play with genetics. The funding he would be given was astounding. Nothing like this existed, at least not to the public. He studied the pages and checked the medical records.

"I don't see what's her contribution to gene pool." She seemed average no heighten skills or recessive genes.


Michael decide to finally look up and made eye contact with Steven, the one who was in charge of the whole operation. Steven reclined in his seat a smile adorned his face. Steven was glad that Michael quickly picked up on the difference of this subject. He nodded and picked the phone up and dialed, he didn't speak or raise the set to his ear. He just held it and then hung up.

Steven had a military style haircut, dark black hair he wore dark thick wire glasses. His blue eyes pierce through as he studied Michael. He wore a a dark gray suit and on his lapel his ID badge was attached. Michael was practically the complete opposite of him. He was taller than Steven blond messy hair, green eyes and he wore a simple pair of docker pants and a dark blue shirt.

Michael was brought out of his inspection when the doors hissed open and a new comer joined them.

A woman sat next to him, he studied her from the corner of his eye, tall, dark and gorgeous was his first thoughts.

"Good evening Gentlemen." she greeted. Michael finally turned his body and nodded his greeting back. "Hello there," she chuckled and smile deviously, "down boy."

Steven tapped his fingers on the desk, "now that we are all 'friends' here, Michael this is Nicole another handler. Specifically the handler of our most stubborn subject, but extremely genetically gifted subject. She's at the top of her list for genetic extraction."

Michael was very intrigued now at what they meant stubborn, he was unsure of what was the difficult thing about it.

Steven saw the query on his face and nodded to Nicole to explain, Steven open the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out a folder and slid it towards Nicole. Nicole quickly flipped it open and pulled out the picture on file.

"This is Lisa 002, she was the first that was admitted into the program and has been the most difficult one to cooperate into the program. She is an open canvas filled with blanks genetics, she is practically like an embryo full of embryotic cells. We of lately have been able to harvest every major cell and successfully reproduce and replicated cell to what ever need. As long as the cell go to its corresponding location. Now we replicate cell depending on what we get. If we extract blood cells we can replicated any whether being negative or positive, we can extract white cells. Even brain cell which is unheard of but what she possess is not even consider a percentage in the odds. She is truly one of a kind, a natural kind since she was born like this, and what were trying to do now is harvest her eggs. We want to replicate more subjects."

Michale studied the defiant woman on the picture even in the picture her eyes glared at the camera, she had medium length black hair and exceptionally light light brown eyes. Her lips were tightly shut, most likely she had been told to smile and she did the opposite.

"Can't you just extract the eggs and be done with it,"

"That's where the problem lies, We did, it turns out the eggs are useless, infertile. There is no life no genetics attached to them, what we have hypothesize was the fact that she was not aroused, hence no life was fed to those eggs."

Michael was still confused, it was Steven turn to collaborate to the story. "We have placed various individuals to live with her, with every male subject that lived with her, she would retaliate by going on hunger strikes and even an attempted suicide, we tried women and she fared better but still nothing since not one of them could keep up with her intellectually."

"This woman doesn't exhibit major IQ scores and -."

"If you would fucking let me finish you would know," Steven snapped, Michale swallowed hard and nodded apologizing. Michael could hear Nicole chuckling. Cool calm and collected Steven had a short fuse.

"As I was," Steven stood up and started to pace the room. "Your subject might not be book smart but she is certainly street smart. She's a thief, she is a devious woman with a record. Also we did extensive neurological work and her looks are what appeals to Lisa, we had many women lived with her but she simply refused all of their advances."

Michael nodded now understanding why his subject was needed but then realized that his work in the genetic field was minimized since his subject really wasn't needed in the gene pool.

"We can't have a free agent in the mix it would throw the results off, and every subject has a handler. As a handler your job is to guide them maintain them in line and you are their link to the world. They are your responsibility they fuck up so automatically you fuck up."

"Yup, if Lisa wasn't the gifted woman she was I would have been terminated a long time ago. I have a very hard time controlling her."

"So why haven't you been replaced," Michael snapped at her.

Steven responded, "We did, Lisa went into a deep depression that almost killed her, she might be stubborn, but she is creature of habit, any drastic change will kill her and we most certainly don't want to lose our price possession. If she's gone there goes our funding."

Nicole smirked at him, so if his subject screwed up he would be replaced with out question.

"Now your subject has some useful attributes we might use but right now all we care and hope for is that there is so chemistry between the two of them."

"So where is she?" Michael closed the folder and folded his hand on top of it.

"Glad to see your on board but before you get to meet her, you need to sign some papers."

"Gentlemen, I must go, welcome," Nicole stood and extended her hand, "Hope your ready to sell your soul for the better of human kind."

Michael silently shook her hand with out a reply.

After all the paperwork had been signed Michael was led into the control room, where he encountered the other handlers. The control room was a room full of monitor each showing different angles to each apartment.

There were three stations, Nicole was sitting down observing the screen intently and not acknowledging Michael's presence.

"Well if it isn't Dr. Michael Glantz, last time I saw you was in the banquet at the Genetics Expo." Michael saw and older man approaching him, Michale smile seeing his old colleague.

David Mecham was a renown genetics pioneer known mostly for his work in altering the gender of embryos. He was clad in a white shirt with khakis shorts. He rubbed his white beard and then extended his arms and took Michael in a hug, they patted each other back hard.

"how they get you here,"

"He's the new handler," Nicole announced and the others murmured.

"So round seven for Lisa I see," The other two scientist were at the station at the right of Nicole. They were also observing what seemed a couple in their monitors.

"Here let me introduce you to the rest of the gang. Of course you met Cynical Nicole," Michael smile and Nicole grinned at the nick name David had dubbed her.

"Next to her are Patricia and Joseph Bartle, they're originally from Germany and they're focus is contraception. What works and what doesn't. As you can see they're in charge of a couple as well. That Jimmy015 and Marisa 06. lovely couple by the way."

Patricia was a short woman with dark brown hair she nodded greeting him. Joseph on the other hand was tall with light brown hair. He extended his hand and shook Michael's hand.

"Welcome aboard."

"Here at the left is my station I'm charge of two individuals. My main focus is fertility of course. Right now I'm dealing with a couple. You know trying to see if I can use two sperms to create life meaning one has to change and that's where I'll be working with you two since I need to try on two eggs as well."

"Very fascinating, but my subject isn't genetically gifted." Michael felt very gypped, all these scientist were here because their subjects were coveted and he was mainly here to help babysit.

"Hey for science every bit counts, it's good seeing you, we'll catch up more at dinner." Michael nodded and David re-took his spot at his station.

Michael took a seat next to Nicole and saw the figured that was the scientific breakthrough of the century.