The Writer is a curious breed
One idea is all they need
Like a plant, they let it grow
And wait for the lines to flow
Paper found, the pen flies
Thoughts flash across their eyes
They'll write two drafts- three, or four-
It's easy for them to do hundredsmore.
If there's one thing that writers hate
(The bane of their lives, they often state)
It's the thing that they most often make-
The common-or-garden SPELLING MISTAKE!
These evil creatures are ugly and cruel-
They make the best writers look like a fool!
They like to mock, they like to hide
In fancy words they often bide
The writers decided to take no more-
On the mistakes they declared all-out war!
They worked long and hard, and then they were set.
"Our ultimate weapon- we call it Spell-check!"

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