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The Ice Queen and her Knight

Tazz Dejecti Bornparte

The distinct crunch of the crystalline snow under-foot was the only sound, besides the icy wind of course, that echoed between two beings whom now walked along a stretch of barren iceland. One's walk was more merrily and regal than the other stoic, composed stride. The regal young lady mused over the nights ball held for gatherings, known as the Ghiacciato Luna palla, that she was now returning from. A smile graced leisurely across her frosted blue lips as she dipped into her thoughts of the - dare she admit - permiscuous ball.

The seting of the Ghiacciato Luna Palla was very well done to her likeing, as she had requested politely for it was her ball. She recalled the white walls that sparkled with miniscule ice-crystals, and another thin layer of intracate dark blue ice boughs spread out over the white crystals. White marble tile floors so clean she could make out her reflection and the reflections of the guests, the white and gold pillars that lined the walls, and the soft music played by the quad of men in one corner of the glimmering room.

But what really humored her though-out the Full Moon ball was one particular drunkard, who thought he could fly by flapping his spindly arms and leaping over the curvy stair's railing. His face promptly met with the white marble floor with a loud smack. She didn't do anything to stop this man once he recovered and tried to woo many innocent women with dreadful pick-up lines, but she did keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't do anything 'out of bounds'. Which he didn't, and she was thankful for.

She shook her head just the slightest back and forth, contemplating the silly nonsense that she thought was humor but still her smile remained.

But the drunkard, who was very well dressed in a black and blue tux might she add, wasn't the only 'problem'. After spending two hours in the ball room, she decided to freshen up in an elegant bathroom which was located down the hall. Slipping out of the main ball-room, she headed down the hall. Upon turning a corner, she leaped back in shock and discust. What she had caught were two suspicious Summer foreigners coupling. The tall, dark man held the young lady against the iced wall, also holding up her dress as he fit snuggly between. Their lips were locked, sucking on each other's faces like a couple of deprived leeches.

"Oh?" She mused icily, now thoroughly discusted. "What do we have here? This is not the correct time, let alone place, to be doing..." She paused to watch them quickly and clumsily separate, the tanned girl leaned back against the wall breathless as she fixed her sunflower yellow dress. The man pulled his pants up.

The Queen grimaced, but otherwise continued, "To be doing...this." She motioned with her small white hands to the both of them, who now looked utterly sheepish. To be caught by the Queen of Cerksee Apkadia! What woes and shame befall them now!

The tall dark haired man cleared his throat swiftly and made an attempt to cover for the both of them, but the Queen wouldn't have it. She cut him of with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"I request that you two leave. Now. Before I have to get my knights to privately 'escort' you, and I am highly sure that you would not appreciate the attention of the other guests. I will NOT have you two inappropriates meadering around." Her voice was horrificly deathly quiet as she was very vexed at them. Her eyes narrowed to icey chips as she eye'd the both of them. The young woman was still fixing her dress, but more quickly now, but the man wasted no time. He grabed the woman's wrist and dragged her through the halls, making her short yellow dress ruffle up once again. None of them spared a glance back. Once they turned the corner and out of sight, the Queen made her way to the bathroom with a scowl.

Why had she snapped at them, yet spared the drunkard? Could she have been bitter, jelous even of their relationship?

The knight clad in a silver metal atire, with strong ice chain-mail drapped over his broad shoulders and chest, noticed the change in his Queen who walked beside him. She wasn't giddy nor merry, but stiff. With a scowl. He didn't like to see her pretty face scowling.

"Fair Queen Enna, what has delivered a blow to your good mood, may I ask?" He asked in a very formal, stiff manor. His deep voice adding to that blunt tone.

Enna flinched a little, she didn't expect her only bodyguard to talk to her. Whenever she had tried to start up casual conversation, he avoided her words, more into his duty to protect her and scanning the surroundings.

She was haste to brush away the question by supplying her own. "Did you enjoy Ghiacciato Luna palla this century, dear knight?"

The knight had been contemplating this the entire stroll back to the ice castle. Did he enjoy it? Even though he did not get his wish? He did enjoy seeing his majesty so full of life, so beautiful on the marble dance floor as he took his guard at the exiting door. He did not participate in the festivities as he wished he had, but alas, he wasn't aloud.

"Her majesty has ordered double security," Began Commander Rio de Luios, and elder amongst the knights. "And I agree, no one would want a repeat of last century. We must take caution, and plan the guard posts precisely and accordingly."

Once he was asigned his spot, he was truely crestfallen but he didn't let it show, not even one bit.

The knight bit back a small smile. Smiles were signs of weakness or so he thought, he didn't want to be weak in front of this beautiful woman he was escorting.

"Indeed I did, it was very...interesting." He replied with a curt nod of his head. Interesting was a huge understatement.

Enna gave a sideways glance to the knight, a sad smile tugging at her lips. "Tell me, dear Eli, have you ever been jelous?"

It was Eli's turn to be shocked, but he kept it hidden well. He aslo gave her a sideways glance, having to look down at her because of the height difference. He never had thought of that emotion. Jelousy. He had never felt it before, or had he? What was that small angry feeling he would feel crawling into his chest when Enna talked so easily with other men? And he couldn't do it so well? Was that jelousy, that feeling he also got when the queen danced with that single, young and handsom red-headed summer king at the ball? He would have given anything to dance with her, to hold her in his arms at the ball before his guard duties took it all away.

Eli sighed. "Perhaps, but I would not like to think of it any further if you do not mind." He spoke as politely as possible, hoping he didn't upset her.

Young Enna smiled lightly, understanding him. Eli couldn't help but notice how that simple smile lit her pale beautiful features up. In his eyes, she was always beautiful. No matter what others thought. But she could never know these things! Protecting her comes first! He thought.

Enna and Eli came to a stop, they had just exited out of a few conifers and were now standing at the tree-line. Without a word, Enna waved one dainty hand gracefully, and the atmosphere around them shimmered like a mirage until it all but disappeared. The very large clearing was now filled with a huge white castle and many little ice homes that were scattered around. The roofs of each, even the castle, had a little glint as a sheen of frost layered all of them, including much more. A sorcerer had applied a spell to hide the fortress, only the people of Cerksee Apkadia could undo it momentarily to get in.

Eli took the lead, walking briskly along the gray cobblestone path towards the castle. Enna followed more slowly, contemplating their discussion.

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