Could be a trigger. Contains sensitive subject matter, although implied, it is still there.

Type: Freeverse
Title: One Of Those Times
Author: Juliet Hummel-Anderson

It's one of those times.

Where you sit alone again.

Get picked last.

One of those times.

And as you watch the contents of your stomach pour out into the bowl, it all makes sense.

You feel at ease.

You feel safe.

You feel like you belong, crouched in front of the toilet, crying again.

It's one of those times.

Where you look at him and all you see are his eyes looking at the blonde, skinny girl that was talking about you the other day.

She used to be you.

It's one of those times.

You love to sing.

And when you get up to sing, to really try, they laugh and joke.

Because you are an epic fail.


You suck.

You suck.

You suck.

You write it on your stomach and watch it wash away in the shower.

It's one of those times.

Where you manage to do well for once and everyone's saying by being happy you're rubbing it in their face.

Where you look in the school toilet and realize it's a first, this time. It's the first time you've done this at school.

But you wipe your tears (people hate when you cry) and make your way back to class. Because you know they don't know. They mistake your sad eyes for tired eyes and your patheticness, asking if anyone wants your food, as simply being friendly.

But it's always been more than that.

And they don't get that.

It's one of those times.

And you're stuck in it.

Based on real experiences.