What is the heart of a man?

Ever changing, inconsistent

To pass hypocritical judgment

On any demeanor misgivings

And thus be righteous in his mind

What is the love of a man?

Ruled by jealousy and demands

Like a spoiled child,

Selfish and unruly,

Ever raging for his own way

What is the word of a man?

As fickle as his very heart

When lies become the truth

And even he cannot remember

Beginning nor end of it

He rules as he believes is his right

Without a thought to partnership,

Or equality or fairness.

Trust is not a commodity

So easily bought, sold and traded

As he is so inclined to believe

How can time be purchased?

Or a broken heart simply ignored

Until the hurt diminishes

And a fresh wound appears unattended?

What is the measure of a man?

When such standards and codes

Would never apply

To one such as he

To quote his own stance

What is the honour of a man?

For I have yet to bear witness

To such a phenomenon

Where is the honour in a man

Who cannot even have the courage

To face reality