Crushes Love

Rated: T

Introduction: Silver has never been much for dating and has turned every guy down that asks her out. One day a new guy comes and she immediately falls in love with him but doesn't know if he would like her so she keeps her feelings inside till he started coming closer and closer…..and maybe even more closer.

Chapter 1

I walked along in the drizzling rain, as I made my way to school. It was this middle of the third semester and I couldn't wait to get school done and over with. I was tired of waking up early every morning and coming to this dump we call a school.

I brushed my long silver hair back with one stroke of my hand. My intelligent blue eye's scanned the area making sure no one was around. I had always avoided people as much as possible unless they were my friend then I gladly walked over to them

When I finally made it I hurried inside to our gym for inside recess. Screams and shouts echoed through out the gym, ringing into my ear. I searching the bleachers for my friends, I finally spotted them in the small corner.

"Silver, nice to see you have made it" Said Yasmine giving me her usual warm hearted smiled. I sat next to her on the edge, slipping my bag under my feet.

Yasmine, was my very tall limber friend. She had dark skin and light blue eye's, her hair was just a little lighter than her skin. She had freckles down her nose and she was one of the sweetest kids in the school. Her and my friend Jessica were always getting good behavior points and rewards. Most people had said they were just sucking up to the teacher, but personal I think they are just jealous.

"So I heard there is a new kid coming sometime this week" Said Jasmine. Her face had a grin of delight as our attention fell on her.

Jasmine worked for the reading aid and the reading teacher kept events, going and things organized. She was in charge of mostly the things you would think the office was for. All she needed was an aid that could help her and, Jasmine was picked for the spot, meaning she would find out about something sooner than anyone else and gossip about it to us.

"Really, do you know who it is?" Asked Jessica and added "Maybe we can bring him/her something for there fist day of school here to welcome him/her" She hadn't been quiet sure if it was a boy or girl.

"It is a him, and I heard he doesn't like to be crowded" Stated Jasmine and then turned to me as she added "He sounds a lot like Silver" a evil wicked grin made its way across her face.

"Wait, you are saying that Silver could be able to get a boy friend" Said Dona finally getting here and over hearing part of our conversation.

"Yah, there is a new student coming and so far everything I have heard of him sounds so much like Silver" Replied Jasmine before I could speak for myself.

Jasmine was always up to something evil to ruin someone's life if they dared messed with her. She was very sassy and over confident in herself. Even though she was like this she was still good at what she did and even though she could be a brat at times, she was still my best friend.

"Oh, sounds like some one is going to have a boyfriend" taunted Dona hopping down with a bag right next to me.

"What makes you so sure, maybe I wont go for him" I said

"Well you never know love can be a strange thing when it happens between two people" Said Jessica

"Well we won't find out till he gets here and anyways, when is he getting here?" I asked looking over at Jasmine skeptically.

"I don't know, they only said sometime this week he would show up" Said Jasmine ignoring the way I glared at her. But deep down inside there was a bit of hope that maybe my friends could be right.

I was about to say something else when the bell rang and everyone piled into the bleachers. There was the pledge than some announcements before we could go. I wanted to talk to Jasmine again which would be easy since we had they same classes together except for the first one.

We were finally at third hour and I spotted her at her desk reading a book. I walked over and sat in my desk in front of her. She didn't seem to notice I was there and I was bout to say something when she put her book mark in her book and turned her attention to me.

"So let me guess you need to talk to me about earlier" She said giving me a mocking grin.

"Well…urge…yah" I said hesitantly waiting for her to make fun of me but she didn't. Instead she gave me a warm smile.

"Don't worry Silver he will come and when he does, I bet he will notice you before he does anyone else" She said reassuringly.

"I don't know, guys aren't usually interested in me" I pointed out.

"That is because you are stubborn and mean. They already know that you would turn them down and walk away like you did that one kid, what's his name" She said straining to think of the boys name I had turned down.

"Don't bother to name him I can't even remember" I said and we both laughed as the teacher came in.

We settled down and got to work on an essay he had assigned us. It was due tomorrow but luckily I finished and read my book. Shortly after me Jasmine finished and was reading. By the time the bell rang I had finished my book and was working on a new one. I made my way to the next class slowly looking for any sign that there was someone new, growing anxious every second.

The day went by, what seemed like forever ever as I went from class to class. Being lectured in one and taught how to solve equations in others. Finally it was over and I made my way to volleyball practice. Even then I was still deep into my own thoughts about this new boy. "Could he ever like a girl like me" I thought. I finished practice barely making it through our normal game at the end. What surprised me was how the coaches didn't see how off I was today, which I was thankful for.

I made my way home, barely a thread of sweat on my forehead from practice. It was dark out now and it wasn't raining but there was a mist rising from the ground making a thick eerie fog. I stepped through it, little drops of perspiration formed on my forehead and leaked down my cheek. I made my way down a few more blocks and across my lawn to the my house.

My house looked like a vacant mansion or "haunted house" as people had called it before. It was very tall and dark. We had black curtains in the windows so no one could see in. The house was black but the trim around it was a little but darker than the rest. It had some rotting boards in the front but other than that it was in perfect health. What I really loved about this house was it had the woods behind it so I could watch it at night or go in it in the morning( parent is protective about that). I walked inside and was greeted by my dad.

"Hey honey how was your day?" He asked

"As usual" I said slipping up to my room before any more confrontations about my day.

I slung my backpack onto the floor by my desk where I sat sluggishly down and pulled out my homework. I finished it a couple of hours later than took a bath. I laid across my bed dreaming of a time where maybe someone could love me.

Before I realized it my alarm was going off to tell me it was time to get ready for school. I groaned but got up. I dressed in black, slipping my black boots on then made my way down stairs. I seen my dad had already left so I took off for school hoping I wasn't late. To my luck I wasn't, I made my way in to where my friends were on the bleachers chit chatting about there normal thing.

"Hey Silver, let me guess over slept again, you are usual a little more late" Said Jade

"Yep, but you know what will happen if I turn up late" I said and she nodded, a frown plastered her usual warm dark tanned skin.

Last year at school I had over slept and didn't get to school till late, late. They had to call my dad from a conference to come down and sign me in and everything for me to go to class. I was grounded for what seemed like forever and ever since then I was here before the bell rang. Believe it or not it wasn't the school that had scared me in that accident, it was my dad when he got mad at me.

"Well I found out when the new boy is coming, but I am going to let it surprise Silver" Said Jasmine and I gave her my irritated look.

"What ever that won't bother me" I said and the bell rang just right then so she couldn't protest.

The rest of the day I was on the edge of seat hoping that the new kid would come but he never did. I was beginning to lose hope that he was even going to show up.

I made my way out the door and headed home, I was just around the corner when WHACK!, I ran into someone. I looked up to see who it was and saw someone I hadn't ever recognized. He looked up and spotted me, there was a moment of silent's. I got up and then helped him up with on yank of my hand.

"Who the hell are you, I don't think I have seen you around here before" I said

"No I just moved in, sorry about running into you" He apologized

"Don't worry it wasn't the first time it has happened to me" I replied and added "That stupid plant is always in the way.

"Well I am going to have to get used to that then" He said grinning at me.

"Let me guess you just moved it" I said more as a statement than a guess, as I looked him over,

"Yah we are living around the corner a little ways out" He replied and added. "Let me walk you home to make up for running into you" He said

Before I could protest or even move away he linked arms with me and started pulling me foreword. I easily gave up and tried to keep up with him, and his fast past. We didn't speak very much as we made our way past the old houses(which I loved to play in) and down the street.

"So where do you live?" He asked slowing down and whispering in my ear. I held back a laugh and grin that threatened to appear on my paled skin.

"I live right over there" I said pointing to my dead house.

"Wow really, I live right there" He said directing my pointed finger to the house that was neighbor's to me.

His house was a little brighter than mine and needed a lot more work. Half of the roof looked like it was going to gave in at any minute and there was mold growing under the others ones. I hadn't really expected some one to live there with how bad the conditions were, let alone it be safe for someone to enter.

"Why are you living there, there are a lot of better place?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Yah well, lets just say my mom is going to buy every house and make in sunshiny and bright" He replied, I could tell there was a little bit of irritation in his words as he told me this.

"Well she ain't going to get our house, and sucks to be you, I hate bright colors" I said

"Me to, lucky I have a job here and be able to buy the things I want for my room other wise it would be all girlie" He said and added "I usual give the cute bright stuff to my little brother, he just loves the stuff, kind of creepy though"

"I am an only child, my mom died when I was little" I replied shrugging.

"I am sorry, at least you have your dad, right" He said

"Yah, when he is home, most of the time he is out on business trips so we get to see each other like once a month if we are lucky" I replied

"Well of you want I could come over sometime" He offered

"We will see, anyways I got to go" I replied

"Do you mind if I come with you, I am trying to hide from my mom?" He asked giving me a pleading glance.

"Sure, is that why you were headed that way" I said looking at the direction in which I had just came.

"Pretty much" He agreed

"Sure why not" I said and added "But I will have to get some homework done"

"That is fine I will help you" He offered

We ran across my lawn making sure his family didn't see us. I ran up to the porch while my, well don't really know what to call him waited behind the bushes for me to get the door open. I put my key into the lock and was about to turn it and go in when some one shouted at me. I looked over to see a middle aged woman coming near the fence and stopping.

"Hello there, you must be our neighbors, nice to meet you" She said sticking her hand out, there was a moment of silent's. She pulled back realizing that I wasn't going to shake her hand.

"Hope you don't mind but I like my personal space and would rather not be touched" I said

"I understand that" She replied uneasy. Then asked "Have you seen a silver haired boy running around?"

"Why should it concern you" I said blankly

"Well he is my son, I need him to get over here and put his room together with this flowery new stuff I got him" She said and added "That boy gets on my nerves, I hate how he dresses and the stuff he buys could drive a woman like me crazy"

"Well no I haven't seen him, and personally I think that is his way of expressing himself so maybe you should just let him" I said and turned back then peered over my shoulder and said "It is his life you know, not yours to run how you want. As they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" with that I walked inside leaving her stunned.

I waited by the door looking out to make sure she was gone then called my new friend in. He came in and we took a sigh of relief. We sat on the couch and I turned the T.V on, then walked to the kitchen to get us some drinks. I then walked over to my bag, grabbing my homework I started working on it.

"Hey thanks for letting me come over and confronting me mom, you did great" He complimented. I looked up to see he gave me a grateful smile, and I returned it with a force smile that didn't appear very well.

"How long are going to be here?" I asked

"Well I can probably go back now, since you confronted her" He replied and I nodded.

I walked him to the door and watched him leave then turned back to my homework. It was a long night, I had a hard time as usual getting to sleep. I got up that morning still a little tired and got ready for another day at school. Then I headed out, when I got there my friends were in there usual place up in the corner of the bleachers.

"Silver are you ok, you don't look so good" Said Yasmine

She was the first one to notice me and then all at once my friends went quiet and looked over at me, noticing what Yasmine was talking about.

"Are you feeling ok?" Asked Dona

"Yah, I am fine just a little tired" I replied sitting down. I could feel there eye's burning right through me.

"Maybe you should see the nurse you are paler than usual and that isn't good for you being who you are" Said Jessica standing up.

"No, I am fine" I said

My friends were about to protease when the bell rang and I was glad it was on my side for once, again. We did our usual morning thing then hurried off to our classes. As I made my way to my first class, someone stepped through the door and I recognized it as my new next door neighbor. That was when I realized that he was going to be our new student.

We locked gazes for a split second and then I let myself be carried off by the crowd so he couldn't approach me.

Authors Note

Well here is the first chapter of Crushes Love, I hoped you like it and please read and review so I know how I did. Like I have said before, I am the only one editing and proof reading my stories so go easy on me.