They say that everyone has a story. Of course, they also are the successful ones who have somehow crafted something beautiful out of their own experiences, or at the very least, their own imagination. In any genre, if you are one of them who have managed to share your story with the world, you come out saying wonderful things. The problem lies in the fact that most people are not one of them. They, the people who say everything and somehow manage to make rules and guidelines for the rest of us. 'You know what they say', surely we've all used these words at least once in our lives. Today, I'd like to find out if maybe 'they' are once again right. I'll share a piece of my story, mixed with a heavy dose of imagination and fiction.

Alica placed her book bag on the ground next to her desk. She began pulling out what she needed to use, rushing to begin the work on the board. It was annoying how everyone seemed to be able to see it and understand it in an instant. Today was only the second day of school, and while she fumbled around trying to make some sort of order out of her frantic mess, the rest of the students were double-checking their answers with each other and casually chatting. Most of these people seemed rather outgoing, either that or they knew everyone around them. Alica began to scrawl out the problem on her notebook page. She felt agitated at the messy form of her numbers and in that moment worried that someone might look over and see her terrible writing. That was the least of her concerns, though, and she accepted the deformed numbers as she made sense of the problem. It wasn't very difficult, and it only took a minute for her to finish and circle the answer that she wrote down.

Alica took a deep breath and put her pencil down. Once again, she triple checked that she had brought the right things to class. In her head she reminded herself of how she would drop off this hour's folder in the locker while grabbing another to keep her from visiting her locker until lunch. These thoughts left her idle quickly and her brown eyes looked around. She wasn't really familiar with the people around her, and they were talking about things that didn't interest her. It wasn't that she was unfriendly, she was just a poor conversationalist and people grew bored of her rambling and awkward silences rather quickly. Seeing the tiny, popular, peppy girl a few desks away wearing adorable clothes and engaging in some sort of hilarious conversation, Alica pulled at her hoodie that seemed to have degraded somehow from the bus to the classroom. Alica wasn't a morning person, and she often told herself she didn't care about fashion – which was mostly true, but what girl wasn't slightly affected by the infamous peer pressure?

"Alright everyone, pipe down. We'll go over the bell work in a minute. Rachel Arvada?" Alica sat straighter and made sure her desk was clear of everything but her pencil and work as the teacher began her role call. Students answered "here" lazily in response and Alica listened closely, anticipating her name. "Alic … a Day?" Alica raised her hand.

"Well, it's… actually… like Alyssa, but with a 'c'…" She said, her voice sounding too small to carry across the room. The teacher looked up.

"How strange, I'll try to remember that, Miss Day. Brandon Ervin?" Alica cringed a bit. Most teachers would comment on how her name was spelled uniquely, or that they liked it. Usually the teachers would exercise their amazing ability to flatter while lying through their teeth. This teacher seemed a bit blunter than the average one. Alica bit her lip. It was hard dealing with loud people. Loud people didn't like quiet people. Tears began to reach her eyes. Mentally, she reprimanded herself. Alica, this is nothing to cry about. Get over it, that's just how the teacher is. Focus on your bell work. Focus… focus. The water works halted.

"Miss Day? Is there a Mr. Night?" Alica looked over immediately, surprised to hear someone commenting about her while she was able to hear. The girl from earlier smiled. "Well, is there?" Alica's eyes went wide as she shook her head no. Then logic began to take its place in her mind.

"I wouldn't know…" She corrected herself. There could be a Mr. Night; after all, there were stranger names out there. The girl just gave her a strange look and returned her attention to the guy in front of her. Alica sighed to herself. Once again she had gone on and made people want to keep their distance. She watched the other classmates and began to note what kinds of characters they were like.

Alica always knew that in a story, she would be a supporting character, a background character. There was nothing amazing about her that would grant her the spotlight. She was not unique, she was not any different, she didn't come through perfectly and she didn't drastically change everyone's lives around her. She was just another average human being. No story was to be found in her. She was part of the background for everyone else's stories. This, once again, lead her to feel self-conscious and she pulled her fingers through her medium-length curls. They weren't natural, she had gotten a perm. Most people liked her hair like this, and she did as well. However, it seemed strange that such a lively hairstyle belonged to her when she was nothing of the sort.

First hour math had finally finished. Alica shoved her notebook into her bag and grabbed her purse which was more of a pencil bag than anything. She then proceeded to rush out the door and to her locker which was thankfully in this hallway. Her frustration lied in the lock and its annoying turn this way, turn that way, number here, number there format. After a few tries she finally got her combination to work properly and she checked the clock as she jammed her binder into the locker. Three minutes. Somehow the thought of the time crunch made her actions less precise and much more pathetic as she tried to not drop everything on the ground. The person below the locker next to hers dropped their books and they hit her ankle.

"Ow!" She said reflexively, drawing her foot up. The guy muttered a 'sorry' before grabbing his pile of books and hurrying off to class.

"It's okay…" She responded to her open locker. After checking that she had what she needed once more, she shut the locker. As she began to navigate the halls, a loud conversation captured her attention.

"All of these freshmen are so stupid and annoying! Seriously, they can't do anything right, they're like little kids." Noticing Alica as she walked by, the girl who had spoken directed her words at her. "You, you're a freshman too, aren't you? You and all of your little kiddy friends need to grow up and get a brain!" Alica's expression immediately turned into a glare.

"You're the one yelling in the hall when the bell's about to ring." Alica muttered, continuing to walk down the hall. Around the older girl were two other guys and a tall, sophisticated-looking girl. The taller guy's face was unreadable and the shorter one, a lanky kind that looked younger than the rest of the group had a grin on his face. The one shouting responded to Alica's back.

"What did you say, kid?" Alica didn't answer and kept walking – she had less than a minute to make it into her classroom before the bell rang. "No seriously, what did that girl say?" Alica heard the girl ask her friends. She silently thanked God that the girl hadn't gotten angry at her for her words. Alica still had a bit of a problem with her reactions, which she had been trying to work on. Anger was probably one of the few things that caused her to willingly get loud with other people. She slipped in the door and into her seat and began to pull out her planner when the bell rang.

Throughout the class, Alica's mind began to wander back to the slight encounter she had with the group of people she could only guess were seniors. They looked too old to be sophomores, although it was usually the sophomores accusing the freshmen of being stupid. Alica hoped that she wouldn't run into them again. She had never really been the object of bullying or harassment and she didn't exactly want to start now. She zoned out as the teacher basically talked about getting certain forms filled out by everyone's parents. This teacher, she mentally noted, was a rambler and a story-teller. The simple orientation spiel that happens on the first day had somehow drawn itself out into day two and it was already halfway through class.

Once again, Alica noticed the people around her talking with each other. Everyone had basically tuned out the teacher, who was talking about something to do with last year's statistics on car wrecks. Alica wasn't sure how that was relevant to computer class orientation, but she wasn't about to raise her hand and ask. In an effort to ignore the fact that everyone else but her seemed to be getting along, Alica concentrated on the teacher's words until the bell rang once again.

"Don't forget to grab the forms on the way out!" The teacher yelled as she held out two of the forms for the passing students to take. Alica took one and softly said "thank you" as she passed through the doorway. The entire day was simply dreary and seemed quite meaningless. Alica followed the mass crowd of students out the door to cross over to building two. She couldn't help but feel that she was in middle of a herd of cattle. Alica couldn't understand how all these people could take so much time walking and talking and not all be late to their classes. As she passed the doors to building two, she began to quicken her pace. She had caught the numbers on the clock and they meant nothing good. In her rush, she ended up ramming right into someone and her books and binders fell all over the ground. When she looked up to apologize, she froze. Her eyes were beholding a face she had seen no more than an hour ago. I'm dead.

"Are you alright?" The words startled Alica. She watched, frozen still, as the guy handed her one of her fallen binders. "Hello? I'm not going to do all of this for you, you know." He grinned in this self-amused way when he said the words. Alica broke from her frozen state.

"I'm sorry! Thank you!" They tumbled from her lips as she began to hurriedly stack the books and binders and lift them off the ground. The bell rang and a panic took hold of her. Once again, tears began to threaten to fall.

"Hey, don't worry about being late since today's the second day. The teachers won't count you tardy." The young man gave her a gentle smile. It seemed special somehow. Earlier, his face was unreadable and even seemed cold. But now he had gone out of his way to give her a smile and to be nice to her, a stupid freshman. Alica nodded and stood up with her things in her arms. She then proceeded to walk as quickly as her feet could take her – both to her class and away from the person who had just made her life a bit more chaotic somehow.