Never go silently

Chapter 1

By: S.O. Soong

The world around her is dark, she hears the sound of cars rushing around yet she cannot see them. Her breathing is harsh and ragged with fear coursing through her body; all she remembers is walking through the park when a sharp pain suddenly flared in her neck. She lost consciousness and woke up in darkness; she felt her hands and feet were bound. The woman began to cry, she had heard of people being abducted and now she was one of them.

Suddenly the world around her began to jolt violently; she is being tossed about like a rag doll. There is one final jolt and all motion suddenly stops, there is a moment of silence. Then the world erupts with the sounds of gunfire and screaming. As quickly as the sounds started they stop, a few minutes later she is blinded by light as a door opens…

One hour earlier…

A young man walks in silence approaching his appointed intercept point. As he nears his destination he sees a group of men opening the trunk of a car and one had an unconscious bound woman over his shoulder. The young man pulls his CZ75 and goes behind cover. He immediately opens fire on the group, two go down but the other three manage to get in the car and pull away. "Command, this is 3, two targets down, three targets heading north by car. Civilian is with tangoes I need aerial to pick me up." The young man states. Command responds, "Roger, Striker, Aerial is now entering sector and will pick up."

30 minutes later…

From the helo, "Striker" donned his EAS (external assault shell) and equipped his M-4 carbine, "Cherry" another operative sat at the door checked the sights on his M-200 sniper rifle, "Lady" was at the other door with her 200 already prepped. "Skipper" the team lead scolded "Striker" for not prioritizing the car to prevent the tangoes from escaping. "Sir, with all due respect, I was 50 yards away, I was more likely to hit the civilian than stop the car." Striker replied. The internal coms crackled to life "Sir, we have a visual on the car, how do you want to proceed?" The pilot called. "Bring us in close we'll punch out the engine, then myself and 3 will fast rope to end the fight. 2 and 4 will provide sniper cover. Understood?" Skipper barked. Save for the pilot no one else spoke a word and only nodded as this was SOP (standard operations protocol) for vehicle interception.

The next few minutes were like a well-practiced dance, Cherry took out the engine stopping the car. The helo glided by and quickly went into a hover, 1 and 3 were out the door in a heartbeat. Lady snipes the first tango out the car, Skipper and Striker take out the next two with a minimal exchange of gunfire. The two move up on the car, M-4's at the ready, in case a tango wasn't down, after a quick check Striker moves to the car and recovers the keys. He moves to the trunk while Skipper covers him, he opens the trunk and finds the tied up woman unharmed.

After the woman is untied Striker helps her out of the trunk, the woman falls forward and embraces Striker repeatedly saying "Thank you." Striker comforts her as he leads her to the helo as she needs to be examined and debriefed.

20 minutes later…

The helo touched down on the tarmac at CUPRA (Counter enslavement Unit/Paramilitary Response Agency) Region 3 command. The operatives step out of the helo escorting the victim inside, where a medical team awaited. After a few minutes the girl was released with the report being that she just had a few scrapes and bruises. Striker, now in his civilian attire, had remained behind to debrief the young woman on what would happen next. "Miss, I'm Kiba Kanzaki, one of the operatives who rescued you; I need to go over a few things with you before I can release you. By the way what is your name?" Kiba asks. "It's Minamo Kurosawa. What do you mean things to go over?" She replies with a question. "Well, not much, it's just thing you need to know as a victim of abduction. First, the government provides support groups to handle the trauma associated with abduction. I'll give you a card with the number of these groups before you leave." He states leading her out of the facility.

"Okay, but I have a question, how did you know I was going to get abducted? You guys responded really quickly." Minamo asked. "Actually, it was an accident, we were going to set up a trap, but you were captured first. So it was just a coincidence. Anyhow, the other thing I need to go over with you is that the base we are on is classified, you are not to mention this base to anyone. If anyone asks the police intercepted the car you were in." Kiba finished. "So does that mean I'll never get to treat you for saving me?" Minamo asked cocking her head to the side. Kiba chuckled and replied "Tell you what if you keep this base a secret, I'll give you my number and we can meet in town." Kiba and Minamo both chuckled as Kiba wrote his number on the back of one of the cards. Although It wasn't SOP to give out his info, this woman felt like someone he could trust. So he handed her the card with her number and saw her off.

A few days later…

Kiba, fresh from a mission, arrives at the small café he was due to meet Minamo at. She had been in touch with him since the incident, although Kiba had to keep his relationship a secret since he could get into trouble for consorting with someone who had seen CUPRA center of operation. He was wearing slacks and a blazer, with his shoulder length hair pulled back into a makeshift pony tail. Of course, he had a Kel Tec P11 hidden in his pocket, in case he had to evade capture by enemy forces. He sat down as he had arrived 10 minutes early; he ordered a coffee while he waited.

Minamo soon arrived, waving at him; she was wearing slacks and a turtle neck, which really accented her slender frame. Her short hair bobbed as she jogged up to him "Hey, glad you could make it out here." She said as she strolled up. She sat down and ordered a coffee herself. Kiba started the conversation "So you said you would be coming from work, where do you work anyways?" he asked. "I'm a P.E. teacher at Blue Star High. So how long have you been rescuing damsels in distress?" Minamo joked. "For about 4 years, I was recruited into the unit when I was 18 since I had shown potential in my basic training." Kiba replied. The two sat there for the next 20 minutes making small talk, although it wasn't supposed to be a date it really felt like one.

After a while Kiba suggested "Do you wanna go watch a movie? I heard there were some good ones coming out." Minamo giggled and nodded "Sure." She replied getting up and grabbing her purse. The two made their way to the theater and ended up agreeing on a comedy, an hour and a half later they walked out smiling and laughing reciting their favorite parts from the movie. But the sun was setting and it was time for Minamo to get home, Kiba decided to escort her there. At the door to Minamo's apartment she said "Well this has been fun Kiba. OH, you think you can get a friend to come out next time? A friend of mine is looking, please?" she inquired. "Yeah I can see, but remember I'm not really supposed to see you. So it'll be hard to find someone who can keep a secret." Kiba said jokingly since he was in a secret organization.

Kiba and Minamo stood there for a second nervously chuckling, but the chuckling was soon silenced as the two closed the distance between them and shared a quick kiss. They withdrew and Minamo blushed "W-well I need to get inside I have class tomorrow so I need to sleep. Good night Kiba." She said disappearing behind her door, her face getting ever redder with each passing second. Kiba stood there smiling thinking how lucky he was to find a woman like her.

End Chapter 1

Author footnote

So here we go again, a new story.

If anyone was wondering why am I jumping the relationship up so quickly, well there are several factors, trauma being the biggest of these factors.

Also, I wanted make Minamo instrumental to the plot how I can't reveal.

As far as my other stories they are on indefinite hiatus as I can't come up with a good way to run the next sequences, sorry if you've been waiting for the next chapter I apologize. But I promise I will bring them to a conclusion within the year.

Well as always Read and Review, as your feedback is critical to me becoming a better writer.