my bony glasses lie on the floor, breathing
in the foggy scent of yellow dust
all over the washed-out carpet
lie my too-plain glasses, broken and bent
over a notion of nothingness

upon my dresser
rest bottles of garish nail polish
of as many colours as i wish to have
of as many colours as i wish to break
rest bottles of sparkly nail polish

purple makes a too blatant disguise
red's for the insurmountable passion
yellow gives a taste of life
white's for a branch of peace
but blue:
cobalt, indigo, royal blue,
aquamarine, navy, sky blue,
azure, sapphire, midnight blue,
you see, blue is the colour of hope, so
here i am to paint my nails with
blue nail polish because

a shred of hope is all i need to
overcome whatever this is you left me in
and only hopemerely, simply hope
all the way down in a burnt box)
can make me reach up to the sky
(i could soar upon the pale pale clouds)
once again because

as the poet says:
"hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul"

very disoriented, but i am also feeling that way,
so here it is. not my best piece,but i like to think
i'm improving with the imagery at least. do tell me
what is and isn't working, please?