Every now and then imagine

I that time is on my side

When every other moment flashes

In black and green before my eyes


Different colors in people and voices

And an iron grip upon my mind

And every so often I imagine

That space is crushing me line by line


With so many things that call on me

So many voices disturbing my peace

I turn from voices in paper forests

I turn from faces in paper trees


And it's alone, and then I speak

But I can't release my heavy blood

I don't know who might be waiting now

In the air for someone else to come


I know it's not me – no one has left

And no one is here, and no one comes

Don't look for me in painted scenes

Or listen for me in songs of love


Today it's here, tomorrow gone

Their words weren't strong enough to hold it down

Their hands too far away to reach it

Their eyes too delicate to seek it out.