Forgotten Dreams of a Hypnotic Existence

Chapter One-

Why everything is hidden

By~ King Lune

Warnings~ Death, murder, gangs[not realistic though], SLASH, AND HET, sex scenes, magic, gods and goddess, magical creatures, multi-worlds/dimensions, bad words/symbols, recarnation, cross-dressing, bad governments and leaderships...[there will be other warnings later but those are the basics]

The world wasn't always populated by human beings. See human beings are a product of magical creature's experimentation. Specifically Dragons, who as a species as a whole are a very immortal, possessive, intelligent and powerful species.

Dragons are the top dogs in all realms, even the modern world known as Earth. It all started when one specific dragon decided to marry one other. The dragon who wanted to marry was also known as the Dragon of the sun, or just the sun itself in a physical body. And the dragon that he wished to marry was known as The beauty of the moon, or the physical body of the moon.

When the marriage actually happened the product of the two dragons was twin dragon hatchlings, Crawling [the future good of crows and magpies] and Maria [the future god of purity and virgin/unmarried women]. All was well with the two dragons, because they kept in two different worlds they needed two diffrent heirs for their empires. They were happy, the female Maria would grow to rule the Moon/water based empire and world, while the male would grow to rule the Sun/fire based empire and world.

But something tragic happened a few millennia after the hatchlings were born. [remember that dragons are immortal so the other hatchlings would still be considered kids.. Around the dragon age of 12 or 13] The Moon Dragon Queen gave birth to another hatchling. This hatchling showed signs of having both powers of his parents. The Sun Dragon wanted him because the hatchling was a powerful male which his empire treasured. And the Moon wanted the hatchling because she treasured her children and what was her infatuation.

The moon hid her child after she realized that her husband, the sun might want her beloved child. And her people and advisers wanted her to kill the child due to the curse that inhabited the child. So the Moon hid her child despite her peoples cries and the war it would cause when the Sun found out.

She kept her child in the highest tower rocking it, singing to it, obsessing over it. The curse that was on her child was one of the worst. The child was born with a weak soul that couldn't even give the child control of anything above basic functions, [breathing, swallowing, bowel functions] and so the Moon kept her child under watchful eye and care.

Some her obsession was over the bond between mother and child, which was stronger than any other creature, and some of the obsession was with the possessiveness that said that her child belonged to her hoard [something which all dragons have, and have an urge to make greater], but there was also the mysterious component of madness that she seemed to show, that was beyond obsession.

Anyway during this madness of the Moon, her son Crawling had grown apart from his mothers people completely and been taken with his fathers peoples ways which were violent, and forceful. He grew to hate his sister and mother and taken in the belief that he should tell his father about his other brother, so that maybe his father could conquer the Moons land and make it a more "better place".

So when Crawling told his father the Sun, the Sun was enraged and ordered war on the Moon/water based planet, focused on destroying the moons people and claiming his misplaced child.

And so the war of the moon and the sun began. The sun called on his two brothers, the dragon of Earth(the element not the planet) [also known as the God of Fall and Change] who had his own world, and the Dragon of Snakes [The god of Snakes and Pain] and ordered them to attack as leaders of his great armies.

When the Great Armies attacked the Moon/Ice world it was defeated and the Moon Queen was found dead a bit away from her castle, while the her Heir Maria was found dead as well strung up on the crystal castle walls in a gruesome way. But the child was missing. None of the few living members left of the world knew where the child was.

The Sun sent out an order to find the nameless child at all costs.


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