Chapter two~

Prologue: Sliver Claws

By~ King Lune

A/N~ This stoy will later make sense but right now i'm introducing characters and shoving a bucket load of background information for now. ENJOY.

Lucifer POV.

I jerked the man against wall and squeezed his throat, "Is this good enough for you?" I asked smirking. The mans eyes widened.

"Yes! Yes! Go on right head! You pass!" the man said nervously. I hated his type, just because I was fifteen and looked it; they thought I'd be an easy fight. This one in particular was trying to block my way from entering the pits, and I actually wanted to see the fight to day. They had a new kid with flame colored hair that was supposed to be pretty good...Leon Lieven, I think was his name. I wondered if he was any relation to the royal Lieven house. Probably not since he was apparently sold off into the pits as entertainment. Hahaha! The poor bastard, rarely did someone last for a long period of time around here, and this kid was 13 years old barely in his teens. I doubted he'd even last the night.

I leaned against the railing of the pit and relaxed letting my long white blonde hair cover my face for a moment, and pretended I was somewhere far away. A place without fights, pain, and the simple frustrations of life. Perhaps a few nice curvy women, hell, I'd probably be just fine with one curvy women who didn't try and steal from me or some other hideous crime.

"Lucifer?" I snapped out of my slight daze. A girl with long white hair kept under a red, gold embroidered hooded cape questioned me. I looked at her noting the red eyes that marked her as a Pure-blood Vampire not yet having reached full maturity. [due her having white hair and bright red eyes is a usual indicator] [Also a pure-blooded is a vampire born to ancient vampires that have been blessed by the original vampires or some god or goddess, most commonly the goddess of the moon or the goddess of Death]

"What's up my dear cousin, Tea?" I answered her question while ticking her off by using her hated name. Tea sighed and flipped me off gracefully before hugging me, sliding warning sharp nails across some of my tender exposed flesh.

"Damn You Lucifer, your father's here with orders for you. He's in the West VIP seat. I'd suggest you hurry before he gets angrier, and ends up having to track you down himself. Right now he's drinking blood so you know he's pissed already" She whispered in my ear before she walked away without even a wave goodbye. Nice meeting you too for the first time in two years... I thought, I mean we had such a wonderful conversation catching up.

I sighed I really didn't want to go see my father but honestly I didn't want him hunting me even more, he might actually do what he said he'd do last time and rape me...damn homo-fucking dad. Why I have to have a vamp for a dad... an old, powerful, homo-loving-vamp for a dad... I still don't completely understand how that works considering my mother was female.

I sighed, looks like I'd be watching the Leon kid die in first class seating, I walked toward the West VIP room, nearing it I waved to the guard who I recognized and just strutted on through the door of the room slamming right into a wooden board.

"Wow haven't you grown a bit!" Marcus said leaning down over my sprawled form on the ground after he shut the door making it so we were the only ones in the room...which is never a good place to be with Marcus.

"What the hell is your fucking problem?" I hissed at Marcus, my father. He shrugged his 21 year old body and shook his dark colored hair.

"Don't know, thought you were some icky girl who was going to try and have your way with me, but anyway that is beside the point, didn't I tell you I was going to rip your tongue out next time you spoke filthy words in my presence?" Marcus said smiling, Tea was right Marcus really was in a bad mood, and I was going to pay for it by having my tongue ripped out by my own father. Marcus's eyes flashed and he leaned over me and pressed his lips very near my own. "Not saying I would mind ripping my own son's tongue out," He softly chuckled and I froze making no movements, it was better to just take whatever he decided to do and find a witch to heal myself later than to piss him off more now and end up being raped... very bad idea and one of my biggest fears, "Especially if I could do it like this." Marcus moved his lips and pressed them against my frozen ones and forced them open and entered my mouth, his teeth gently biting my tongue before he pulled out. I was relieved, he was just warning me, I wouldn't have to do sign language with some witch explaining how a vampire, who was my father, bit my tongue off.

Marcus got off me and walked over to a couch that over looked the pit, sitting down he waved me over. I swiftly walked over and sat down carefully... I promised myself before I went to bed last night that wasn't going to get raped by any gay guys for a whole week like I do every night before I go to sleep, and there was no way I wanted to break that promise, not even if it was my own father. Marcus patted me on the head with his hand. This was the reason I went for the blonde and big boobed the total opposite of my dark haired flat chested, maniac soon to be rapist father.

"Good boy." he said lazily "What do you think of the fight?" Marcus looked at me with narrowed fake bored eyes.

"I think that the red head is rather good, his blows hit most vital points in his opponents and he is swift, he takes minimum damage by letting the force of each impact travel through him, but since he is young and smaller than his most of the opponents he will face and will likely lose stamina too quickly and will probably die by the 3rd fight due to too much stress on his young inexperienced body." I replied instantly after glancing down at the fight and moving my tongue around in my mouth to try and get my father's taste out.

"You have a brother about the same age." Marcus said eying me with his red eyes focused on my face.

"Really?" I asked keeping my voice calm. Inside I was totally freaking out... a brother? I mean I know my parents screwed up once when having me but... twice... oh shit! I didn't see this meeting turning out very good.

"Yes, me and your elfin mother, Lady Aryan had a second child two years after you were brought kicking, screaming, and ripping flesh into this world." Marcus said...actually speaking my mother's name, I stared at him open mouthed in shock, waiting for the anger and silence that usually occurred when the name was spoken. Marcus gripped my open jaw and slammed it shut with enough force to dent a car. "Unfortunately it seems that your younger brother was not as lucky as you" Marcus said sadly. Unlucky my ass... I bet he wasn't bruised in the morning where his father slammed his jaw shut. "It was three days after he was born when he was found out by Lord Darza as being my son. He is in this world at the moment." Marcus concluded.

"I've got paper's you need to sign if you want to go to school." Marcus said changing the subject abruptly, and reaching to a table beside his side of the couch, to hand me a stack of papers.

"School?" I asked confused, I've never been to school in my entire life, I learned everything I needed from the dirty Russian streets, books, and in my younger days my dear father and cousin Tea.

"Yes, Rhem is a supernatural school where if you screw-up and piss somebody important off, which I'm sure you will … you'll get sent to Darza who has your brother." Marcus said slowly making me feel like an idiot.

"What if I don't care?" I asked questioningly to see if there was any idea to get out of going to school. I mean having a brother is nice and all... well now that I think about it there really wasn't anything nice at all about it. Besides one of my rules to live by is, if you get caught, it's your own damn fault and it's your own damn problem to get out of it, yeah my dear own father taught me that one after Tea caught me taking her car out on a joy ride. It was also the day I received two new scars and moved out of the house at the age of 12. I still remember Marcus laughing at my feeble attempts of escaping from Tea's arms as she dragged me to her room (which also doubled as her torture room) and saying that quote as I pleaded for his help.

"Well you still have to sign-it because I have to go back to the Central Realms tomorrow and I need for you to have a back up plan for if you get caught by the police for doing what you do EVERY day and if you happen to change your mind..."Marcus trailed off..."Look it's the 4th fight. Guess your prediction was wrong, the grandson of the bastard from the fire elemental house of Lieven was stronger then you predicted! Well I'm off! Do you think the kid tastes any good? It might be a good deed, if I helped his death be as painless as possible." Marcus smiled and tossed me a deed for the fighter below, Marcus had given me a lot to think about... perhaps I should go to this school it might be fun and a way out of Russia after I pissed off all the gang leader's by stopping all the gambling on the player below by setting him free...

Not that he'd ever know it was me right, because no good deed goes unpunished, and I wouldn't want my black record to go down the drain because I helped a kid, a dead and lost branch of the Lieven house at that. No, that wouldn't do at all, I'd have to make sure it was that weird nobody seemed to recognize guy from across the arena. I grinned at him, not that he could see, but I did notice the shudder that seemed to run through his body afterwards.