POV Eric

I was never a big fan of hunting in packs. I tried it once and it didn't work out. Dispute over blood can cause dispersion very easily. However I must admit that when done right, they can be very effective.

I and Jess stare down from a roof, looking through a window, at a group of men, playing cards. I turn to Jess, "Are you ready?" "Are you sure about this?" Jess asks, scared. "I looked into them, their criminals, that will make it easier for you," I say.

"I don't know, its murder," Jess says. "Trust me you'll get over it very quickly," I argue. "Ok, I'll give it a try," Jess gives in. "Good now, let's eat," I say, hungrily before jumping in the air and coming down onto the glass, smashing through it.

The men look up at me in surprise as I land onto their table, splitting it in half and scattering their cards everywhere. Jess then follows my lead by jumping down to and lands right next to me.

"What the hell?" one of the men exclaims. Before he can do anything, I grab him and snap his neck by twisting it, the rest of the men jump back in surprise.

A big muscular man runs toward me and throws a punch. I dodge it, jump up in the air and kick him, sending him flying across the room. The man hits the wall, headfirst, killing him instantly.

The remainder of the men scatters all across the room, realizing that they are no match for me.

"Well what are you waiting for?" I ask Jess. Jess gulps before running towards one of the men. She grabs him by his throat and lifts him off the ground. She closes her eyes before snapping his neck. She then drops him and stairs in shock at what she just did.

I sigh before attacking the rest of the men. Running super fast, I finish the rest of the men off with my knives. I cut them all down, brutally, either by decapitation, stabbing, or slashing. I cut them down within five minutes.

I turn around and see Jess still staring in shock at what she had just done. "What are you waiting for? Drain him!" I say. Jess slowly cuts a hole in on his arm, using her extra sharp finger nail. She then proceeds to suck the blood from him.

I grow impatient with her and cut a giant hole into his stomach. "There we go, now drink up," I order.

Jess starts to drink the blood from their but it still takes her a long time to. I sit there, patiently, waiting for her to finish up. What why the hell is it taking her so long? I ask myself.

While I'm waiting, I cut up a dead man and drink from him. By the time I'm done draining five men, Jess finishes draining that one.

"How is it so hard for you?" I ask. "I'm sorry, I'm just not used to killing," Jess whines. "Well get used to it. Because from here on, it'll be either you or them, because in this world, the strong survive and no one is stronger than vampires," I say.

There was no need to hide the bodies since no one will probably go into the building. After that, we leave the building and head out into the night…