I and Jess enter another abandoned building. Only moments ago Jess was forced to kill her own father to protect herself and me.

"Look Jess, I'm so sorry," I say. "I know you are," Jess says, crying, "But killing my father to protect you made me realize how much I love you."

"What? Why would you love me? No one ever has," I say, surprised. "I know it's warped but I do. Maybe it's from all the times you've saved me. Maybe I'm just a hormonal teenage girl who's listened to too much Tailor Swift. I don't know. All I know is that although I hate everything about you, deep down inside I love you for some reason," Jess states.

"I think I feel the same way," I say after a moment's worth of thought. Jess then surprises me by kissing me. I kiss her back and we fall to the ground.

We continue kissing which eventually leads to us having sex. Her body feels so soft and warm as we do it. After a while, we finish and fall asleep together.

I wake up first. I look down at her naked self and smile. You are beautiful. I love you more than anything. I then sit there and wait for her to wake up so we can go hunting together and maybe there will be a marriage proposal in the near future. Who knows?

The End