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They landed on planet Earth almost 100 years ago... Sent here to observe us, to learn from us.

No one knew of their existence.

There were a few close calls, but they easily blended in with our society. They move from town to town every few years; changing their names and altering their appearances slightly to keep their secret.

Over time, more tried to make this planet their own; flocking here to gain new territory, hide from their own species, start over on the planet and make a home, or steal unique objects found only on Earth. They came out of hiding, revealing their true selves and sent those who did harm packing.

The government erased memories of them and covered up the incident. Conspiracy theorists know of the secret cover up and try to reveal the truth to the unready planet. They have found a few followers, but are otherwise shunned from society for telling outlandish lies when all it is the truth.

A couple decades since the incident has passed. The legend of it has grown.

The town of Roswell brings in tourists interested in aliens whether they believe or not. Conspiracy theorists have gained more allies in their secret ranks, only known by their strange code very few outside the group have seen, little do the conspiracy theorists know, one amongst them isn't who they say they are.

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