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Chapter One:

The Not So Normal Family

The sky was black; filled with dark ominous clouds ready to release the rain it contained.

A lone figure stood under the lit street lamp. She wore a black hooded jacket over a dark purple, long sleeved shirt; navy blue jeans and black hiking boots. Hanging from her neck was an oddly shaped rock with a hole in it. Her short, dirty blonde hair covered the right half of her face. Her olive green eyes stared blankly at the sky.

"Lenori." a voice said, coming from the porch of the house behind her. She payed no attention to the boy, showing no emotion, or a reaction to his call. The boy frowned, "Len, quit ignoring me, please!" he begged, getting down on his knees. He held onto the white railing of the porch, looking as though he was behind prison bars. "Len, please, I-I'm sorry okay. I didn't even expect that to happen. Just please stop giving me the silent treatment."

When he realized she hadn't budged, he sighed in defeat, "I know I deserve this okay, but could you at least come inside? Please Len? It's about to rain and I don't want you to catch another cold, flu virus, or pneumonia."

A bright flash lit up the sky for a second; followed by a deafening boom echoing the empty streets. A couple of car alarms were heard going off on the distance. Len sighed in defeat. She turned around, made her way to the porch steps, and walked inside, not giving the boy the slightest bit of attention.

He sat down on the dark, wooden planks of the porch. His hazel eyes staring off in the distance, towards the oncoming storm. The wind ruffled his short, dark brown locks. He shivered, wrapping his navy blue jacket closely, attempting to keep out the cold. Even though he absolutely hated the cold, he did not dare go inside. Len was still mad at him for mixing two unstable chemicals together, causing a huge explosion and a mess in her lab. This wasn't the first time he had made Len angry or accidentally creating trouble. That seemed to always happen where ever he went. It was almost as if he was a magnet for trouble.

"Len is still mad at Sly?" a voice asked.

The boy now known as Sly frowned, looking up at the white railing. A creature, the size of an adult cat, was sitting on the porch railing. Staring down at him with huge, oval, blue eyes.

The creature was not a native earthen animal, but shared a lot of their traits. The creature had a large circular head, a snake-like nose; huge rectangular, notched ears. He had short, light gray fur that was soft to the touch. His body was slightly smaller than its head. His two front paws had three finger like toes. The back two paws had four toes with retractable claws. At the end of his long, thin tail was black, brush like bristles.

Sly turned away from the creature, "Go away Dart!"

The creature opened its mouth revealing large, pointy teeth and the inside was the same shade of green as the upside down triangle on his forehead.

"I'll take that as a yes." He said jumping down from his perch and walked past the boy.

"So what did you do this time? Did you dismantle any objects? Got in trouble at school? What?"

Sly sighed, "I accidentally blew up the lab..."

Dart's eyes widen in horror, "What!" he exclaimed, "I'm surprised Len hasn't killed you yet! How big was the explosion?"

Sly shrugged his shoulders, putting his hands into his jeans pockets, "Not that big...but she had to use the chemical neutralizer spray to get rid of the chemical spill."

"Was it big enough to alert the sensors? Or was there another reason besides the explosion that made Lenori mad?" Dart questioned poking Sly's left leg. Sly tugged at his gray t-shirt collar, "I'm not sure..."

Dart jumped at the loud crack of thunder that roared in the sky. The rain started to fall and the wind's speed became faster. The front door opened quickly. Len stood in the door way with her black hood raised.

"There you two idiots are!" she said, her face etched with a mixture of anger and relief. She picked up Dart, placing him on her shoulder, and grabbed Sly's left arm, forcing him to stand up. Len dragged the boy inside and closed the door.

They were standing in the middle of a white hallway with dark, wooden floors. To their right were five silver hooks covered by hats, scarves, and jackets hanging on the wall above a white storage box on the floor. To their left was an open door frame leading to the small living room.

"You two are insane. Sitting out there on the open porch with a storm going on. ARE YOU MAD?" Len yelled shaking the ten-year old looking boy.

Sly closed his eyes, "I-I'm sorry Len! Don't kill me!" he screeched.

Len blinked, and stop shaking him, "Why in the world would I kill you? What would I even accomplish by doing so?" she asked bringing Sly into a hug.

Sly looked up at his seventeen year old looking partner. "You-you'd kill me because I'm a screw up. I've made too many mistakes...If you won't kill me, the Elders would. I'm sure the mission would be running more smoothly if I wasn't around." Sly said looking down at the ground. He then began to struggle in Len's grip, "Why are you hugging me!"

Len hugged him tighter despite his protests, "Sly listen to me." she said holding the shorter boy still. "You may screw up on a lot things, but that doesn't make you one. Another thing, you learn from your mistakes. Remember Thomas Edison? People said he failed 10,000 sum times when it came to inventing the light bulb. Thomas said, "I have not failed. I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." You learn from your mistakes. The Elders put you on this mission with me for a reason, don't forget."

Sly thought over what she said for a moment, "Something is wrong with you." he said getting out of her grip, "You're being way too nice to me..."

Dart poked Len's ear, "You don't have brain parasites again, do you?"

Len frowned slightly, "Oh come on. That happened over 30 years ago. Besides you can only get them from the planet Carnage in the Kaytex Galaxy. I only got it because we faced Mace that Nucleolurker had it remember?"

Sly shuddered, "Oh yeah, I remember Mace..."

Dart's ears rotated backwards, "It's a good thing that wasn't her true personality. Though, she really was an oddball considering most Nucleolurkers are evil..."

Len rolled her eyes, poking Dart's triangle, "They are not evil. The brain parasites had corrupted their leaders. Those that don't follow will be taken over too. Besides you shouldn't judge those that are different from us." she lowers her hood, "Earth has taught us that."

Sly and Dart looked at each other, then nodded in unison.

Len sighed, taking Dart off her shoulder and placed him on the ground, "You boys hungry? I don't believe we've had dinner yet."

Sly and Dart's faces lit up. "Can we have noodles?" Sly asked as Dart sat up on his hind legs. "No, no we are having that long, yellow, amazing tree fruit." Dart argued.
Sly stuck out his tongue, "No, we are not having bananas again!"

As the two continued to argue; Len walked through the dimly lit family room and into the kitchen; nearly tripping over the blue and white plaid couch in the process.
"To think they're both over a century old, yet bicker like a couple of children fighting over a rubber ball." Len said, pulling open a chrome cabinet. She grabbed three packages of Ramen noodles, along with three green bowls, and a couple bananas.

She opened the plastic wrapping, dumping the square of dry, Ramen noodles into each of the green bowls. She broke the squares and removed the small, silver, flavor packets from the bowls. She picked up the bowls and moved them over to the double sink. The left side was over flowing with colorful, dirty coffee mugs, bowls, dishes, and silverware. She sighed, feeling really frustrated. She would have to remind Sly to do the dishes after dinner...

Len turned on the faucet and poured cold water on the noodles. She twisted the knob, stopping the water and opened the stainless steel microwave. She placed the first bowl of instant noodles inside. She shut the door and pressed a couple of buttons. After five minutes of waiting, the microwave beeped, signaling the food was ready. She opened the silver box and pulled out the steamy, hot broth from inside. She placed the bowl on the four seating max dining table behind her. She repeated this process twice more. The difference was she poured all three contents from the chicken flavor packets into one of the bowls. She also had cut slices of the bananas and dumped them into the last bowl.

When all was said and done, she cleared her throat, "Sly! Dart! Feeding time!" she called out.

Sly poked his head into the room. He gasped, "NOODLES!"

Len laughed; pointing to the bowl she had put the flavor packets in, "Yours."

Dart hopped onto the dining table and stuck out his dark green tongue, "Eww…" he looked at Len in anger, "You like him more than you like me." Dart concluded, as Sly slurped his noodles.

Len pointed to the bowl she had thrown bananas slices in, "Eat before you complain. You may enjoy it."

Dart frowned, but knew from past experiences not to argue with Len. He gave in, picked up the eating device, known as a spoon in the human language, and forced himself to eat.

After taking a bite, Dart's large blue eyes grew larger than normal. He tossed the spoon aside, stuck his face in the bowl and began lapping up his food.

Len laughed, "I guess this means you like it then?"

She sat down at her spot. Plain noodles were good by her standards. She blew on the hot broth, attempting to cool it down. Seeing that the attempt wasn't working, she looked up.

Across from her, Sly had just finished his noodles and was staring at the bowl with a sad expression.

"You do remember that the food doesn't refill itself when it is gone, Sly?" Len questioned, stirring her noodles, creating steam.

Sly looked up at her, "It would be nice if it would happen here like it does at home…Food is brain fuel after all."

Len sighed, "It would be very nice." She turned her attention to the creature sitting on the table beside her. "Wow…you really love the taste of bananas."

Dart raised his head, revealing his messy, noodle-and-banana covered face. "No wonder these putrid noodles taste so good." His tongue swept across his face, cleaning it instantly.

Len shook her head and began eating her fully cooled noodles.

After a few 'civilized' bites, she looked at Sly with a blank expression, "It is your turn to do the dishes. They have been sitting there for days and it is driving me nuts."

Sly blinked, so that was the other reason why Len was so mad with him.

Len looked at the sink behind her, "Truthfully I'm surprised…" she turned back to Sly, "Do you know how many germs fester on those plates?" she asked and took another spoon full of noodles, "The longer the plates are left like this, the more bacteria, viruses and other germy things will be."

Sly's eyes widen in horror. He fell backwards out of his chair, rolled on the ground, got up and ran to the other room.

Dart stared at Len puzzled, "Why'd you tell him that?"

Len smiled knowingly, "You forgot he has verminophobia again Dart?" she shook her head, "You need to remember these things."

Dart tilted his head slightly, his ears rolled back, his head trying to process this information. "You Nanobroods are manipulative geniuses!" he said frowning once realizing what had occurred.

Sly appeared in the doorway. On his hands was a pair of rubber gloves. Covering his face was a surgical mask and a pair of goggles one would wear while in the water. In one hand he carried a green sponge. In the other was a bottle of anti-bacterial soap.

Len tried to contain her laughter. Meanwhile, Dart had none of the self control Len had, and began laughing hysterically.

Sly ignored them and went straight to the sink. Len stood up and left the room, taking Dart with her. Sly stared at the pile of dishes in disgust and went to work.

Hours later, Len returned to the kitchen to find Sly passed out on the tiled floor. She gave a small smile.

He annoyed her on a regular basis, but would always do his best and what he thought was right.

She picked up the worn out little boy and carried him to his room. She placed him on his dark blue comforter of his bed. She removed his gloves, goggles, and face mask.

He muttered something incoherent in his sleep. She shut off the lights as she left the room, closing the door behind her.

She sighed in relief. Even though they weren't technically related and he was also ten Earthen years older than her; deep down Len thought of Sly as a little brother. That was the cover story they had always used in the past, to make humans less suspicious.

Len picked up Dart gently, doing her best not to awaken the sleeping creature.

She placed him on the tan doggie bed they kept in the laundry room, across the hall from her own room.

The cover story for Dart was much simpler. The odd looking creature was a Mattershifter, and alien with the ability to alter their appearance into anything they desired. With this kept in mind, Len thought the best way to keep their secret was for him to take the form of an adult cat.

The only problems that arose was how to explain why he had a green upside down triangle on his forehead and why the inside of his mouth was green.

Len sighed, closing her bedroom door behind her and fell onto her bed, not bothering to change into her pajamas.

How the three of them ended up together on the same planet, light years away from home was a mystery to her. They had next to nothing in common, drove each other nuts on a regular basis, and never had a choice on becoming a team for this mission.

Len began to slowly drift into sleep. They were like a family in a way. A not-so-normal-family, but a family none the less.


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