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Circle Game
Written by: Juliet Hummel-Anderson

We're going in circles
Around and round and round and round
When all of a sudden I'm upside down
Staring at the ceiling, wondering why I fool around
'Cause I get lost in your eyes
But I ignore all of those little white lies
You don't deserve me

I know I'll come back
'Cause that's just how I am
It's like I'm lost at sea
And I can't find land
You're the broken compass leading me astray
And when you grin you know you'll get your way
In this crazy, stupid circle game

Stuck on a merry-go-round
Up in the air, wanna touch the ground
Roll the dice one more time, decide my fate
Even though it's not your decision to make
Nothing's gonna change


I hear your name and get lost in the sound
I want my way out
I look into your eyes and I'm hypnotized
I'm tired of the sleepless nights
That I spend thinking about you
I'm happy your alone
So alone


It's just a circle game
'Cause we're going around and round and round and round
Want off of this merry-go-round
I'm alive and I'm dreaming