Loves Secrets

Rated: M

Introduction: Jessica has had a major crush on a guy named Paul but, the only problem with that is he turned down every girl that cam up to him. She was afraid of that but then decided may she could take it slowly but she didn't have to do anything when she found out his terrible secret…

Chapter 1

It was a warm summer, day. The wind whistled around me telling me secrets in my ear as they blew my blond curls to the side of my face. It was the last day of summer and I was in the meadows not to far from my home. I was enjoying nature before it was covered with a sheet of snow. I scanned the fielded with my baby blue eye's and seen butterflies fluttering away with the wind.

It was late afternoon and I was dressed in a cotton dress to keep warm from the wind that had picked up. My white slipper like shoes sparkled with the suns rays hitting them. My tight blond curls were pinned up into a pony tail, a single strand slid down my face. My creamy white skin was smooth and white illuminating the dress I wore.

I checked the time on my watch to see it was time fore me to head back and cook something up for my loving parent's. I trotted along through the field, only stopping a couple of times to sniff a wild flower. I approached my home and stepped in to the smell of cinnamon that fragranced the room.

I looked to see that my dad was watching his normal Sunday football while my mom was probably up some where on her computer getting some late work in before dinner. I started up cooking up and when I was finished we had mash potatoes, macaroni and cheese, with fried pork chops. I took a plate to my dad and he immediately looked up as the plate approached him.

"Why thank you Jessica" He said and scooped up a mouthful and swallowed, then said "You are becoming quiet the cook"

"Thank you dad" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. I was about to walk back to the kitchen but instead turned to him and asked "Where is mom, I would hate for her to miss dinner"

"She is up stairs in her study" He replied turning his attention back to the T.V

I walked up our narrow stairs and past the family pictures that hung down the wall. I then stepped into a two way hall and went to my left where a single door stood. It was slightly ajar and I could barely make out the figure of my mom working on her latest project.

My mom was a fashion designer and had a project due this week meaning she needed all the time she could get. She was always busy and when she wasn't she was to exhausted to do anything but I understood why, she was always over worked. She had been the only one on the house with a real job that kept up with the bills. My dad hadn't a job but yet instead took over the job of running the farm witch wasn't going so good making it hard on my mom.

I peeked inside her room to hear the clicking of keys and seen her fiercely typing away on her laptop. She didn't notice me as I quietly stepped into the room waiting for a good moment to stop her. Her study was the smallest room in the house with shelves neatly stacked and every thing alphabetized. Things in here never got dirty because of how she was a perfectionist.

"Mom" I said barely above a whisper. She stopped after a second and looked up at me with her tired face.

"Yes honey, is there something I can help you with?" She asked

Her voice was practically drained of any emotion so it was hard to tell if she was angry or annoyed by my intrusion. She had bags, that had bags under her eye's and also her eye's were pink and puffy. In the corner they had sleep that she hadn't bothered to wipe away yet. She looked like something some one would pick of the street but I wasn't going to tell her that.

"Well, I thought I would come let you know dinner is ready" I replied

"I am coming" She said.

"OK, I will get you a bath and stuff started to" I said to her, she didn't have the energy to complain so she just nodded in response.

When I got her feed, I picked her out something cozy to where, than started up some steamy bath water. While she was in I made sure the stench she had left in that room from being in there for so long was gone. When she got out I French braided her hair then let her get back to her work so she didn't waist any more time. I then did all my chores , and put the left over's away.

I snuck up to my room so no one could stop me, my feet were silent with each step I took. My room was to the right of the hall and was the last one down at the end of the path. I walked over there not making to much nose for my grumpy mom to hear. I opened my door and stepped in with a sigh of relief that I was not needed.

I looked around my neat and tidy room. It smelled of lilac's, from the candles I had spread out. The walls were a white, with a light pink trim design on it. I had a bed on the left with a table by it. A shelf full of books and a dresser right beside that to the right. Then there was my closet in the left of the corner closet to the door. There was a balcony straight through my room that I loved to go and stare out of. Other than that there were posters on the walls and a mirror with a desk that held my makeup and jewelry.

I walked to my bed and laid down for a short nap but ended up waking up in the middle of the night again. I got up and changed into some better night cloths then went to the balcony where I stood over the guard rail and peering out into the night.

The sky twinkled with stars shining over us so bright, the moon was full and glowing. I could hear the soft sounds of bugs communicating with each other not to far ahead. The breeze had died down from earlier but it was still a little chilly, that is made the skin on my arms tingle up and down my bones.

I was about to walk back into my room when the howling caught my attention. It was far off in the distance but I could still make out the sound of it. This wasn't the first time I had heard this sound but yet it had been going on all week. I hadn't bothered to tell my parents because they would think I was silly and just not to worry about it. Each full moon there was a howl like this, not like any I had ever heard.

It finally stopped and I sighed, taking a step back into my room and closing the balcony doors. I had to lock them so the wind wouldn't blow them back open them. I then slid into the warm sheets of my bed, once again drifting off into a deep sleep.

That morning I woke up and dressed nicely for school then went out onto the farm. I fed the chickens and watered the garden. Those were the only real two things we had on our "Soon to be farm" as my dad had said but like normal he never put any muscle into it.

I finished what I was doing and went toward the school. I walked along the road, it wasn't to far to the school and it was a nice day to be walking. I had my backpack slung over my shoulders as I made my way quickly over to the school building unable to hold my excitement of seeing my best friends again.

"Hey Jessica" Greeted my best friend Yasmine.

Yasmine had dark skin with a little light of skin to go with it. Her eye's are a dark green that tended to twinkled when the sun hit them, with freckles that formed down her nose. She was very tall and limber, she towered over all the students in school and even most of the teachers. She was really sweet though, and loved the sight of nature and wild life.

"Hey Yasmine" I replied giving her a friendly waved as I made my way quickly over to her side.

"So ready for your first day back to school?" She asked me giving me a wide smile that seemed to stretch from one ear to the next.

"Yep" I said

"I bet you can't wait to see you lover boy" Teased a familiar voice from behind me and I turned to see my other best friend Dona.

Dona was a red headed girl with purple eye's and cracker white skin. She was very thin and was often called tooth pick for her thinness. She really didn't care what other people thought of her, most of her was made of muscles scaring them away. She was known for many things and the best I could describer her was tomboy dare devil.

"Well I guess you could say that" I said giggling at the thought of Paul Fiasco.

Paul had been my crush ever since I had laid eye's on him but I hadn't got the nerve to talk to him yet. I was afraid of being turned down because of how he had turned down every other girl that had approached him before, from the past. I was hoping this year it could be different, and maybe I would have a chance with him but I wasn't going to risk it.

"Nice" Said Dona

She lead us into the building where were greeted my a familiar place and heat that warmed the building. I looked around to see a couple of new things but other than that, it was the same old same old school I knew before. I walked along to the gym to sit down for further instructions, when I seen Paul.

His light brown hair was brushed back and his dark brown eye's gave him a boyish look. He was tall and limber, with muscles that lined his arms. He was very cute and one of the popular guys on the football team. I couldn't help stare for a second and the turned and headed off to the gym so he wouldn't see me.

Authors Note

Well here is my first chapter please read and review to tell me how I did. I am the only one proof reading and editing it, so go easy on me. Well hope you enjoyed it.