Chapter 2

I found a seat next to my friend Yasmine and Dona then looked forward to see the teachers had gathered up in a line across the gym. They didn't look happy but I guess that's what you could expect to see on the first day of school. Teachers had always been grouchy and practically griped at every kid who did the littlest thing, no matter what it was.

"Hey check it out, there is Mr. Boobs" giggled Dona pointing out our fairly large teacher from last year, that we would no longer be having.

"Be nice, what did he ever do to you" I defended

"Everything, he was a big fat meanie head to me last year" she replied, leaning back against the wall that was behind us. With a loud yawn she kicked her legs up and closed her eye's. "Wake me up when this is over" she said

I rolled my eye's but didn't bother to argue with her. She was as stubborn as a mule and no matter who you were, even her best friends, she would not listen to you. With a sigh I turned my attention to a teacher who had stepped up to a podium, Mr. Flanks.

"Alright, this is a new year and this is how we are going to start it" he said.

Mr. Flanks was one of the most hated teachers in the high school because of the anger he had towards kids. He was short and stubby with a head so bald you could look at yourself in it especially since he was so short. He had a mole on his right cheek that already had hairs growing out of it and when you got a glimpse of his teeth you could see some were missing.

I sat there on edge as each teacher came up to the podium and gave there speech, one by one. I couldn't wait for a new day at school to start. I was hoping that I would get most of my classes with my friends but we had all sent into the school what we wanted to take so there was a chance I might not see my friends this year. When they were done they released us to go to the front desk and get our classes.

"So Jessica what did you sign up for?" asked Dona and she had a huge grin on her face as she added "Did you make sure that you had at least one class with your future dream boy"

"Actually no, in fact I tried getting into more classes with my friends because I want to be able to see them throughout the day" I said and asked "What about you Dona?"

"I try to get classes with my friends but I also chose classes that I like, need, and know I will pass" She replied with a satisfied look on her face.

I laughed at her as we made our way up the line. It seemed like hours before me and Dona finally made to the front of the line where we gave our names and were hand our schedules. Mine read:

First-First aid at the library with(Paul)

Second-Band with(Yasmine)

Third- Horse riding with(Dona)

Fourth-Reading/poetry with(Yasmine+Silver)


Fifth-Math with(Paul+Jasmine+Dona)

Sixth-Science with(Jade+Dona)

Seventh-History/mythology with(Silver+Jasmine+Paul)

I smiled at my hours glad that I got some that I would like. I scooped up my back pack and waved good bye to Dona than headed to the library for my first hour. When I entered the library it seemed dead like no one had been here for weeks. There were barely any books on the shelves and a bunch of boxes that still contained some.

"Excuse me but are you one of my first aid helpers" Asked and old crackly voice and I turned to see our librarian.

Our librarian was very old she seemed ancient and some even questioned how she was alive or how she even got up in the morning. Her skin was a fare pale color with wrinkles galore. She had her gray almost white hair in a bun on her head and when she walked up to me I had to look down to see her face. She reminded me of a very old grandma but she wasn't known for having kids.

"Yes, I am one of your aids" I answered in a polite tone.

"Good then can you stock the shelves for me, they have to be done by the end of this week, but my bones are so fragile" She said and then added "My other aid should be here any minute"

I nodded and walked over to a shelf that looked half dusted so with a deep sigh I grabbed a rag from one of her drawers and dusted them off. Then I ordered the books on the shelf just as they were supposed to be marked. I heard the door slam and just shrugged knowing that it was probably just another aid of hers.

"Are you Paul Fiasco?" Asked the librarian

"Yes" replied Paul's soothing voice

"Well your late" Said the librarian, and then I heard her say "Jessica is stacked books over there why don't you go help her"

I froze unsure of what I just heard and the looked up to see Paul coming my way. He gave me a warm smile and I wanted to melt right where I was sitting. When he got over to me he seemed to be looking me up and down, but then turned away to see what I had got done.

"Well I got to say Jessica you work fast and do a good job at it" He said admiring my work. I felt my cheeks go hot and I new right then I was blushing.

"Thank you, I guess you could say I am used to it" I replied and looked over at him. Meeting his eye's he gave me a curious look so I added "I take care of everything at home"

"Here let me help you" He said grabbing the rag from where I had set it and ever so carefully going to the shelf I had started and working on it.

I worked with Paul half there and half in a daze. We talked a little but tried to keep quiet because of the no talking the the library rules or else you will get kicked out. The hour seemed to go by fast, what seemed like to fast because soon enough we were on our way to our second our. I looked over to see that Paul had already went over and joined his buddies.

"So I am going to guess that your first hour is with him" Said Yasmine joining me at my side and I made a quick nod. "Come on me and you share second hour" She said taking my arm and leading me to band.

Band was boring for the first day, we got our music and went over the terms and rules for the class. By the time the bell rang it I felt like I was half asleep but woke up when the loud ringing entered my ears. Third hour I had with Dona, where we rode horses. When I got there I walked over to Dona and listened to them talk about the rules for this class and how it was and even more important class to behave in. By the time I had reach fourth our I was utterly exhausted and couldn't wait for lunch. Lucky this class went by smoothly and the best part was I got to sit with Yasmine and Silver.

"Well are you to ready to go to lunch?" Asked Yasmine

"Sure" mumbled Silver and lead the way to the lunch room where she grabbed a tray and joined her beloved boyfriend Jaeger.

"Come on Jessica they have a seat saved for us over there" pointed out Yasmine.

I sat down at the table and was surrounded by all my good friends. I was glad the day was going good but there was still the afternoon classes to face. I got done eat and then chatted with my friends till the bell rang. I grabbed my bag, headed for my locker than went to my fifth hour math. When I got there the teacher was sitting people to some seats.

"Jessica you can sit by Paul and Jasmine by Dona" Said the teacher. When I looked over I seen my two best friends and my crush.

"Hey Jessica, nice to see you joining us" Said Dona and she gave me that mischievous grin that I knew O so well. I sat down and face Paul with a smile then started digging into my bag.

"Alright get out your books and start on the paragraph in it" Said the teacher.

I grabbed my pencil and started writing when I felt someone kick me and I looked up to see Dona looking at me than she passed me a note. When I opened it, it read:

Looks who you get to look at all day I recognized the small hand writing as Dona's and that she was trying to taunt me. So I took my pencil and wrote back:

Dona would you please stop, its bad enough he is in front of me and Yes I do enjoy looking at him he has a gorgeous face I folded the piece of paper up and tossed it over to her then went back to my work. I didn't get a paper back and that's when I realized that the teacher was walking around and Dona didn't want to get moved. When the bell rang I was accompanied by Dona out the door.

"So you get to talk to him in the library and sit by him in math what other class do you get to be near him?" Asked Dona

"I get to see him in history/mythology" I replied and she poked me. I couldn't help but blush as I headed down the hall toward science.

Science I got teamed up with Dona and Jade for science partners which was practically horrid with how these two wanted to work. I was glad that I got paired up with them though, even if they were a pain in the butt they were by best friends and were actually pretty good at this subject, even though they would never admit it. The whole hour we listened to nothing but rules especially when we ever went into the lab. It seemed like hours but finally the bell rang and I was off to my last class, mythology/history.

"Hey Silver how is your day?" I asked shuffling up to her with that perky smile on my face that I knew she hated but I couldn't help but irritate her.

"Crappy" Was all she said as we continued to our next class.

When we got there the teacher looked like something out of a horror movie which kinda freaked me out and I tried my best not to look. I got luck enough to sit by my friends Jasmine and Silver when she sat us down and then there was one more seat and that seat was right by me. Just then Paul walked in and with just my luck the teacher sat him right next to me.

"Now Paul, you do know you are sitting by very beautiful girls, try to control yourself" Teased the teacher and every burst out laughing even Paul.

Last hour seemed the best hour out of all of them because we actually had fun listening to our crazy teacher give out the guidelines. They even seemed pretty easy from the other classes that I had walked into today. It only seemed seconds and yet we had covered so much when the bell rang and we were released from class.

"Hey Silver, Jasmine wait up" I said hurrying over to them to bump into someone. I looked up and seen Paul "I am so sorry I didn't see you there" I said a little hurried and embarrassed.

"Nah its OK I shouldn't have been in the way like that" He said giving me a sexy grin and I tried my best not to blush but yet smile back and to my surprise I did so. "You must be Jessica" He said shaking my hand.

"And you are Paul" I said and he nodded "Well this isn't the first time we met and I hope this wont be our last" I said turning away from him, with one swift movement I was at my locker collecting and replacing books.

"Well you did that smoothly now didn't you" Said Dona leaning against the locker beside me. "I was by the side lines and let me tell you wasn't Paul shocked" She added and I turned to her.

"What do you mean he was shocked?" I asked

"Well usually girls don't do that to him, in fact they usually fall head over heals with him and when they go to ask him out he turns them down" She answered and then as if remembering something she quickly added "I have talked to Dave about it and he told me how Paul works"

"Really how?" I asked

"It's simple Paul will only go for the girls that aren't drooling for him, he would prefer to get to know a girl for years than just immediately go out with her" She said and when I didn't speak she continued "All you have to do is act the way you have been and make yourself hard to get" she shrugged off that last part.

"Sorry to interrupt but word of advice, its easier said than done" Said Yasmine from behind us. I turned to her to see she was standing properly. Dona and I exchanged glances and then we all three burst out laughing. "I am still serious Jessica, sometimes things are easier said than done" Said Yasmine before waving to us and leaving.

"She does have a point, I remember one time where I was little and this little kid was annoying and I wanted to beat him up" Said Dona. "I had said it but when I went to face him I realized things are easier said than done"

"But you still beat up that little kid up, I was there and witnessed the whole thing" I protested

"Yeah I know but that's not my point" Said Dona. "Well see you later" She added before turning away and heading out the doors of the school.

I sighed and gathered the rest off my stuff and soon was out the doors of our little petite school. I headed home taking the long way so I could have some time to myself. It felt good to walk in the nice breeze and enjoy the last of summer before it started getting cold again. When snow would start falling and give you chills when you walked out side.

"About time you got home, I'm hungry" Said my dad right as I took my first step into our cinnamon scented house. "Cook me up something" He grumbled

"Nice to see you to dad, my day was pretty good what about yours" I said glaring at him and he winced. I hated using my glare on my parents but I hated when they got so demanding. "I will cook you something when it is time for dinner, you should have already had lunch" I said and added "Beside it's not my turn to cook tonight"

I walked past my stunned father and went up to my room where I started on some first day homework. It wasn't long before I heard my mom and dad arguing about my behavior, once again my mom was on my side. She has always been on my side from the beginning and my dad had really hated it. With a sigh I walked over to my window and stepped out into the balcony where I climbed down the vine latter.

I stepped onto the ground and was greeted by a rush of wind. I started walking toward the forest like I normally did when I didn't want to hear my parents argue but each time I entered the forest it felt weird like I was in a trance. I had always loved the forest and would hate to give it up, it was some where I could go to be alone. I ran over to the forest edge hesitating a little as I looked up to see that the sun was setting.

"Might as well" I mumbled to myself and continued on my way.

I walked along the path I had made from coming here so often and looked up at all the trees that I passed. It wasn't so windy in the forest because the trees blocked it but there was still a tense chill in the air. I kept on walking but with each step into the forest it became creepier because there was not a sound but the branches crunching under my feet. I walked a little faster to see if I could get to my destination quicker.

When I finally got there I looked up and a big building. It had been here ever since I had moved in and I had always gone to play in it even as a little kid. I had never really noticed anything creepy about it but as I got older I discovered more and recognized more things about it than I expected to. When I entered I went up the stairs and to a little table that held a single necklace that I had left here from long time ago, I didn't want to lose it so I set it here.

"Well at least I know some people haven't been here" I said to myself as I took a look around and examined the room.

I suppressed a yawn as sleepiness started to take over me but I tried my best to ignore it and get up. I headed toward the stairs where I knew there were bedrooms I could stay in, if I so pleased. This place had once been a palace where a lot of people lived so some of there belongings were left over. When I got there I laid down and closed my eyes, resting peacefully.

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