Chapter 4


Shadowo walked in to the forest with a cruel smirk glued to his face. He walked into a clearing of trees where the sun didn't shine. Shadowo stood in the center of the clearing, his eyes scanning the clearing looking for his target. Shadowo then sees a flash of black in the middle of the trees, his smirk widen. Shadowo then says "why don't you come out my son, I have a job for you."

Out of shadows a boy that looked to be the age of sixteen says "father what do you want, didn't I say I never want to see you again."

Shadowo looked at his son and said "you did but you, my only son is the only one that could do this job for me. You see my son, this vampire girl is the key to keeping a war from happening and starting it. I seen her destiny go two ways and I want her destiny to go the way that is the bloodiest. You my son is the only one who could make her destiny go that way. Will you do it Blake?"

Blake blood eyes glared at his father and asked "what do I get out of this father."

Shadowo smirk grew wider and he said "revenge on the one of the moon clan's princes. I know you remember Ulysses."

Blake blood red eyes narrowed in hate and he said "alright father I help you start a war. As long as I cause Ulysses the pain he caused me." Shadowo nodded and turned on his heel. He left his son to his thoughts and open a portal to his home. He walked in still having that cruel on his face.

Madeline P.O.V

"Master please, I'm on my knees." I said to my Master with puppy dog eyes.

He looked at me and said "for the last time Madeline no, and you aren't on your knees. Now stop acting like a drama queen."

I glared at my Master and ask "why can't I go to school Master, I need to learn certain things so I can get through life."

My Master sighed and said "I am not talking about this topic anymore Madeline." I followed my Master all around the house annoying him with my constant complaining.

Finally my Master turned around and said "Madeline if I let you go to school you have to promise me you wont get in any trouble and you have to try hard."

I smiled brightly and said "I promise Master, I will not disappoint you."

My Master put a hand on my head said "now go somewhere and let me have some peace and quiet for once since you been here." I nodded and left the house to go take a walk in the forest. I put on my black jacket before leaving out the village. I walked around until I came to this guy that was wearing a black trench coat. He had on a black sweater and black pants with black combat boots. I couldn't help staring at his handsome pale face. Those blood red eyes seem to but me in a trace. I didn't notice that he finally notice me. He stood up and walked over to me, it was like slow motion. Finally he stood in front of me looking down.

It took me a moment to get my voice back, when I did I asks "who are you and what clan are you from."

The guy said "my name is Blake and I don't belong to any clan."

I then said "so you are a break away."

Blake shrugs and says "you can say that, I guess." I nodded, his voice sounded to me like liquid velvet washing over me. I resist the urge to shiver when ever he said something.

I finally said "I have to go, it was nice meeting you Blake." I started walking and when I was out of sight I ran as fast I could. I just remember I was going to be late for a meeting with Utaue-kokuro.

When I made it Utaue-kokuro asked me "Why are you so late?"

I smiled and said "Utaue-kokuro you wont believe what just happened, I met the most handsome guy ever. He is so cool and his voice is just, it just sexy.

Utaue-kokuro tilted her head and asks "aren't you going to be the bride of the prince Ulysses." Damn I forgot all about him, I am so screwed if someone finds out that I like Blake.

I then said "Utaue-kokuro don't tell anyone I was talking to Blake alright."

Utaue-kokuro nodded and said "you secret is safe with me, now tell me what you Master said about you going to school."

I smiled at Utaue-kokuro and said "my Master said yes, so I'm going with you." Utaue-kokuro and I intertwined our fingers together and start jumping up and down in excitement. I was happy but I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen soon. It was like the chill I got when I first met Shadowo. I didn't like it at all, but I didn't say anything to Utaue-kokuro. After a few hours of hanging out with Utaue-kokuro I started walking back to the village. I was thinking about Ulysses and Blake, but were equally hot. That is all I got for them, but I will know Ulysses more because I'm going to hang out with before I start school. I was going to make sure of that. When I walked into the the village there was Adam Dark one of the council men waiting for me.

Adam smiled at me and said "hello Madeline."

I bowed and said "hello council man Dark it. May I asks what do you want with me?"

Adam says "I have to tell you something Madeline, I hope you don't hate me and run off when I tell you."

I stared at Adam and asks "what is it?"

Adam turns and says over his shoulder "please follow me Madeline." Adam started walking and I followed close behind him. When came to Adam's house, I followed him inside. Adam close the door after I walked in.

Without meaning to I cross my arms and ask "now what do you want with me."

Adam sighed and said "I think you should sit down for this Madeline."

I raised a eye brow and said "no I wont sit down, now tell me what you want to tell me."

Adam took a deep breath and said "Madeline I am your father." There was thud that happened after Adam told me that. Why you may ask, well I fell to the floor because I fainted. I finally met my father and he was a vampire like me.