Authors note: this story is collaboration between Kevin Springer and me. The story idea is my own original design, but he's helping make it amazing. Kevin Springer if you're reading sorry for not putting this up when I first posted. Well, enjoy.

Chapter 1

March of Life

Day 001 - 4:00 P.M.

It was a typical Friday for Evlan High School. There is a calm, clean feeling in the air. No breeze, no wind, just stillness. Its evening and music can be heard, filling the school. The music emits from the football field. Tonight is the homecoming game, and the marching band is preparing. Their music, so lively, so bountiful, as always, is heard throughout the school, filling it with serenity and peace. For months the band members have been perfecting their field show. These few hours are their last chance to practice. Tonight they will finally perform their show in front of the school. Their time is starting to diminish. Not much is left until the show is performed.

The band director walks down the bleachers and shouts, "Everyone gather around the podium!" All quickly gather eager to hear what he has to say. "That was a good rehearsal everyone. You're all doing great. I believe we will have a great performance tonight." Everyone cheers; finally all their hard work will pay off. Although, he had one more thing to say, "Now, before we head up to put on uniforms there's something we need to do. We have to clean up the field for the game." This makes everyone groan. They always hated cleaning up the field, but eventually everyone buckles down and starts to clean. Everyone that is, except four individuals carrying their instruments up the slope to the band room. The small group decides that they would rather get ready before everyone else, and not clean up.

In front walked Kaido Omura carrying his saxophone, wearing his band shirt, a black headband, and a pair of slacks. His black hair is put up in spikes, completing his cool guy look. Around his neck swings a shuriken necklace, showing his Japanese heritage. Shinda Sakato jaunts behind him, carrying the sousaphone, one of the biggest instruments, with a big smile on his face. He is sporting his cargo shorts and band shirt as clothing. Atop his head is a band hat that hides his brown curly hair. In the back walk two girls, Elizabeth Jennings and Kiki Mang, one a clarinet player the other a flute player, respectively. Their clothing being similar, both wearing knee length shorts, and band shirts. Elizabeth is a sultry blonde that could make most men swoon and Kiki is an adorably shy little Korean girl who hardly stands out. The group walks towards the band room not as a group, but as four individuals. Their lives separate, the only similarity being band.

They walk into the band room, and grab their uniforms. The boys stay in the band room to change, while the girls move to the choir room. After a few minutes, all of them are done changing. With no communication, they head down to the field. As soon as the field was in view, a most horrifying sight stands before them.

"Holy shit!" screams Shinda, as he sees the menacing image. There are zombies eating everyone that's on the field. Their friends, their band mates, all of them are being gorged on in a gruesome scene. Decrepit skin covers the zombie's body. Hair is missing from patches on their scalps. Bones are visible from where flesh has fallen off. The zombies don't run to their victims, but lurch with a painful slowness. The zombies limp as they reach their victims, moaning incessantly. The band members try to run, but to no avail. As soon as they escape one, more surround them. Capturing their victims, the zombie's slash and bite them; tearing away clothing and flesh, while their victims scream in pain, feeling everything that is happening to them. Each passing second is filled with the screams of the innocent and moans from the zombies. No one is safe from the carnage, and one by one they fall prey to the undead. All the while, the group of four watches as it all unfolds.

The girls are about to scream, but Kaido cups both his hands over their mouths. "Shut up," he hisses, "you want those things to hear you?"

Shinda coughs, "They aren't things. They're called zombies."

Elizabeth moves Kaido's hand off her mouth "Are you serious?" Elizabeth asks. "Those aren't real, and that's just science fiction… right?"

Kaido removes his hand from Kiki's mouth and grabs Elizabeth. He looks her dead in the eye with a seriousness never seen by Elizabeth. "Well, it isn't science fiction anymore." He lets her go and points to the carnage on the field, "Looks what's going on, everyone we know is being eaten by those things,"

"Zombies," adds Shinda.

Kaido shakes his head and continues, "Yeah zombies, and all our friends, and teammates are being eaten by them." He turns away from the sight of the massacre. "All we can do is get out of here, and stay away from them." After his speech everyone is silent, no words are said. The only audible sound is the moan from the zombies.

Kaido paces back and forth, bobbing his head to imaginary music. He looks towards the baseball field with thoughtfulness. Kaido goes up to Shinda and pulls him aside, "Your name's Shinda right?"

"Yes, yes it is," Shinda responds, his head nodding vigorously.

"Well, Shinda, I need you to take the girls to the band room and hide. I trust you to protect them. Can you do that for me?"

Shinda only smiles and nods yes. Yet a thought occurs to Shinda, which causes him to ask a quick question, "But wait, what are you going to do?"

Kaido looks back to the field. "Well, I'm going to go down to the baseball field to get some supplies. It doesn't seem to be littered with zombies yet, and this may be my only chance."

Shinda nods slowly. "Alright, I understand." Shinda walks up to the girls and tells them Kaido's plans.

"No, hell no! We can't just abandon them! We can still save them!" Elizabeth is shaking her head, tears slowly rolling from her eyes.

Kaido turns towards her, completely serious. "We don't have a choice. If we don't get some weapons or something," Kaido points to his friends being eaten, "that will be us in a matter of hours."

Elizabeth is still tearing up a little when Kiki walks up to her. "He's right… We need to get some supplies, or else…" She looks towards the field and shutters. Then, her eyes, so pure, meet Elizabeth's teary gaze. Elizabeth wipes the tears from her eyes. She slowly nods her head after collecting herself. Kaido nods his head and starts heading towards the field as Shinda waves goodbye.

As Kaido turns towards the baseball field, the air blowing his black headband in the wind, he cocks his head back and shouts to Shinda, "Hey Shinda, keep hiding 'til you hear three knocks on the front door. That'll be the signal that I made it back." Kaido turns to get a quick look at Elizabeth before readdressing Shinda. "But, if I don't make it back by sunset, head off and escape without me." Shinda nods, giving him a smile, and continues the path to the band room. Kaido looks back towards the field and stares towards the soon to set sun. Kaido looks at the zombies lurching on the football field. He cracks his knuckles and as he starts walking towards the baseball shed, he shouts, "Don't wait up." And with that, he is gone.