Chapter 14


Day 002 – 10:13 P.M.

Shinda's eyes slowly open to a dark starry sky. He is chilled to the bone and is vaguely aware of a numb pain in his left leg. He sits up and looks at his leg and feels his blood turn even colder. Around his leg is a makeshift splint made from Kiki's sweater and a tree branch. 'What the hell happened?'

"And so he rises once more." Kaido slowly walks over to the edge of Shinda's blanket and looks down and grins. "Morning sunshine."

Shinda takes Kaido's outstretched hand and sits up to see Kiki standing a few feet away with bags under her eyes. She gives him a tearful smile and rushes over to Shinda. Kaido step back with Elizabeth standing a little ways away, both of them smiling at the two. Bryan glances at Shinda and then turns back to fiddling with a contraption in his hands. Penny gives Shinda a sincere smile that makes Shinda smile in turn. As Kiki embraces Shinda, pain shoots through his leg and causes him to cry out. "Argh!"

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry Shinda… I'm so stupid." Kiki begins to tear up again as she looks down at Shinda's leg.

"It's fine, look." Shinda pats his leg, causing pain to beat with every touch, but he hides it for Kiki's sake. Kiki gives him a watery smile as she sees Shinda acting like his old self. As Shinda looks around he sees the football field to his right and the student parking lot to his left. A grass field currently surrounds the group. A cluster of blankets is set up underneath them. "So, where are we? And why am I always the one who blacks out? Can't Kaido get knocked out once in a while? I mean come on."

Kaido shakes his head at the comment but smiles. "Good to see you too, you idiot. You broke your leg after you fell from the roof remember? Course you took down a zombie while you were at it so I can't really call you an idiot for the time being."

Shinda's eyes widen as he remembers what happened before he blacked out. "I was falling and…" He looks down at Kiki, with concern as he brushes back a strand of her hair from her forehead. "You were going to get attacked and I shot the zombie. And then I," Shinda looks at his leg.

"Pretty much."

"But that doesn't explain why we're here." Shinda gestures to the grassy area surrounding them.

Kaido looks down with disappointment. Elizabeth puts her arm on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. "We can't go back to the teachers' lounge Shinda. It's been… compromised."

Shinda looks at Kaido with confusion "Wait, what? How?"

Penny walks up to Kaido and gives him a reassuring smile before she turns to Shinda. "After you got knocked out, we had to get Kiki off of the roof. Kaido went to go help her, but when he got there, the door was wide open. He saw a few zombies inside already along with one of those football players from earlier an-"

"And then Kaido killed the zombies and knocked out the moron." Elizabeth looked at Penny with a little disdain for being so familiar with Kaido. "Then he got to Kiki and…" She looks at Kaido with sad understanding.

"And I ran… like a coward." Kaido looks at the ground with anger and self-loathing.

"It's not your fault." Bryan walks over to the group, fingering the baseball in his hand. "The football player said that others were coming and that they had guns this time. We took the supplies and we bolted. And now you are officially up to speed."

"Okay, but what's our next move?"

Kaido looks up to face Shinda. His face is emotionless and steady, the way it always was before the zombie attack began. "Well, we need to raid the nurse's office to get you some med supplies."

Shinda looks up at Kaido. "Why do we need med supplies for me? I'll be fine." Shinda tries to stand but cries out in pain as he tries to put weight on his broken leg. Kiki quickly rushes to comfort him.

"No you won't." Kaido looks at Shinda with a little anger. "We don't have the supplies necessary in order for your leg to heal properly. If things go on the way they are, you might never be able to use that leg again for all we know."

"I don't care! We can't waste time on me!" Shinda looks at his leg with disdain. 'I can't hold back the team.'

Elizabeth sighs and shakes her head. "Look, we can't have our tech expert legless. We need you in top shape in case we need to get away quickly or something."

Shinda raises his eyebrows. That was the nicest thing that Elizabeth had ever said to him. "…Okay."

Kaido nods his head and continues his plan. "Then, after we raid the nurse's office, we need to leave the school. It's pretty safe to say that it's been completely infested and all the food supplies have been scrounged. We should head to my house to regroup for a bit. It's closer than anybody else's."

Shinda looks at Kaido with confusion. "Wait, how do you know that? I'm pretty sure that I've never given you my address, and neither has Kiki, Bryan, or Penny."

Elizabeth holds up a small stack of papers with the school logo on it. "Student address book. I found one in the band room earlier."

"Okay," Shinda gives a small shrug and smiles, "So meds then to Kaido's house?"


Shinda smiles and nods as he plays out the scenario in his mind, something that he has grown accustomed to ever since childhood. "Sounds good." Shinda gives Kiki a quick hug, lowers himself back onto the blanket, and closes his eyes and zips up his jacket. "Night then."

Kiki moves a few feet away from Shinda and closes her eyes as well as she falls asleep. "…Night."

Elizabeth smiles a little and nods her head. "Alrighty then, Kaido, Kiki and I will go to the nurse's office around dawn."

Penny looks at Elizabeth with poorly hidden jealousy. "Whoa, why do you get to go? Shouldn't you stay here and guard camp?"

Elizabeth looks at Penny with a small smile. "Ah, what's the matter little girl? Feeling left out?" While the difference in Elizabeth and Penny's height was evident, it was definitely not what Elizabeth was referring to when she said 'little girl.'

Penny's glare could freeze the sun and while she was smiling, only an idiot wouldn't be able notice her malice. "Who are you calling a little girl you bazooka bimbo?"

"What did you say?! I oughta-"

Kaido steps between the girls. He can feel the anger like electricity through the air. "Take it easy." Kaido turns towards Penny. "You can go, but if you do, then I have to stay here. Protecting camp is a two person job and Kiki is gonna need as much help as she can get in case there are any complications. I'll stay here with Bryan and hold the fort." Kaido turns to Elizabeth with an apologetic smile. "Shinda can't be left alone and I have the saber whereas Bryan only has the baseballs. Besides, you can take care of both of them right?"

"Whatever." Penny flips her hair back as she storms off to lie down on a blanket.

Elizabeth looks away and sighs. "Fine… But she better watch what she says from now on."

Kaido shakes his head. 'This team better get it together, otherwise…' Kaido turns to Elizabeth, smiles and gives her a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." Kaido checks his phone and sees that it is almost midnight. "You guys better get your rest. I'll take the next watch so Bryan, you can hit the hay."

Bryan nods and walks to the middle of the blanket closest to Penny as she lies down to fall asleep.

Elizabeth and Kaido walk to the edge of the blankets. Kaido leans in and gives Elizabeth another kiss on the cheek. She gives Kaido a hug and lies down to go to sleep.

Bryan watches as Penny stares at Kaido with longing and Elizabeth with irritation. He looks at Kaido with jealousy boiling in the pit of his stomach. "Whatcha looking at?"

Penny closes her eyes and pretends to sleep. "Nothing…"

Bryan lies down close by and closes his eyes, thinking about how he should talk to her. 'I can't...'

"What does he see in her?"

Bryan opens his eyes and turns so that he can see the back of Penny's head; her hair is resting on her shoulders and on the ground. Her shoulders rise with her breathing. "What do you mean?"

"She's all body and no substance."

Jealousy causes Bryan's stomach to turn, making him feel sick. "I'm sure that it's nothing Penny."

"She better watch it. I'm not giving up that easily."

Bryan feels emptiness take over, hearing the girl he loves talk about another guy that way. He closes his eyes, trying to get rid of the idea of Kaido with Penny.

Dawn's arrival is normally announced with the sound of birds chirping, the red and orange rays of the sun, and the cool morning breeze. On this day however, dawn became evident when Kaido's phone awoke the group with an incessant beeping.

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see the sky streaked with gold and small clouds of silvery white. She sits up and rubs the sleep from her eyes and sees Kaido shirtless and sweating. Elizabeth stares with fascination as Kaido performs several kicks and stances that she can only guess are part of a martial arts form.

"That you Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth feels herself linger on his image as Kaido turns to face her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare I just…" Elizabeth trails off as Kaido moves closer and blood rushes to her face.

"It's fine." Kaido smiles at Elizabeth's shyness. "Anyone ever tell you that you're really cute when you blush?"

Elizabeth looks up and smiles. "Shut up…" Elizabeth feels herself kiss Kaido. She feels her hands run up his strong back as they hold each other. Elizabeth cups Kaido's cheek as she runs her hand through Kaido's soft black hair. She breathes him in as if she would die without him.

They separate, but still hold each other close. Kaido brushes a hair away from Elizabeth's forehead as he looks into Elizabeth's eyes. They are a deep green like forest leaves. They shine from the rays of the morning sun. Kaido starts moving in closer for another kiss when he hears movement from the behind him.

"Well isn't that cute?"

Elizabeth and Kaido turn to see Bryan awake and tossing up a baseball. "I take it that it's my shift?"

"Yeah, thanks." Kaido gives a quick kiss on Elizabeth's cheek and goes to lie down for some sleep. "Good luck on the mission."

Elizabeth smiles as Kaido walks away. She turns to Bryan who has poorly hidden malice. "What's wrong?"

Bryan walks past Elizabeth and stares into the distance. "Nothing."

"You're really bad at that, you know?"

"Bad at what?"


"It doesn't matter…" Bryan turns as he hears Penny beginning to wake up.

Elizabeth follows Bryan's gaze as realization dawns on her. "Oh…" She turns to Bryan with understanding. "You… and her?"

Bryan shakes his head. "It's never that simple… "

Elizabeth looks sadly at her new teammate. "You should tell her."

"It wouldn't make a difference."

"You don't know that." Elizabeth tries to reassure Bryan. She moves to put her hand on his shoulder, but he slaps it away.

"Yes I do!" Bryan's dark grey eyes become as ominous and deadly as storm clouds.

Elizabeth jumps a little. She never expected Bryan to get so upset over something that seems so straightforward. "I just thought… I'm sorry."

Bryan sighs and looks at the ground. "It's fine… Thanks for trying though."

"Any time." Elizabeth gives Bryan a slight smile.

"Watcha guys talking about?" Bryan and Elizabeth turn to see Penny smiling at them.

"It's nothing."

"Right…" Penny stretches out the word as she taps the gun on her side. "Well, it's time for us to go."

"Alright." Elizabeth cracks her knuckles as she walks over to wake up Kiki. She gently shakes Kiki's shoulder and whispers softly, "Come on Kiki, it's time to get up."

Kiki slowly opens her sleepy brown eyes and yawns. "Okay." As she wakes herself up, she walks over to where Shinda lies asleep. She thinks of everything that may or may not happen during the mission and feels her emotions well up inside her as she stares at Shinda. Before she can talk herself out of it, Kiki leans down and gives Shinda a quick kiss on the forehead.

Within the hour, the three girls are armed and prepared for the mission ahead. They stand at the edge of the camp staring at the school. They barely make it a few feet when they here Kaido behind them. "Good luck angels." He chuckles to himself at the TV show reference. The girls walk towards the school with spirits high and guards up.