Plot The Grim Reaper isn't just one person. He can be a she sometimes, and vise versa. They can be Young and Old. It doesn't matter, once you've been chosen, there's no going back. This is an interview (of sorts) with the current unfortunate soul to own the job.

Author's Note This is a short story I've written because I'm struggling with a little bit of Writer's Block at the moment.

To Be the Reaper

I suppose, like most things, getting the job was unexpected and came as a bit of a shock.

I suppose the best part of the job is the travelling, I can say with the utmost honesty that I have been everywhere more than a few times. Another thing is, I don't have to bother with plane trips or driving trips to get to where I need to go - I could be in Wales one second, then in Alaska the next within the blink of an eye.

Most people don't take to seeing me very well, most start crying, others scream and deny it, some are speechless, I have only ever seen two people in my career so far take it in their stride. I had to applaud them, I would have been a crier probably.

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not cruel or twisted, I don't choose people at random and decide it's their time to die because I'm bored, definitely not. On my first day of the job, along with the textbook for a Newly-Reaper, I was given a small black notebook about as thick as a DVD case, and roughly the same size as one as well. In this little notebook was a list of names, I didn't write them in it, they just appear on their own. These names, the names in my notebook, are the names of the people I am supposed to reap of their souls, or spirits - whatever you want to call them. Once I've taken their life, their name disappears from my notebook and is replaced by another.

Sleep is unfamiliar to me now, mainly because I don't need it. If I sleep, no one dies. If no one dies, people suffer longer. In a way, death to some brings them peace - to others, there life is ended before they can even live.

There's no need for me to eat or drink, but I do sometimes because I like the taste of the things I'm missing. Tea used to be a favourite drink of mine, and I drink it every now and then while I give families a chance to say goodbye before I get to work.

Being given the job as the Grim Reaper hasn't turned me into a skeleton, I don't wear a black cloak, or carry around a sinister looking scythe either. The clothes I wear were the ones I had on me when I was first given the position, just a pair of blue jeans, purple Converse, a dark blue shirt and a black hooded jacket. Not very evil, I know, unless I was planning on robbing a little shop or something along those lines.

My name isn't of much importance, and I've been the Grim Reaper for the past half a decade.

I've seen things you could only dream of, learned things you couldn't even fathom. This job has many cons, and only about a dozen pros - I wouldn't wish this job upon anyone.

My family has long since given up looking for me…

©2011 Shadow Lykan™