Several thousand of light years away from the planet named Earth, a space station rested in the orbit of the planet named Sarasha. Inside the space station, a humanoid creature kneeled in the luxurious room in the centre of the station filled with the sounds of angry hissing accompanied with the repulsive sound of squelching. His skin was whiter than snow, his eye colour was very a pale shade of purple and his skin clung to his skeleton, as if meat wasn't familiar to this body. His mouth set in a thin line as the neon green ropes held his wrists together. A tentacle slammed out in front of him from the smoky part of the room.

"So…" a deep voice gargled with a few angry hisses "You thought your little siege on this station would distract us from our domination over all existence?"

The humanoid's mouth remained shut, set in a thin line but his voice went through the hole in his throat.

"I merely wanted to warn you," his scratchy voice echoed in the room over the squelches and hisses "Your life will end much sooner than you think."

A boisterous laugh echoed over his voice, hisses accompanying it with amusement.

"You're a prophet, are you not? So tell us, how will our lives end?"

The prophet's mouth twitched.

"You will fall at the hands of a female human who will bear a single wing."

The laugh that came next shook the room.

"This fool thinks we are uneducated!" the deep voice boomed with gargles and hisses "Humans do not have wings and to think a powerless human would defeat us! A female human no less!"

The tension in the room grew thick as another tentacle slammed beside the other.

"Your foolishness insults us."

As the tentacles crawled towards him, the eye in the middle of the prophet's forehead opened and the room was engulfed with blinding golden light.

Planet Earth

A young girl with long golden hair was at her school when this event happened several thousand light years away from her planet. She washed her hands, blissfully unaware, like everyone else on her planet, of the danger that was about to come in a few Earth months' time. As she turned off the tap, a searing pain travelled up her spine, making her stiffen. She gasped in pain and surprise as she felt something well up in her right shoulder blade. She grasped the sink, feeling dizzy. She suddenly felt like something was going to come out of her shoulder blade. She hastily unbuttoned her yellow blouse, tearing it off her and bent her back forward, sweat trickling down her forehead. She let out a short scream of pain as she felt bones extending into something odd. She rolled her shoulder blade, hissing as it felt stiff and tingly. She slowly looked at her reflection in the mirror, her mouth dropping open as she now sported a single black wing from her right shoulder.