Jenna, Matt, and Kylie got a ride from Joanne for their second day. They sauntered into school slowly. Their first class was Meteorology with Mrs. Morrow. Jenna smiled. "Hey, look! Kyle's mom is our teacher." She doubted that she would be here though, because of last night's events.

Kyle darted over to the three, crashing into a construction tool. He got hurt. In a really high voice, Jenna shouted. "SOMEBODY HELP KYLE DYLAN MORROW!" Kyle face palmed. "I'm fine. See?" Kyle got up off his butt. He was fine. The principal came over.

"You three all right?" he asked. Kyle nodded. "I'll help you guys find my mom's classroom. She isn't here today because of last night." The principal allowed it. Jenna looked at the principal, thinking to herself how much he looked like Jim Cantore or Mark Kelly. (LOL and LOL!)

Jenna caught up with Kyle, Matt, and Kylie. Kyle got a little lost. The bell rang for homeroom.

Kyle groaned. "Great. We're lost." Jenna thought for a second. "LETS CHECK OUR SCHEDULE SHALL WE?" she said, in a fake British voice.

Jenna pulled out her schedule, "211!" Kyle laughed. "Oh yeah! It got moved. Sorry guys!" Kyle ran to room 211. The three kids followed close behind.

Three days later…

Kyle was calm, despite it being his father's funeral. He was wearing a suit and tie, and his trademark black and red DC's.

People were talking about how great his father was. To the public, they said it was a heart attack. Those close to him knew better. (A/N: This is an idea I had from an RP.) He had been in a car accident. (UM, if the real Jeff Morrow, THE BEST WEATHERMAN, reads this. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!)

Kyle sighed. He left to explore the areas surrounding the cemetery. He needed time alone. Pretty soon he could feel his father's hug. It started to drizzle. Kyle remembered about 6 months prior to this Jeff took Kyle on a hike, and he slipped. Kyle laughed at the thought.

Kyle went home. And by home, I mean he went to Jenna's. Jenna was finishing up her DBQ essay thingamabob.

Jenna looked up from her computer when Kyle came in.

"Oh hey Kyle!" Jenna hugged him. He had clothes under his arm. "Can I change? I got soaked." Jenna laughed. "Sure, knock yourself out." Kyle headed to the bathroom. About 5 minutes later, Kyle came out wearing an orange polo, and jeans and his trademark DC's. He helped Jenna finish her report.

Mike was with Carl, Matt and Kylie. Kylie loved her dad. Carl felt like an idiot. He knew Jeff was going to die; He didn't want to tell Mike.

Carl and Matt were watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Matt cheered when they showed a group of ponies looking at muffins and one goes "Muuuuuuuffins!" Carl died laughing, metaphorically of course. Kylie rolled her eyes. "Derpyhooves!" Mike laughed. (A/N: I love Derpyhooves!) Pinkie Pie was pretending to be a meteorologist, so was Spike. "Spike Cantore here!"

Mike shut off the TV. "I'm quitting the weather channel," he muttered. Carl was appalled. "WHY? I mean you've worked there for almost 20 years!" he shouted. He sensed that Mike was upset. "It's just not the same without Jeff. Ever since Dave died, everything's changed." Mike started to cry. Carl hugged Mike (A/N: Not gay like). "Please stay!" Mike said he would stay.

OMG! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? I WILL NOT harm any more MAIN characters; Mike Bettes isn't a main character, and I SHOULD have introduced Mitch in the first chapter, because he's Jenna's boyfriend. OH and, I researched that Mike Seidel joined TWC in '86, as did Jim Cantore and Jeff Morrow.