(A/N: Happy birthday to me! :D Sorry it took me so long, I'll try to update LIKE within the next few weeks. Oma I'm at my girlfriend's house for my birthday, and my mom brought my cake over, and it made all of us sick. It was horrible. XD

Well, I'm sorry this is so extremely short, but here it is. My favorite holiday-ish couple.

So, here it is...)

Rehji smiled, rubbing his eyes as he awoke. He glanced beside him and pulled what he believed to be Rory's sleeping form close to him. Of course, it was Roay-he just wasn't sleeping.

"Good morning, Rehji," he whispered softly, his voice sounding hoarse.

Rehji smiled and kissed his forehead. "Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?"

"Mmm, you were beside me, so of course I slept well," Rory purred softly.

He always felt so happy in Rehji's arms. So warm, comfortable, loved...safe...

"I love you," he murmured softly, not thinking about it as he snuggled closer.

Rehji chuckled, kissing him gently. Rory was everything to Rehji, and likewise for the other. They were nearly inseparable...

"I love you, too, amor. More than you know..."

Rory smiled tiredly, yawning. "Mmm...we should...celebrate today..."

Rehji chuckled, nodding and kissing his forehead again. "I agree. We should. Today's a very special day."

The younger brunet smiled, yawning again and cuddling closer to him again. "Can we just stay home?"

"If you wish..."

"'Just wanna be home with you...Just us..."

"Anything for you, Rory. I love you. Happy Birthday, beautiful..."

Rory smiled, leaning up and kissing Rehji softly. "I love you, too, amor. Thank you..."

The older boy, Rehji, pulled the younger male closer to him, holding him as he lulled Rory back to sleep. It was far too early for him to have been awake anyway. It was only one in the morning. Rory technically wouldn't be any older until almost ten in the morning. Also, it was a Saturday. There was plenty of time for him to sleep.

Though, again, Rehji would have made time for Rory anyway. Anything for his little angel. Anything for Rory...

Rory smiled in his sleep, happy to be in Rehji's arms. So warm, comfortable, loved...safe...