A/N: Sometimes I tend to exaggerate.

(Out of all the poems, this is probably one of my favorites. ^_^)

Oh Doctor!


Oh doctor,

I can feel the loneliness digging into my heart again

Like a driller drilling a hole into the ground

It burns, making me shed invisible tears

It stings, making me wince at the pain

I don't think that a band-aid will help cure this

This dull ache in my heart

Medicine won't rid the pain either

Because this isn't physical pain

No, it's the emotional and mental kind

The kind that your fancy tools and pills can't fix

Although you can try

Try you may , but it's just going to get worse

This dull ache

The burn, the sting

The other thing that might help is time-

Yes, that sounds good.

Time to recover

Letting the ache

The burn

The sting

Subside like balloon floating up into the air,

Free from the grip of a hand

Leading to temporary bliss

A/N: The last 3 lines could use some tweaking... :/