It was foggy and a light drizzle rained on the day, perfectly suiting the miserable, desolate mood. Despite the slight rain, the service was still kept on schedule... Maybe it was because we all wanted to get it over with and to try and put the event past us as soon as we could, I didn't know.

I kept my hands to my sides, eyes fixated on the ground, complete with a disheartened look plastered on my face. The cemetery was definitely not a cheerful place, but today, it just seemed even more gloomy, if that was even possible.

Everyone was dressed in black, as, of course, was tradition, Peter's parents very melancholy. His mother was weeping on his father's shoulder and her husband's grasp on her secure, his sisters were crying as well, hugging each other tightly while their husbands shifted uncomfortably in their newly pressed suits.

Today was just the ultimate day for depression... I wouldn't be surprised if it was raining because he was dead, and if the sky was crying for him.

As sappy as that was.

There was a moment of silence, when the priest said his final words and everyone stood up. Now, it was time for the close relatives and friends to speak... in memory of him.

His parents went up, and so did his siblings. They said their generic speeches- of how much they loved him, and of how unexpected things had been. You could still tell they were serious, though, the sincerity in their eyes glimmering as the tears fell down their cheeks.

After they finished, I tilted my head to look up, and saw her walk to the microphone.

She was dressed plainly and simply, her black skirt reaching to her knees and sweater snuggling her warmly, arms pressed to her chest. Light cinnamon eyes darted around, observing the crowd and she took a deep breath before finally speaking.

Oh, these words were going to be interesting...

"I-I-I I... I loved... love Peter... with all of my heart," she spoke in a quite tone with a slight stutter in her voice. She was clenching her sweater tightly, biting her lip and trying not to cry, "And... H-H-He... He meant so much to me, to all of us. He was... the nicest boy I've ever met. A-And... and no one would have ever suspected that he... H-H-He would be... the v-v-victim of this... t-this unfortunate a-accident. He... He was... He was a kind-hearted, warm person and always brought a smile to someone's face... He went out of the way to... to make someone feel beautiful... A-A-And, he was... he was a great friend."

Accident... yeah, it was an accident...

She took a glance in my direction, and I stared back at the ground, my face in my hands.

"And the most.. most wonderful.. b-b-boyfriend ever." Finally, she stopped her restraints, the tears cascading down like a mini waterfall as she descended from the stage and perfectly in sync with the rain.

Peter's father looked at me, and in response I shook my head. His nod in response was gruffer, but I knew he would understand... After all, only another man could.

I didn't want to say anything, no... I didn't feel the need to, all had already been said. I also didn't want to start bawling like a baby, or even think about letting go of my 'tough' exterior.

It's not that I didn't love Peter, because I did... I really did, so much. It's just that... I didn't know how to express my remorse. I wasn't an emotional person... Well, at times I could be, but I never wanted to or even thought of letting anyone see me at my worst.

The ceremony soon concluded as his body was lowered into the earth, the hole that had been pre-dug just for him. Many people were leaving, probably off to the reception, when only his parents, she, and myself remained. We all stood in a soothing silence before his family started to leave, shooting us both sympathetic looks.

I didn't want to go to the reception. It was still a party, even though it was celebrating his funeral. I just wanted to drown myself in grief, to mourn for my best friend.

How could anyone else even begin to be fine?

I examined the tombstone and read his epitaph to myself, letting my long bangs fall in front of my face. "Peter Alexander Czarnik, March 11, 1994 to November 3rd, 2010," I muttered slowly to myself, holding onto every word, "Every cloud has a silver lining."

Yeah... That quote would be chosen for him, it suited him perfectly. I could remember that cheerful voice, as if I heard it yesterday...

I ran my fingers through my hair, sucking in my breath and pulling on the strands... But finally, I let myself falter a bit, shedding a few tears. It's not like she would care or, hell, even notice, anyway. "...To the greatest man I ever knew."

I turned my head to face her, and surprisingly, Annabeth was studying me in her awkward fashion. She then realized that I was now looking at her, flustered, and was playing with the hem of her skirt before she finally mustered up some words.

"And that... That he was."

I nodded absentmindedly, and we both stood deathly still once again. We didn't have much to say to each other... Actually, she didn't, being the reserved person she was. I had a lot of things I could say to her, the many insults I had especially for her stored in my mind. However, I knew not to... As much as I hated her, Peter also hated me picking on his girlfriend all the time.

His words never used to faze me, he knew I couldn't stop him... But now, I didn't want to do something that I knew he disapproved of.

"...I don't want you to hate me anymore," she began to say in that quiet little mouse voice of hers.

...Honestly, I couldn't even remember why I disliked her in the first place.

"And why would that be?"

I knew the answer, but I decided to ask anyway.

She stared up at the clouds, whisking her bangs away from her face. It was still drizzling, and we were both soaking wet, but she let the rain sink into her skin.

I couldn't tell apart the raindrops from the tears.

"...For Peter," she hushed, and soon she snapped her head back to normal. The hair fell in front of her eyes yet again, masking her from me. "For him."

Yeah... of course.

I sighed and approached her, grabbing her slender fingers and entwining them with mine. We shook our hands to it, and I arched my head back to copy her former actions. The sky was still murky and grey, and I felt broken and lost without my best friend by my side.

Peter had been the most important person in my life. He was the one I dragged along with in my pranks, despite his many protests since he was a bit of a goody goody. He was the one I spent second grade with rolling in the mud and thinking girls had cooties. He was the one who came to me, smiling so brightly when he told me he finally asked Annabeth out, and I laughed and threw a pen at him for liking such an awkward quiet girl, especially considering who he previously dated.

However, as much as I tried to disregard it, he was the most important one in hers too... Her eyes were filled with nothing but love when he was around, and she would venture out of her shell around him. Now, I didn't know how she'd act...

I just didn't know anything anymore.

"...Yeah... For Peter."

That day, we made a truce... To become friends, to help each other and try to cope with the loss.

No one else could... no, would understand...

For Peter.

From now on, always for him.

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