Cel: Another Brother Sister Fic.

Apollo: And this one has Hockey it in.

Artemis: Joy

Cel: Haha, you guys just click.

Apollo: I guess you could say that.

Artemis: She just did, so it must be true.

Cel: Right well let's get started.

It was a given that the only one allowed to sit by Apollo Stryder during a hockey game was Artemis Stryder. (Gavriil was definitely not allowed as when he did, it ended with a fistfight between the Canadian and Russian, but in Canada vs. American hockey games Gavriil had to sit by Apollo or it would result in a sibling brawl.)

Artemis sighed as Apollo nearly choked on his Pepsi in his excitement in the wake of the Canadian team making a goal.

"Give me that." She ordered blandly. Wordlessly and without any fuss the Canadian gave up the soda, too enraptured by the TV to even dare to fight back.

'It's strange how when there's a hockey game on I suddenly have to be the adult.' She said. But when she saw the look on her baby brother's face, Artemis couldn't say that she minded.

It was nice to see him relax.

On the TV, Apollo's team scored another goal.

"Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about baby!" The bronze eyed boy cheered jumping up.

Artemis sighed as she grabbed him by his Canadian flag jacket, yanking him down again. The girl sighed as Apollo latched on to her in his hockey craze.

"Great game, huh sis?" He asked excitedly, eyes never leaving the TV screen as he lounged himself in her lap without permission. Not that Apollo particular needed permission to lounge around in her lap, he was after all her baby brother and she felt comfortable around him.

She girl relaxed on the couch and amused herself by running her fingers through his sable hair. She did like hockey too much, but she did love Apollo, so she guessed watching the game with him wouldn't hurt too much.

As the girl looked at her brother's content face said smoothed out his bangs and said.

"Yeah, nice game."

Several goals, fouls, and one half-time later, Apollo was up celebrating his team's victory, arms wrapped around Artemis's waist as he called out and jumped about.

"Yes! We won!" He cheered. Artemis smiled but tried to push away.

"Okay, you crazy Canadian, let me go. I have to clean up your mess." Artemis said indicating the empty cans of cola (Coke, Sprite and Pepsi), cookies (Ores and Chips Ahoy), chips (Lays and Ruffles) candies (Jolly ranchers, and hersesy chocolate) and other things that Apollo (and she, but mostly Apollo) had eaten and thrown on the ground.

"Really you're supposed to be the neat one." She said.

Apollo smiled as his Hockey craze died down, "You're right, sorry about the mess. I'll help."

"Of course you will." Artemis said, as she went into the employee closet to get the vacuum.

As she did that Apollo started to pick up the empty cans, "Hey should I give these cans to Kyler?"

"Yeah he's still collecting them."

"Cool." The Canadian said as he put the cans on the table and then set to picking up the strewn pieces of paper and trash as his sister started to vacuum up the crumbs from all the chips and cookies that had been eating over the course of the game.

"Hey sis." Apollo said. Artemis looked up (it was one of those noiseless vacuums) and said,

"What up bro?"

"Thanks for watching the game with me. I know you don't like hockey." And not for the first time in his life Apollo wondered if he was an annoyance to his sister. He felt so needy and he took up so much of her times some days.

Artemis shrugged, "You don't like going shopping at "frilly lady shops" but you go with me whenever I ask you too." The girl remained, and she too wondered if she was a nuisance to her brother.

Apollo grimaced; he just didn't understand why his big sister needed so many clothes.

Artemis smiled softly as she vacuumed up the last of the mess.

"Well that's because you make my life miserable when I don't do what you want. So I don't argue anymore. I always lose."

"Really? Well for whatever reason you do it, I always have a buddy to hang out with."

"That's true I'm a firm believer in the Buddy System." Apollo said as he picked up the last bit of trash. Artemis finished vacuuming and put the device back in the employee closet.

With that the twins jumped on the couch and Artemis tucked her body closer to Apollo's, pulling her knees up to her chest.

"Ya need something?" The boy asked as his sister laid her head on his shoulders, and Apollo shifted a bit to make her more comfortable and drew his legs up as well.

"Do I bother you?"

Apollo blinked and wondered if Artemis had caught hold of his own feelings through their "Twin Thing".

"No." He assured her not to quickly but not too slowly either, Artemis was really sensitive to that kind of thing. "Do I bother you?" He asked quietly.

"No." She said and it was in that huffy manner that made Apollo feel like he'd asked a stupid question.

Delighted the Canadian boy wrapped his arm around his American sister's waist and laid his head on top of hers.

In response Artemis wrapped her arms around her brother and snuggled closer to him.

"So what do you want to do later on?" Artemis asked softly and Apollo could tell that she was on the verge of sleep.

"I think I'll hang out here with you for a while." The boy said as he listened to his sister's breathing even out.

'This is some celebration.' He thought fondly.

Cel: Aww Apollo really is a good little brother.

Apollo: *Blush* Whatever I'm just doing with a good brother would do.

Artemis: Yeah, you're the best.

Apollo: Also where is Ares?

Artemis: Yeah our big brother has yet to appear in a story.

Cel: Not true he appeared in 'Another Monday'.

Apollo: Right well he has yet to appear besides us.

Cel: Alright I'll work on it. Geez.

Artemis: *Smiles* Okay as long as you try.

Apollo: Adieu