Fashion Slave

Clothing makes the man,
The man makes the clothing.
Neither of them are each other,
What the man wears doesn't define him.
The clothes are not him,

And he is not the clothes.

Clothing, does not describe someone.
Actions, words, these make people.
Clothing only spawns feelings of pain, hurt.

Ridiculed for the style one wears,
Liked for what's in, hated for what's out.

This is harmonious, this is out of order.

Styles, forever change, never stay,

People's personality, does the same.

Their groups, their followers, follow the path.
Judging other, forcing change, conformity.

Everything created for the sake of clothes.

They don't define the man,
They don't define people.
The people, the ones with clothes,
are defining them, unjustly.