This is sorta a real-life story. Me and my bff really were in a candy store with a really good looking guy, but I used different names and Xavier wasn't there.

Dedicated to my mind reading buddy!

The chilly autumn air swirled around us as we walked into Jack's Candy Store.

"Hey Ladies" Xavier said as we opened the door to the store.

"Hello" we replied. Practically giggling from him addressing us.

"what will it be today?" He asked.

"The usual" Ally told him.

"are you sure? We have a new shipment today" he told us.

"What kind?" I asked.

"Jolly Ranchers" he replied.

My expression must have changed because Ally was asking me "Did you want some?" with her teasing smile.

"Ally. You know as well as I do what kind of candy I like"

"three cherry and five blue raspberry also, Please" She told Xavier.

"Do you people have mind reading powers?" Xavier asked.

"Only with each other"

Ding! Ding! Came the sound of the bell above the door ringing.

I turned.

Oh my flippin' gosh!

A tall muscular guy came walking over to the counter. He had blue eyes and brown hair.

I looked at Ally. Her expression said: Oh my gosh! He is so yummy!

I was not about to laugh though. My expression was probably saying the same thing.

"Meg. Meg. Meg" came Xavier's voice.

I turned to face him.

"What's up?" he asked with a smirk.

"um...the sky" came my utterly briliant reply.

" know what I mean" he stated.

"Oh with Ally. Oh she was just...yeah"

Brilliant Meg! Brilliant! I told myself.

"uh-huh." he said with his unmoved smirk.

"what?" I asked.

"you were checking Nick out" he said matter-of-factly.

"was not" I argued, even thought I so was.

"sure" he muttered sarcastically.

"Ally" I said turning to face my transfixed best friend.

"huh?" she asked.

"let's go" I told her grabbing the bag from the counter and handed Xavier the three fifty I we owed him.

We turned to leave.

"Hey Meg?" Xavier asked.

I turned to face him.

"Yes?" I asked using my sweet voice on him.

"come again. I know you will" he said pointing in the direction of the hot guy. Who was wearing a Jack's Candy

Shop shirt.

Oh I am sooo coming again

I smiled at Xavier and practically ran out the door.

As soon as we were out of earshot Ally and I started talking. Or, exlaiming questions.

"Did you see his eye-" she started


"wern't they-"


"we are sooo going back"


That conversation ended when we came to the kiddie park, where I had to relieve Martha of babysitting duty.