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~Krystal Rock~

"Hurry up" I told Xavier from the door.

"I'm going as fast as I can" he told me.

He reached the door as I pulled it open.

"Lucy, I'm home!" I called.

I was greeted by Ally's golden retriever, Max.

"hey Boy" I said rubbing the top of his head as he jumped up on top of stomach and started licked my face.

"Hi Meg" Ally's Mom called from the kitchen.

"Hi Mrs. K" I called.

Xavier draped his arm casually over my shoulder as I walked out onto the patio.

Ally and Jake were setting up.

"where's the catapult?" Ally asked.

"He forgot it" I told her.

"shame on you" she said wagging her finger in Xavier's direction.

"yes, yes I know. I already got a lecture from Meg thank you very much" he said.

"ready?" I asked.

"for what?" Jake asked.

"wouldn't you like to know" Ally said.

"yes I would" he admitted.

"well, now she won't tell you" Xavier said.

"exactly" I said.

I got out my orange bag and handed it to Ally.

"I'm going to go get Mr. Pumpkin set up" I told her.

"Okay, I got the goodies" she assured me.

I put the cable into the hollowed out pumpkin.

"ready?" I asked.

"get behind the barracks" Ally told me.

I ran behind the table that Ally turned on it's side.

Ally, Xavier and Jake were waiting.

"so what's this gonna do?" Jake asked.

"tell you what" I told him. "I'll let you press the big red button"

I handed the box to him.

"I thought you weren't suppose to press the big red button"

"One. Two-" I said ignoring his smart face comment.

"THREE!" we all yelled.

Apparently the guys caught on because they yelled it too.

Jake pressed the big red button, at the same time the pumpkin exploded into the air, and splattered against the


"wow" The guys exclaimed.

"dude" Jake said.

"i know right" I said understanding his interest.

"That was-" Xavier said.

"I know" I said.

"Your turn" Ally said.

Jake got up, went over to his pumpkin and picked up his metal baseball bat.

"One. Two-" he said.

"THREE!" We said all together.

He smashed the pumpkin with amazing force.

"Your turn" he told Xavier as he came back to the flipped over table.

Xavier got up, went over the the pumpkin and picked up a stick.

"One, two-" he counted.

"THREE!" we yelled together.

He poked the pumpkin with the stick and It slid through it like butter.

It looked like he shot an arrow into the pumpkin.

"Your turn" he told Ally as he came back to sit next to me.

"ready?" Ally asked as she picked up her pumpkin.

No one but I knew what she did to it.

She threw it to the ground without counting.

It smashed with incredible ease.

"what did you do to it?" Jake asked.

"I soaked it in liquid oxygen" she told them.

"how'd you get it?" Xavier asked, amazed.

"My dad" she said.

"wow" the guys said in unison.

"yes we get it we're both amazing" I said.

"Now let's go get some cake!" Ally said.

Ally and sugar are not separable.

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~Krystal Rock~