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A Wet Dream Come True

[RM:…Might need to go to church on Sunday. My soul needs cleansing….]

(LMB: Oh please. No amount of praise can cleanse that pile of sadistic shit you call a heart!]

It was a beautiful night with a warm breeze going through the island of Sex-Ed Academy. After a hard day of classes, a certain bobble head queen was fast asleep, writhing in her sleep and dreaming about a certain boy from her Anal Pleasure 101 class. (LMB: *LMFAO while editing* yeah that's right. I went there.)

*~~~~~~DREAM SCENE~~~~~~*

"Oh yes, yes, just like that," Eden screamed. "

"Fuck, you're so tight baby, yea, you like this, getting fucked in the ass?" Shawn asked, hammering into her tight little asshole.

"Oh god yes! So fucking big, you're ripping my ass apart"

Shawn grabbed her luscious ass cheeks, admiring them before slapping her left cheek repeatedly.

"Ohhh…yeahh, just like that! Keep fucking me, don't stop!" Eden gripped her pillow harder and rocked her hips back, wanting her lover's to drill deeper into her ass.

"Yeah, you like getting fucked like this. You ain't some queen, you're just a bitch looking for a good fucking, aren't you" Shawn teased. "Yeah, I knew it." He continued to pound into her ass while reaching forward, grabbing her voluptuous tits and kneading them roughly. "Nice tits there girl. I bet you get a lot of attention with these don't you?" Shawn pinched her right nipple hard, causing the girl under him to scream again and arch her back. "But I'm the only one that gets to see these, right Eden?"

"Yes, only you. They're your's to play with," Eden complied. She reached back to pinch and roll her clit around, wanting to feel the sweet feeling of release.

"Oh, you want to cum?" Shawn asked

"Yes, make me cum…"

"What was that, I couldn't hear you, you want me to do what," Shawn teased.

"Make me cum."

"Sorry babe, you gotta talk louder than that."

"UGH! I want you to FUCK me, Shawn! Make me cum, I need to cum!" Eden was damn near yelling at this point. Thank god for sound proof walls, right?

"As you wish, Eden." Shawn said as he grabbed a good handful of her hair before pounding her ass like it was a snare drum.

All she could do is scream as her climax rushed over her. "Ahhh, ah, I'm cumming!"

"Oh, fuck, gotta cum, oh fuck, cumming!"

*~~~~~~END OF DREAM SCENE~~~~~~*

"Ahh fuck!" Eden screamed as she woke up, cold sweat on her forehead and her sheets wet with her cum. "Shit, not again," she mumbled as she got out of bed, glad that Alisha and Jasmine weren't here to see this. "God, this cannot keep happening." She sat down on a nearby chair contemplating how to solve her little issue.

"Maybe these dreams will leave my head if I do something about them…Yeah that could work! But, would he want me? I mean we're just friends…." She sat there, her confidence slipping through the cracks until... "Wait a second, what the fuck am I so worried about? I'm the hottest piece of ass on this whole island!" she exclaimed proudly before bursting out into victorious laughter. 'No way, Shawn can resist me. Hell most of the boys only wish they can have a taste of this cookie,' she thought.

Eden snickered and rubbed her hands together in an evil fashion as she came up with a plan. With the Mission Impossible theme song in her head, she snuck out of her dorm and tiptoed her way to the junior boy's dorm. When she reached Shawn's room, she knocked on his door, knowing that the nocturnal boy was still awake making God cry.

"Hey Eden, what are you doing here?" Shawn asked. Eden nearly came on the spot. He just had to answer the door shirtless, didn't he?

"Oh, you know, I was having trouble sleeping and I just wanted someone to talk to" Eden replied as she played with the ends of her hair.

"Uh, okay. So what do you want to talk about at," he paused and leaned back to look at the glow-in-the-dark clock on the wall. "2:48 in the morning?"

Eden walked past him and went into his room. "Well, maybe not talk. I need you to scratch an itch for me.."

"Uh, I don't get it. What itch are you talking about?" Shawn asked, the lack of sleep making him slightly retarded at the moment.

'Okay, here goes nothing' Eden pushed Shawn down onto his bed and started to unbutton her shirt.

"W-wait, what the hell are you doing, Eden?" Shawn asked while covering his eyes. [RM: . Pshh pussy…]

Eden grabbed his arms and pulled them away from his eyes before pulling her shirt off, exposing her bouncing, bare breasts to his eyes. She grabbed his hands and forced them to touch her tits. "Do you want these?" Eden asked, her voice holding a slight sense of innocence.

"Uh..uh., we can't do this, what if.."

"Shhh…" Eden shushed as she put a finger on his lips. "Don't worry. I just..I just really need this. Will you do this for me?" Shawn didn't know what to say. However, at the end of the day, when the sexiest girl at school wants the dick, you give it to her.

"Okay," Shawn said before pressing his lips against Eden's. Eden was kinda surprised, but she quickly returned the kiss with a passion of her own. They moaned into each other's lips as Shawn wrapped his arms around the small of her back, caressing her lovingly. Eden opened her lips just a bit to allow her lover to slip his tongue into her eager mouth. (LMB:…..who the F*CK put this sappy shit in here?) [RM: Sorry sorry! I thought the readers needed some romance before the smut makes their eyes bleed…]

Eden felt like she was on Cloud Nine as she and Shawn made out on his bed. Then she felt something rubbing against her leg. 'Okay, time for some fun' she thought. She got off of him then pulled him up. (LMB: Remember everyone, Rebel does most of the dialogue. My job is to bring this to life with my WRITER POWER!)

"Hey, what are you…" He couldn't finish his sentence as Eden quickly undid his belt, pulling his pants and underwear down in one swoop. She grasped his semi-erect cock and started to stroke it, feeling him. "Oh, yeah, that feels nice," he moaned out loud.

"Yeah, you like that?" she asked.

"Uh huh…," he said nodding.

"Then you'll love this." Eden leaned it and slid the tip of his dick in her mouth, licking it with her tongue. Shawn smiled and put his hands on her head, stroking her hair to show his appreciation for her actions.

Eden started to take him deeper into her mouth, working his thick shaft and tracing the veins of his cock, her lips creating a tight and pleasurable seal as she attempted to deep throat his dick. Every few minutes, she would pull back up and pump him slowly, increasing her speed whenever he asked her to, or turning her head so the tip would press up against the side of her mouth, stretching her cheeks out while letting him face fuck her. [RM: Stay the fuck outta my porn stash!] (LMB: Oh, so you admit this is your fault?) {RM:….fuckin bitch]

Despite all her amazing actions, she wasn't able to stuff all of him in her mouth. Being the impatient and lustful bastard that he was, Shawn got a good grip on her head and forced the rest of his tool down her incredibly tight gullet*.

'What the fuck!' Eden nearly choked on the muscle in her mouth but she quickly took this as a challenge and slapped his hands off her head before bobbing up and down on his dick as fast as she could.

"OH FUCKIN' GOD!" Shawn exclaimed, the pleasure overwhelming him as Eden took the entirety of his dick down her throat again and again. Eden, of course, enjoyed the wet slopping sounds of oral sex moaning that filled Shawn's room.

Out of the heavy cloud of lust, Shawn's attention turned to Eden's massive tits as they bounced in rhythm with her bobbing. He grabbed her head and pushed her off him.

"Huh? Was that not good enough?" Eden asked, getting doubtful of her skills.

(LMB: This next part is dedicated to TCB XD)

"No, that was excellent but how 'bout you put these to good use?" Shawn smirked while reaching down to grab her tits. Eden got the point and laid down on the floor. Shawn kneeled on top of her, placing his erect tool between her DD tits. She pushed them together as tight as she could before he started thrusting into her cleavage.

"Ah shit, they feel as good as they look" Shawn remarked as he thrusted into the sleeve her tits provided for him. Good thing he was long enough so that the tip of his dick reached Eden's mouth. She did the logical thing and stuck her tongue out to lick the tip, each time bringing him that much closer to his climax.

"Fuck, gonna cum-" Shawn warned her.

"That's okay, cum on me."

"Shit, this feels so fucking good…So soft. Damn…here it comes, open up, Eden," Shawn grunted.

He shot his cum all over her beautiful face and into her hungry mouth before getting off of her and helping her up. "Mmm, your cum tastes pretty good." Eden remarked, wiping whatever cum was on her face and licking it off her fingers. Shawn blushed at her actions, making Eden giggle. "So, you want to finish this in my room?" Eden asked.

"Hells yes," was his immediate response.


The pair quickly got dressed before sneaking their way back into the sophomore girls' dorms to continue their actions. Once there, they stripped and tossed their clothes wherever before making out on Eden's bed. Parting lips, Shawn looked down to ogle Eden's breasts.

"Something wrong?"

"It's just, well, I didn't get a chance to admire these yet." Shawn responded as he buried his face into her magnificent chest.

"Oohh, you naughty boy. You're a breast man, huh?" Eden teased.

"And damn proud of it." Shawn said.

He put a perk nipple into his mouth, sucking gently, earning a soft squeak from his new lover. He grabbed the other breast and fondled it gently, switching between breasts.

"Yeahh, just like that..more." Happy to oblige, he squeezed them together and licked both nipples at once. Eden felt amazing, noticing that Shawn's man tool was at full mast again, she trapped his dick between her creamy thighs and giggled a bit when he started to thrust slowly. [RM: You just love making men look stupid, don't you?] (LMB: Every man except my own)

Shawn left his new toys and started leaving little kisses up Eden's neck before moving down. Spreading her legs, Shawn placed his head near the entrance of the treasure. He licked her slowly, earning a long groan of approval from Eden. He licked her more quickly while rubbing her clit, sending sensations of pleasure up her spine. He soon slid 3 fingers inside her hot canal, slowly moving them in and pulling out, going faster each time.

"Ahh, ahh, I-I'm cumming Shawn! Uh..uh, yes! Just like that, here it comes…ahhhh!"

She squirted his face with her cum, drenching him with her feminine fluids. "Oh, that was really good Shawn" Eden remarked. Shawn tasted her cum, just as she did, and wondered if his dick was thirsty. He lined up the tip of his dick with her soaking pussy. Looking up once more for approval, he saw her nod and started to slide in slowly, trying to not hurt her too with his size. Eden cringed at the pain, her body shaking but she told him to continue. Soon, every inch was in and pain gave away to pleasure. "I'm fine. You can start moving now."

"Alright.." Shawn slowly pulled out before slamming back in, drawing out a loud moan from the two lab partners. He rocked his hips back and forth, increasing his pace each time until he was a good pace for Eden.


"Yes, yes, just like that! O-oh god Shawn, you're so big! My little virgin pussy can't take it…"

"Fuck, you're so tight, hot, and wet. Your pussy is squeezing me so hard, ah shit, fuckin' gripping my dick."

Eden arched her back. "Oh yeah, that feels so good baby. Harder, faster.." Eden moaned sexily. Shawn easily complied, fucking her as fast as he could, his eyes glued to her tits as they bounced back and forth with the rhythm of his thrusts. He grabbed a tit and licked the nipple before swirling his tongue around the areola and latching on.

The luxury room filled with sounds of moaning, the slapping of skin on skin, the occasional plea of "harder" and "faster" and more praise of Shawn's size and actions. Eden was breathing a sigh of relief that these rooms were, for the most part, sound proof and it's not like other girls haven't snuck boys in before so whoever could hear them wouldn't think much of it.

Something slammed against her g-spot, ripping a scream from Eden. Shawn quickly stuck a few fingers in her mouth to shut her up. He repeatedly hit that bundle of nerves, over and over again, pushing Eden over the edge.

She took his hand and pulled his fingers out of her mouth, pulling Shawn down by his chain. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum, make me cum Shawn!" Eden whispered into his ear. Shawn nodded, kissing her hard on the lips, and proceeded to fuck her as hard and as fast as he could. He threw own head back, his toes curling in pleasure and closed his eyes so he could stay focused on making the girl under him cum for him. " YES! Fuck me, ah shit I'm cumming, SHAWN!"

Shawn opened his eyes as Eden's pussy clamped down on him like nothing he could imagine as she came, convulsing and shuddering from her orgasm. The sight of her screaming and spread eagle underneath him pushed him over the edge.

He quickly pulled out before pulling Eden's head up to his dick. She eagerly opened her mouth and he shoved himself in. She bobbed back and forth while working him with her tongue. "Ah, ah, can't hold back anymore!" He came inside her inviting mouth and watched Eden swallow the heavy stream of cum. She released his dick and stroked him, coaxing a few spurts on to her breasts.

"God, you're good," Shawn said.

"What are you talking about? You did all the work." Eden replied.

"Well maybe you can return the favor." Eden looked down to see that, to her surprise, he was still hard as rock. She looked up at him.

"Hey, I'm fuckin' the hottest bitch in this school. How can I not be hard?" She giggled and accepted his answer before pushing him back down. [RM: That has actually happened to me before] (LMB: Rebel, please. No one wants to hear about your sex live)

Eden turned around so her ass was in her face. Shawn took the hint and started to lick at her. She leaned down and stuck his dick in between her tits and pumped him quickly, causing Shawn to stop momentarily. The pressure on his dick making him moan in pleasure. He went back to work with renewed vigor, sticking his tongue as far as it would while grabbing and digging his fingers into her ass cheeks.

After of few minutes of licking, and tit fucking, Eden got off, turned around and placed his erect dick at her pussy. She lowered herself on him in one quick motion, earning a groan of approval from Shawn. She started to bounce on his cock, gathering speed, her breasts bouncing in rhythm. Shawn propped himself up on his elbows and Eden leaned down, her breasts hitting his face every time she came down on him. Eden loved the feeling of her tight pussy being stretched out from his girth, and how much attention her tits were getting from Shawn. She gasped when he moved his hips up when she went down, the impact driving him a lot deeper each time.

"Oh fuck, you're so fucking big! I'm being stretched out!"

"Shit, Eden turn around would you?" Not wanting to question him, she turned around. She was on her knees, her back to him, and dick still up her pussy. "Now shake that ass for me," Shawn commanded.

Blushing like she just saw Ryan Sheckler shirtless, Eden nodded and rocked her ass, his dick entering her at a new angle, sending a wave of pleasure throughout her body. The guys at the academy only noticed her amazing rack, but never noticed her long, sexy legs or her plump, heart shaped ass. "Idiots", he mumbled. He went back to focusing on his lover, silently groaning at the feeling of her amazingly tight pussy massaging his dick. [RM:…..Keep your fangirl fantasies to yourself please?] (LMB: Go fuck that monkey-faced bitch you call a girlfriend)

'Hope he likes the show', she thought. The position was wearing her out quickly so she got off and got on her hands and knees. Shawn looked at her and she looked back, giving him a "come here boy" look.

He grabbed her waist, positioned himself, and plunged back in to her awaiting pussy. Not wasting time, he hammered into her as fast as he could, the previous positions bringing him close to climax.

Not being able to hold herself up for too long, Eden fell on her bed, moaning and screaming into her sheets. "C'mon baby, harder! Fuck meee!" Shawn smirked and continued to piston in to her, reaching forward to grab her arms. He pulled them back, fully dominating her, and caused the girl to nearly black out. Eden was surprised that he pulled her arms back but her breasts were bouncing wildly which turned her on to the max. ([BOTH: That's right. We're '90's babies and we remember that XD])

Shawn let go a few minutes later, her head falling on the mattress again. He stood up and started to thrust downward into her pussy which was still hanging in the air. This new feeling brought Eden back into focus as wave after wave of pleasure racked her mind. 'Fuck, he is a machine' she thought.

"FUCK! God, so tight, have to cum again.." He pulled out and turned her over placing his dick near her breasts. Eden grabbed her tits and squeezed them around him and moved them up and down in different directions, one up, the other down until he shot another load all over her face, his cum dripping down onto her breasts. "Ah damn, you're one good fuck, Eden," Shawn complimented.

"Yeah, but you're not tired yet are you?" Eden asked.

Shawn smirked. "Good, cause we're not done until you cum in me." Shawn got off the bed and he sat down on a nearby desk chair. "Well, you want this dick. Hop on it."

Eden copied his smirk and got up. She walked over and sat down on his lap, his dick pushing right into her virgin asshole. "Fuck! This shit hurts…."

"Just relax, baby, it'll pass." She sat there for several minutes before moving. "Aww…yes, yes, oh god! I love it, you're stretching my ass so much," she whimpered. She jumped up and down on him, tits bouncing, tongue hanging out of her mouth. Shawn did nothing. All he could do was stare at her bouncing tits, not that he could do anything else.

Her ass was tight as fuck. It was so incredibly tight, all thoughts were erased and the only things he could do as she rode him for all he was worth was stare at her heaving tits, and revel in the pleasure that being squeezed by her ass provided. "Oh my god, gonna cum, ah it feels so good, oh shit!" she exclaimed as quietly as she could.

"Yea, me too, let's go together alright."

"Okay…" She reached down and rubbed her clit while he grabbed both her tits, fondling roughly, manhandling her breasts. "G-gonna cum, cum in me Shawn!"

"As you wish." They kissed passionately, as they came, moaning into each other mouths, riding out their climaxes.

Eden leaned on Shawn, a wave of euphoria coming over her. "You… were…amazing.." she remarked.

"And so were you," he said, kissing her forehead. Shawn got up and carried her to bed, his dick still in her. They laid down together and kissed each other on the lips before falling asleep.

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