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Chapter 3 I have an erection...Someone get a nurse!

'I'll say it again. Life is bitchin' good,' Shawn thought happily as his cock was being worshiped by the brunette kneeling in front of him. He came to the Sex-Ed Academy sextoy shop to pick up a "present" for Eden and before he knew it, he was dragged into the storage room with the counter girl on her knees, giving him a blowjob. [RM: Wow, we're starting this off like this?] (LMB: Ohh, you should know how me better than that)

"Oh fuck yeah, worship my dick, Jennie," Shawn groaned, stroking her hair while she bobbed her head slowly, licking his thick shaft with her eager tongue. "Shit, that's real good, but you can go faster than that, right?"

Jennie paused and looked up into Shawn's eyes and quickly changed her pace, furiously sucking his cock. She reached down, letting her fingers rub her pussy through her soaked panties. She continued her frantic pace, but she hadn't been able to take the rest of his cock down her throat, a fact that highly annoyed Shawn. "Bitch, take my dick deeper." He grabbed her hair, glaring down at her. "C'mon, I know you're better than this," Shawn demanded. (LMB: I love this next part cause I came up with it while I was in class XD)

Slutty counter girl number 1 took the meat out her mouth and she stroked it as fast as she could. "Hey, I don't know about the other broads you've slept with but your dick is too thick for me."

"You really can't take it?" Shawn asked. Jennie slowly nodded. "Fine, then." Shawn slapped her hands away from his dick and started to pull his pants up. Jennie was shocked and nearly tripped over her skirt while she tried to stop him. There was no way in hell she was about to let the guy with the biggest dick on the island get away from her.

"W-wai..wait, I'll do it.." Jennie stuttered as she opened up wide and started to swallow him. Shawn smirked, feeling victorious before gasping in pleasure as Jennie took his cock back into her mouth. [RM:...Why am I not surprised by that?] (LMB: Blame the boys I sit next to in class.)

Jennie quickly took as much of him as she could before his tip hit the back of her throat. Gathering herself, she suppressed her gag reflex and slowly started to take him down her throat. Shawn relished at the feeling of her tight, convulsing throat squeezing his dick, sending shivers up his spine. He could tell Jennie was having a tough time, as she was starting to choke on his dick and that turned him on even more. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her back, giving her some air. He let her get comfortable before he forced his dick back down her throat, enjoying the small gagging sounds that came from the girl.

"Ah f-fuck, I'm gonna cum soon Jennie" Jennie just relaxed her throat and let him face fuck her to his heart's content. She grabbed her breasts and massaged them through her shirt, his actions turning her on even more. "Shit, get ready Jennie!" Jennie's eyes went wide as a cloudburst of cum started to pour down her throat. The amount was too great for her to swallow with his dick that far down her throat so she pulled away and let him finish on her face. She grabbed his dick and pumped him as fast as she could, trying to coax every drop of baby gravy out of him. He shot the rest of load all over her face and spilled a bit on her uniform. [RM: I repeat: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?] (LMB: I could ask the same thing about why fuck that turtle-faced, STD fountain you call a girlfriend)

"Damn, Shawn. Look what you did," Jennie said with a pout. She wiped the cum off her uniform and tasted it, savoring the salty flavor. She turned around, slipping her white lace panties off and got on all fours. "Well hurry up, my lunch break is almost over." Without anther word, Shawn got on his knees and quickly plunged into Jennie's tight and incredibly hot pussy. Wasting no time, he fucked her fast and hard, just as she wanted. He reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling back so he could reach deeper inside her wanting cunt.

'Oh holy shit! He's so big and I've never been this full before. I'm so fucking glad I did this,' Jennie thought as the junior continued to hammer away at her already increasingly sore pussy.

"Damn Jennie, you know how tight you are?" Jennie grinned and looked back to see Shawn's face. His brow was slightly sweaty, his eyes clenched in pleasure, his breathing, quick and erratic.

"I must be really tight." She clenched her walls, squeezing his cock even further. She could hear wet sloppy sounds echoing in the room, which caused her soaked pussy to go into a downpour.

"Fuck, you're so wet. Those sounds turned you on, huh?"

Jennie blushed and started to shake her ass, letting him reach even deeper. "Oh god, so…so good, so fucking big!" Shawn pushed her skirt up and marveled at her ass. Each thrust made her sexy ass jiggle. He raised his right hand and brought it down swiftly, quickly slapping her ass cheeks as hard as he could. "Oww! Shit, that hurts so fucking good, slap my ass Shawn Tucker!"

He slapped her ass several more time, switching cheeks before digging his fingers into her soft ass and hammering into her even faster. "Oh yes, like that, just like that! Harder, oh yes, fuck me faster!" Shawn complied, going as fast and as hard as he could. He tilt his head back in strain, his legs were burning but he was so damn close.

"Ah ah, god yes, I'm gonna cum!" A few moments later, she came, her walls clenching around his dick like a vice. Shawn hastily pulled out and turned Jennie around before cumming all over her delicate face. "Mmmm...that feels good." Jennie said, wiping his semen off her face and into her mouth.

"Glad you liked it so much."

"Well, you better get going. The quarterly physicals are today" Jennie reminded.

"Oh yeah, well I'll be off then." Shawn said, pulling his pants back up before getting up to leave. "Maybe we can do this again." he called out over his shoulder.

Jennie blushed then smiled, "Yeah. Maybe we could take it slow next time..." Ignoring her last comment, Shawn left and went to the nurse's offices to get his quarterly physical.

The quarterly physicals were basically a checkup to see if students had any health concerns. Evidently, this was a cover up for students who wanted to confess about the sexually activities they've had since last quarter. Shawn found his place in line which was near the last cause his last name started with 'T' and it went alphabetically. 'Well shit, I might be here awhile," he thought.


"Hey Rita, you mind taking the last few patients? I need to go to the principal and report this little bastard for knocking up my daughter." Steve asked.

"Yeah, go ahead. There's only a few left." Rita replied. The male nurse nodded then left while he dragged another student down the hall by his ear.

About 30 minutes later, Shawn heard his name being called. "'Bout fuckin' time. Let's get this over with." He walked into a room to see Ms. Dane checking over her last patient's chart. "Hey, Ms. Dane," Shawn greeted, his signature smile on his face.

"Hello Shawn. You know the drill, strip down to your wife beater and boxers. I'll go get your chart."

"Yeah, sure," Shawn replied. He did as he was told and sat down on the bench waiting for Ms. Dane to return.

When she did, she asked him a few question about STD's, medical conditions, and the usual stuff. Then she checked his heart rate, blood pressure, eyes, nose, ears, etc. She measured his arms, legs, waist, shoulders, height, and weight, while jotting down results.

"Okay, now we just need to check your genitals." Ms. Dane said nonchalantly.

"Oka-wait what?" ([BOTH: HA!])

"You heard me. Relax, it's just procedure for the males."

"Okay, whatever." He pulled down his boxers, revealing his semi-hard cock. Rita was a bit taken back to say the least. He was about 6 inches long, and really thick...and he wasn't even fully hard! (LMB: Insert me laughing my ass off while I write this next part.)

Rita grasped him, feeling him up, tracing the little veins running up and down his cock. Shawn was getting hard at the sight of the head nurse feeling up his dick. He tried to hold back the groan that wanted to let itself free but unfortunately it did.

"Damn…." Shawn moaned at the feeling of her gloved hands touching his dick. His moan snapped Rita back into reality.

"Oh..oh my god! I'm so sorry, Shawn." she said frantically, taking her hands off of him. "Uh, I don't know what came over me!" she exclaimed, blushing at the thought of what she was about to do to a student. [RM: Oh, you are just the worst!] (LMB: I know, right!)

A very naughty idea popped into Shawn's head. He smiled at her, saying, "Don't worry about it, it's not like I'm the only one who would get hard at the thought of the nurse feeling them up." He slowly took a step closer but Rita didn't notice. "Besides, it felt really good." Rita blushed, not knowing what to do in this kind of situation. Shawn smirked as his saw this small opening. He got off the bench, cupped Ms. Dane's face and kissed her right on the lips.

Rita was stunned at his actions but when Shawn wrapped his arms around her back, the head nurse slowly started to kiss back, matching his enthusiasm and passion. 'Damn, he's a good kisser,' she thought.

'I can't believe she's actually doing this,' Shawn thought. He moved his hands down to cup her ass, feeling her firm, yet soft cheeks. She moaned into his mouth at the feeling of his strong hands feeling her up.

"Oh god, it's been way too long," Rita thought.

[RM: Hmmm, when's the last time you got laid LMB?] (LMB: I happen to be a virgin, Rebel) [RM:...seriously?] (LMB: HAHAHAHA! Pshh, fuck no, I'm no virgin. I wouldn't be able to write this smut if I was XDDD)

She pulled away from his lips and got down on her knees. "It looks like your friend wants some fun," she teased. She grabbed his dick again and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick. She wrapped her tongue around his tip and sucked hard, causing Shawn to moan loudly and nearly go cross-eyed. She flicked certain parts of his tip, sending undiscovered pleasure racing up Shawn's spine. She played with the tip as if it was an instrument, licking all the right places, feathering her tongue against the opening of his tip. (LMB: There's a name for that, ya know) [RM: Do I give a fuck?] (LMB: Damn...cranky much?]

In two minutes flat, Shawn was already moaning her name at her actions. Rita, being a nurse and all, knew just what to do to make him feel good. Soon she had half of him in her mouth, and she was working his shaft with magical her tongue, running it against the veins. When she took the rest of him in her mouth, Shawn was almost reduced into a moaning, groaning mess. Rita smirked in her mind. She could tell he wasn't a virgin so she was proud that she could do this to him. The thought of her, blowing a student was soaking her panties through so she started to rub her pussy through her panties with her fingers with one hand while the other massaged his balls.

"Ah, I'm g-gonna…gonna cum, Ms. Dane." Hearing this, she bobbed up and down on his dick as fast as she could, wanting to taste his cum. She pulled off his dick, instead, sucking on his balls while stroking him with her hands. "Fuck!" She instantly put him back into her mouth and a moment later, he came, his sperm gushing into her mouth, filling it until she pulled off, letting his sperm coat her face. [RM: How many cum-shots you gonna do?] (LMB: Hell, I don't know. These bitches are sluts so they like it.)

"Hmmm… that's good." Rita said, tasting his cum. She grabbed his dick and stroked him, trying to get him back to full mast. "It looks like you're healthy, but I'm going to run a few more tests," she said in a very sexy tone. Shawn took off his wife beater and watched his nurse slap his dick against her cheeks. She put him back in her mouth and tilted her head sideways so the tip was pushing against her cheek. Shawn started to thrust against the side of her mouth, loving the feeling of her warm mouth encasing his tip.

He thrusted harder and faster, gripping her head with his hands. He ran his fingers through her blonde hair, his dick stretching her cheek out to its fullest. Rita took him out and pulled her jacket and clothes off before lying her fully developed body down on the bench. Shawn got on the bench with her and pulled her legs up so they were resting on his shoulders. He rubbed his dick against her drenched pussy lips, wanting to tease his new play toy.

"Ah, hurry up, put it in already," Rita whimpered. Shawn looked her in the eyes, then shoved his entire length balls deep in her pussy in one motion.

"AHH!" she screamed, her pussy being stretched to its limits.

"Oh shit, did I hurt you?" Shawn asked worriedly. [RM: So...did it hurt?] (LMB: Nope, not even alil)

"Ah…shh..ah no, you can start moving now." Shawn nodded and started delivering short quick thrusts into her pussy. "Oh yeah, just like that, that feels so good." she cooed. Shawn continued to fuck her like this for a good 10 minutes before pushing Ms. Dane's ankles towards her head. He leaned over her and started to power fuck her, his dick pushing deep into her pussy. "Ahh…ah, oh shit, fuck me, Shawn! Fuck me just like that," she screamed as he found her g-spot.

Shawn started pounding her into the bench, increasing his pace and force. His eyes were fixed on her jiggling breasts as they bounced with his thrusts. "Ahhh, excellent! You're fucking me so good baby, you're stretching out my wet, little pussy."

"Shit, you're so tight Ms. Dane. Oh goddamn, this is so fuckin' sweet." He drilled into her as hard as he could, his eyes looking into his teacher's.

Rita could feel her release coming. "Mmmm, gonna cum. You wanna cum in me your naughty nurse's pussy?" Shawn could only nod, her dirty talk fueling him to fuck her faster, to make this horny bitch cum all over his dick. Soon he felt her clench around him, her cum squirting out of her pussy, drenching his dick in her fluid.

"Ahh, shit! I'm cummin'!" he warned her. (LMB: Is that really even a warning?) [RM: It's the only warning a girl is gonna get when a guy is balls deep in some good nookie.] (LMB: That...actually makes sense)

"Ah…cum in me, Shawn!" she begged, grabbing his head, bringing him in for a kiss. He came, coating her pussy with his thick cum. Rita moaned at the warmth of his cum filled her.

"Damn...Oh wait, shit! I came in you!"

Rita laughed saying, "Don't worry, I'm on the pill."

"You can get those on this island?"

"Yeah, but only the real slutty girls ask for them." Shawn thought about it then laughed before turning her on her side and motioned for her to left her right leg up. Rita grinned and held her leg up. Within 5 seconds, Shawn was once again balls deep in cougar pussy, fucking her with gusto. (LMB: I've waited for-fucking-ever to use that word XD. "with gusto" *giddy squeal*) [RM: *sighs*]

"Oh shit, can't believe you're still hard as a rock."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." He reached over and grabbed a perky tit, squeezing it roughly. He grabbed a hard nipple and pinched it, sometimes softly, sometimes hard, both of which, made her moan loudly. She reached down and started to rub her clit with fervor, feeling her fluids on her fingers. Soon her fingers were soaking wet so she licked her fingers clean, tasting her cum.

"Oh you're a dirty nurse aren't you?" Shawn said," Tasting your own cum is so sexy," he whispered into her ear. He took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it gently before nibbling on it. She gasped and mewled at his actions.

Shawn kissed he neck softly, nipping her neck every now and then. He lapped at her skin, which was slightly salty from her sweat. "Oh fuck, you're too good. I bet you've fucked some of my sophomore girls, haven't you?"


"Was it Eden?"

Shawn didn't say anything.

"Ohh, so it was Eden."

Shawn didn't say anything again.

"Oh don't worry, I won't tell. I'm just wondering how you got so good at this." [RM: What's with all this conversation?] (LMB: Please shut up)

"Oh, well why didn't you say that then?"

"So, who else have you fucked?"

"Other than Eden, just Tori and Haley."

"Mmm, impressive."

"Hey, I'm gonna cum." ([BOTH: -.- Epic Cop Out no Jutsu!])

"Me too, let's cum together," Shawn said, still balls deep in her pussy. He picked up his pace, every time he slammed into her, his balls slapped her clit. Soon, they came together with Shawn shooting his load into her pussy. The warmth triggered Rita's climax, her pussy squirting fluid all over Shawn's groin. "Damn, you cum a lot," Shawn commented.

"You're one to talk," she replied. Shawn let out a laugh before pulling out.

"Hey, bend over the bench."

Rita nodded and got off before bending over the bench as he asked. She waved her plump ass in a slow swaying motion, teasing the junior behind her. Shawn knelt down and buried his face right between her cheeks, sticking out his tongue to taste her. He treated her soft cheeks as they were pillows, his wild hair brushing against her delicate skin. Rita giggled at his behavior and moaned at the feeling of his tongue probing her wet pussy.

"Oh yeah, lick me, Shawn. That feels so good, mmm, fuck yes" Rita threw her head back in pleasure at the young man's actions as he feasted upon her. Shawn smirked in his mind, his erection flaring up. He stood up and placed his tip at his nurse's tight unexplored asshole and pushed in with vigor. (LMB: Ugh...why did you make him an ass man again?) [RM: Cause you hate anal? ;]

Rita screamed at the sudden intrusion of her anus. Shawn quickly began to pound her, her tight insides slick, hot, and tight. He reached forward to grab and pull her ponytail before leaning over slightly to drill into her with a little more ease. Rita groaned loudly at the tremendous pleasure she was receiving as her anus was being stretched out to its fullest as her student plowed her from behind. Shawn was relentless as he fucked Ms. Dane, his balls were slapping her clit on every thrust. Soon, she moved back as he thrusted, their pelvises slapping each other every time. Shawn let go of her ponytail only to grab her arms and pull them back to make her back arch backwards. Her breasts now had room to bounce freely in sync with Shawn's thrusts. Shawn continued in his manner before tiring of this position. He pulled out before pushing Ms. Dane on her stomach on the ground. He propped her ass up, her head leaning on the floor. He squatted over her and lined him up with her pussy before plunging back in, quickly building speed. Soon he was fucking her at full speed, his thrusts entering her pussy downwardly at a new angle. 'Oh shit, this is different,' Rita thought.

The new position was one that Shawn hadn't tried before but he was glad he thought of it. His dick pushed deep inside Ms. Dane's pussy, deeper than before which let him easily hit her g-spot which almost pushed her over the edge. "Ah, ah, yes! Ooh fuck me, I…I'm going to cum!"

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Cum for me, Rita. Scream my name when you cum. Let everyone know who drilled you like a fuckin' shovel."

That did it. Rita Dane shut eyes shut, threw her head back and screamed Shawn's name to the high heavens, knowing full well that most of the Nursing Building could hear her. Quickly after, she came. Her walls clamped down on his cock like a vice grip. Her pussy spraying fluids while Shawn pulled out then slammed into her bee-hole, cumming in her tight little asshole. The amount was enough where his cum spurted out as she reached capacity.

He pulled out, falling back on the floor, gasping for air. Rita managed to get up and went for her clothes. "You must be tired."

"Hell yeah, but it's nothing a nap won't fix."

Rita threw him his clothes and Shawn quickly got dressed. "Don't tell anyone about this."

"Don't worry Ms. Dane, you're just another horny bitch who wanted some of Daddy Shawn's dick."

Rita smacked him on the arm playfully. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips before leaving.

Shawn left the building shortly afterwards, ignoring the hateful glares of his fellow male students and the lustful stares of the girls, and went back to his dorm to get some well deserved rest.

On the way back, his PDA buzzed. Shawn checked it to see a message.

"Hey daddy, u wanna come over and have some fun? I'm just about to shower ;)" –Eden. Attached to the message was a full picture of Eden's naked body.

Shawn sighed. "Aw, fuck me."

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