The Last Token

For my love

By. Danealia B. Simmons



I waited at the airport for about an hour. Finally I saw my grandmother walking up limp with only a cane to support her. It broke my heart to see it.

Beside me my brother Jarred stood. Sadness and confusion was mixed within him. He was the older brother so tried his best to appear strong but inside he was hurting. I knew it.

"Gabriella! Jarred! Oh how happy I am to see you." She hugged me tightly. "How has your mother been since Robert died?"

Robert was my mothers father. He had recently died of terminal cancer. It was a shock how sudden it had happened. No one knew.

"She's been okay. We don't see her as much anymore. She's always helping Grandma Josie." I sighed.

"Well I'm glad she's trying to cope. Come now you two lets get you out of here and down to my home. I hope you'll like it."

The ride to Grandma Karly's house was about an hour. The whole way no one spoke. Jarred read his sports magazine and I watched the animals fly about in the sky. I didn't want to be here.


Jarred knew that. He also knew I didn't want to go to school in Las Angeles either. But since Mom was taking full on responsibility of Grandma Josie, I didn't have a choice.

When we arrived at Grandma Karly's home I was pretty impressed. The house had four floors. A basement, main floor, upstairs, and a huge attic. She even had a butler named Joe. Who was pretty cool.

What I liked the most was the film room. Grandma obviously read my letters which talked about my love of really old cameras. I had a model of almost every camera ever invented.

My room was amazingly large. It had a walk-in closet and lots of space and a flat screen TV. It also had a bookshelf full of books by my favorite authors I hadn't even read yet. Most dated from like the 1800's till now.

I had to admit, as much as I hated being here. I could get use to the house. Everything was so different. I was so used to my small house in the country, with barely any cars around. It was so loud here I could barely here myself think.

After about an hour of exploring I still wasn't done looking. But I stopped my adventure enough to go to the kitchen and see grandma making something.

"What are you fixing grandma," I asked slightly jittery from my excitement.

"I'm making hot dogs, for Jarred. For you I will be preparing my world class Veggie Burger." She smiled. "I know you're a vegetarian."

I returned her smile. "The house is amazing. I've never seen anything so beautiful ever before. How did you acquire this place?"


"It was given to me by a friend of mine who recently died. Her name was Betty Shurehoff. Very rich too. She left me all her money and this house."

"Wow that's amazing." I looked around the kitchen. "I'm glad you read my letters. Dad never reads them. He doesn't even send mom child support anymore. Though she never complained."

Grandma Karly appeared shocked. "Honey do know what child support is?"

I nodded. "I know a lot grandma. Child support is the money the other parent gives to the one raising the children monthly. Or however the parents work it out." I sighed. "Daddy did a bad thing by leaving. The least he could do is answer my letters."

"I'm sure he wants to darling. He must be busy." She patted my head lightly. "Why don't you go write him another. I will personally give it to him."

I nodded. "Okay grandma." I walked into my personal study room and grabbed a piece of paper and pencil and wrote.

Dear Daddy,

Hey, its Gabriella again. You haven't written me back at all and I would love to here from you Dad. I know you did some and things but I don't hate you.

I miss you. I miss the memories we had when I was younger. I miss all the times you taught me to play guitar and I did very bad at it. Haha! I've actually gotten a lot better. I'd love to play for you.

I heard you live in Riverside, California. Not to far from Las Angeles right? I could come visit. Or you could come visit. I just want to see you Dad.


I know you probably won't read this. But If you do I want you to know I love you so much. Please write back. Or even come visit. Now that we are closer and I don't live in Shannon, North Carolina anymore we could hang out.

I love you Daddy


Gabriella Rivera

I looked over what I had written and smiled. I put my heart into the letter and was proud of it. As soon as I had stuck the stamp on the letter I headed down to the kitchen and handed Grandma the letter.

"Oh that was fast Gabby." She smiled and tucked the letter in her purse. "I will give this to your father while I'm out tomorrow."

"Does he work near here?" My voice was curious. "I wanna see him."

"I know sweetie. He does. But you must wait. He's not accustom to you guys at all. He'll need time."

I nodded, a little disappointed I stalked off. To sad to stay and chat. I decided to take some pictures so I grabbed my Polaroid Camera and headed out.

I walked straight to the woods. The light bounced off my pale skin making me seem transparent. I held the camera up to my eye and focused of the profile of the house.

When I took pictures I connected more to what I was looking at. I had a new found respect for the house this way. I couldn't wait till nightfall would the shadow of the house would silhouette perfectly around it.

I took a couple pictures of the woods that surrounded me.


Even though we lived in the city the house had a huge backyard with a pool and a forest behind it.

I was so absorbed in my pictures I didn't hear someone coming up behind and was startled when I heard a voice say. "Hello."

Jumping I turned to face a boy around my age. Fifteen. He had brown hair and blue-green eyes. He was taller than me probably around five-foot-nine.

"I didn't mean to disturb you," he put in when I didn't respond.

"Oh no," I quickly said. "No disturbance. I was just getting accustomed to by new home." I pointed to the house.

"Oh so your Mrs. Rivera's granddaughter?"

I nodded. "Gabriella Rivera. You are?"

He smiled. "I'm James Dontant. I live next door. I actually come and help out Mrs. Rivera often."

"Oh really? That's cool. Well my older brother and I just got here. His name is Jarred. He's seventeen." I smiled.

"Can't wait to meet him," James said. "So you were taking pictures of the woods? Why?"

"I love nature. You can't change its form. It changes its own form. Every time I take a picture of the same place, even with the same camera, it comes out different every time." I smiled. "I can't wait to develop these and see what they look like. I enjoy using old cameras."

James nodded. "Well I guess I should get to your grandmother." He kissed my hand sending me sparks. "See you later Gabriella." He waved and left.

Even after he was gone I stood still. His touch had sent me a ton of electrical shocks I wasn't use to, and I think I liked it.


Back inside the house I set my camera down and checked on Jarred. "Hey," I said to him as I entered his room. "Whatcha doing?"

He smiled at me. "Just chilling. I'm sure you've already scoped the house."

I nodded. " I even took pictures." I laughed. Jarred knew me better than anyone, and he'd be turning eighteen next month. It was amazing to see him grow up faster than me. I learned from him.

"As always Gabby." He laughed too. Making his red straight hair move in front of his face. He moved it with ease as he said. "Have you met the James boy?"

I nodded. "Yeah why?"

"I don't like him. He acts like a bad boy. I say steer clear of him Gabby. Understand?" There was no hiding the seriousness in his tone.

"I understand Jarred don't worry okay?" I squeezed his hand. "I'm smart."

"I know. Sorry. I just don't like him."

I nodded. "I understand." I kissed his cheek. "Love you big brother."

"Love you too."