A world was created, legend tells by the Titans, omnipotent beings with unimaginable levels of power. The Titans created the universe, galaxies, stars, and worlds. One world they liked most they gave a name too: Resonator. Shortly after creating Resonator, the Titans left evolution to its own ways, only one returning to defeat the Old Gods who claimed rule of the planet after the Titans left this universe forever.

Many races evolved, trolls, humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, and orcs being the central races of the world. The elves and humans formed a neutral alliance, but hated the orcs and trolls, considering them savages not worthy of being called "sentient." Still, they managed to form a sort of truce, agreeing not enter each other's lands, unless it was against a larger threat that could destroy them all.

And this did take place. From the hellish pocket dimension from in the depths of Rezonaoth came the demons, invading the world and chaining up its main protectors, the great dragons. They invaded Raikkeon, the continent in which most races dwelled, and destroyed city after city, reanimating the dead to serve them. The races united to destroy this evil, driving the demons back into the Volcanic Flats where the final battle of Rezonaoth took place. But as victory seemed near, the demon lord, Ras'San'Arok, entered the world, and killed the human leader and the orc leader with one swift blow, as well as driving back the entire army. But as all seemed lost, the dragons flew down, having freed themselves, aand badly burned Ras'San'Arok as he prepared to unleash the blast of energy with their flames. His features scarred by the dragon's powerful flame, Ras'San'Arok lost control and his own energies destroyed parts of him from within, badly wounding and weakening him. He fled before the dragons could destroy him, his demon army following after him, and the portal was closed behind them, the dragons making it so the demon's could never reenter Rezonaoth through their own power.

Many years have passed since the Demon War, but it still remains a close memory and although this power remains to bind the demons to their dimension, laws are always made to be broken.