Epilogue: What the Future Holds

Meanwhile, across the World Sea, on the other continent of Rezonaoth, Thiroth, another was watching. Thiroth was a desolate wasteland of a continent, essentially one enormous desert. Only the toughest and nastiest of animals could survive this harsh wasteland and there weren't many. It didn't look like much.

That was what the dragons wanted everyone to think.

Deep below the only mountain range on Thiroth, there was a vast system of tunnels the dragons called the Virshir. The dragons lived within these tunnels and they rarely ventured out, only doing so if their was a crisis at hand or they were in desperate need of fresh air.

In one central cavern of the tunnels, a massive dragon sat. He was a red dragon, the kind that were able to breath fire. He was a magma colored red, and was at least thirty feet long. His body looked like a giant lizard and he had an enormous mouth, filled with gigantic teeth and massive forked tongue. He had huge bat-like wings that currently folded on his back and spikes ran down his spine. He was staring into a glowing glass ball mounted on a twisted spire. The ball was currently showing a bird's eye view of the Volcanic Flats and the dragon could see that the humans had succeeding in defeating the demons. What a surprise.

There was loud thump, and the dragon turned his head toward the other side of the cavern. Another red dragon was walking inside. He had a missing eye, lost in a battle with a levithian and was much older then the dragon examining the ball. "The blue dragons are ready for battle." The dragon rumbled.

"Do not bother," The first dragon said. "The humans have succeeded in deafeting the ologoth."

"Really?" The second dragon said. "But Rathgae, that is impossible! They would have been defeated the first time if we had not intervened."

"They had help," Rathgae said. "From the wraiths."

"Ah," The second dragon said. "So Ras'San'Arok discovered the ologoth's betrayel. Ironic, isn't it? A demon saves our world from a demon."

"Ras'San'Arok is still weak,"Rathgae said. "And he wants no demon to make a move without him in leadership. But I sense his power grows. Soon, he will make a true attack on our world."

"Then we must warn the other races on Raikkeon!" The second dragon said. "They can prepare themselves for his imminent arrival!"

"No, Spiris," Rathgae said. "You know the oath. We must not interfere in their affairs unless the crisis is at had. And the crisis had not arrived yet. Only the Dragon King can undo the oath and neither of us are king."

"Well, perhaps we are being too hasty," Spiris rumbled. "Afterall, the last remnant of the Cult is now dead and the demons cannot enter our world under their own power."

"Perhaps," Rathgae said, waving his massive clawed hand over the glowing ball and it turned black, the picture fading. "But they may still exsist. And this elf's attack may be what they need to rise again."

Spiris motioned with his clawed hand. "Let us halt the troops then. Maybe there will be no attack. Maybe we are too paranoid."

Rathgae snorted, shaking his large head. "We are not paranoid. We are careful. And there will be a crisis brother. I sense it. The only question is when."

"Hopefully when the world is nothing but ash," Spiris said, walking out of the cavern. "Come, we can discuss this later during the evening meeting."

Rathgae took on last look at the ball. "If only we could warn them…" He whispered. "But there is nothing I can do now. I only hope fate allows me to live after they die." Then he vanished out of the cavern, leaving it in silence.