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Doctor **** Kiin's Case Files

Case #1: Betty Smith

HISTORY: She grew up in a troubled home, an abusive mother and no father to speak of. Her mother forced her own visions of perfection onto her daughter, making her attempt in vain to match her expectations. She was committed on June 15, 2009, after attacking a clothing store clerk for not having her size.

OBSERVATIONS: In all of my interviews with her, she's never in a good mood. She's fussing over every little problem with my appearance, and when I try to redirect her, she takes it as a personal insult. She shows a tendency towards the violent belittling of others, in a much more physical way than most female bullies of her stature. She somehow has green hair, insisting it to be hair dye, but there is no way she has access to such a thing. We're left to assume her mother dyed it that way, and it stuck.

DIAGNOSIS: Blatant Narcissistic Personality Disorder, with perhaps undertones of Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Case #2: Erica Laohme

HISTORY: While having a generally apathetic family, her home life was relatively normal. She was bullied at school for reasons she doesn't care to elaborate to me, and it is very possible this didn't happen at all. She was committed July 26, 2011, after having a psychotic episode in a woman's front yard.

OBSERVATIONS: She acts relatively normal, though she was committed for a reason: she persistently believes there to be a monstrosity following her around. According to her, she'd been seeing it a good portion of her life, and only recently has it been staying around. She constantly attempts to make me 'see' the monster, which causes her to flip personalities entirely and act in the monster's stead. She doesn't seem to realize that this happens.

DIAGNOSIS: Very obvious Schizophrenia, but seeing how the monster only ever seems to cause her harm, and not those around her, it may be a manifestation of Suicidal Tendencies.

Case #3: Mark Karson

HISTORY: Despite having a normal life before, his problems started to manifest when he started dating a Miss Taishou. He became extremely over-attached, and when his girlfriend tried to leave him for exactly that, he killed her. He was committed after pleading insanity on February 12, 2010.

OBSERVATIONS: All in all, he acts extremely normal. He is very chivalrous, though the cage prevents him from fussing over me. I have noticed, however, that a woman's smile locks him up, most likely reminding him of his victim. Haku, one of the guards, tells me that he's made friends with Miss Erica, and I fear a psychotic relapse on his part may occur.

DIAGNOSIS: From what I can tell, a sort of separation anxiety is the main cause of his problems, coupled with Dependant Personality Disorder. His case is the most extreme I've seen, if this is the case.

A/N: If you're wondering why Dr. Kiin's name is censored, she does have a first name. The thing is this story is so old that it's full of characters I don't use anymore, and their actual names are all very odd. I think Betty's real name was Jiohnaduri or something, which sounded good at the time, I suppose. I still do use Dr. Kiin, though in a much modified way, which is why I don't want to use her first name. It's just too strange-sounding in a story meant to be realistic. Doesn't excuse Erica's last name, though. Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll try to update within a year or so next time, but no promises.