Chapter 1

Fara P.O.V

I only remember up to when I fainted. I remember seeing an anger man and an woman that had so much fear in eyes; but she still stood up to the man. I remember the man slapping her then a little girl with dirty blond hair running up to her, tears streaming down her pretty face. The man pushed the girl away and I saw myself running over to the girl to see if she was OK. I saw the man slapped the woman a couple of times before leaving the room saying something. I don't remember what she said, I do remember crying. It wasn't from the girl with dirty blond hair but another girl. She short black hair and she was crying loudly. The girl with the dirty blond hair and I ran over to her. We hugged her and the woman hugged us, I heard her say it was going to be OK. That was a lie like my whole life, it wasn't going to be OK. The man came back with a sliver pistol in his hand. I could see in his eyes that he was ready to kill. The woman stood in front of us yelling and tears streamed down has face. The tears were like rivers going the woman pretty face. BOOM, was the sound that filled the house for a moment then slience. I felt some warm liquid hit my face. I saw myself reach my hand up and touch it. I looked at my fingers that was now covered in color red, it was blood. I felt warm tears run down my face as I saw the woman fall down. Now dead with a bullet wound in her head, my whole world was now crashing down around me. I started to sob loudly yelling something; but I don't remember the words. The man walked over to me and grab me by my shirt. He picked me up, bringing me up to his face. I was crying silently now and I felt a stinging pain go across my face. I then felt the same pain on my other cheek. I felt myself get slam into the wall, pain shot up my spine making me cry out. More tears came to my eyes and the man let me go. He kicked me in my stomach hard making see stars. The man kicked me in my stomach one more time before everything went dark. That is all I remember from that faithful night. I don't remember the little girls name and I don't remember how I ended up with my new "master" as the man want me to call him. I don't remember my real name and what my life was like before that night. I don't wish to remember anything, you might wonder why. Well I'm scared; scared of knowing the truth. Now I lived in some demon kingdom and I am an servant of the king. My master name is Ihorehmmake and I love him with all my heart. My name Is Luisa Diaz now a name that my master has given me. That name doesn't feel right, I do wish to remember my name.

Faith P.O.V

I don't really remember much about the night I was sold to my mistress. I remember seeing my mother killed, I remember hearing the crying of my little sister. I remember the fear in my older sister's eyes. I remember my father cold eyes as he shot my mother dead. I remember my screams and my sisters screams. I don't remember my sisters names or my own name. I don't remember how I ended up in this very soft and warm bed. I do remember my father beating my older sister until she passed out. I remember telling my little sister to run and I myself was about to follow her. Then I felt myself get pulled back and go flying into the wall. I screamed out when I connected with the wall and pain shot right up my back, I begin to slide down and I looked at my father as he got close. I felt him slap me like he did to my older sister only a moment ago. Pain spread across my cheek cause more tears escape my eyes. My father was much quicker with me because my little sister was trying to escape the same fate that happened with my older sister and I. My father punched me hard knocking me out in a instant. I remember him saying as everything started to get black "unless girls, I'm glad I am selling you to those demons." That is all I remember, I wish to remember my sister's names. I also wish to remember what they look like so I could find them. I just wish to be reunited with them again. Now I lived in this giant castle and is a maid to a demon named Adoxkalae. She has asked me to call her by her real name instead of calling her Mistress, like I did when I first became her maid. I promise to protect Adoxkalae since she has protect me all this time. Now my name is Cathy Hess which I don't feel right calling myself. I wonder who I really am.


What do I remember about that night, not much since I was very young at the time. I think I was nine at the time; but I will tell you what I do remember. Don't be disappointed that it is not much. Let me see I remember seeing my father point his gun at my mother's head. I remember seeing that last tear fall down her pale face as he pulled the trigger. I remember me screaming mommy as I tried to push my sister away from me trying to get to my mother now lifeless body. I remember seeing my father drop his gun and walked over to my oldest sister. I remember him raising his hand slapping her hard across the the face. He left a red anger hand print on her right cheek. I watch as he brutally beat her until she fainted from all the pain. I remember my older sister pushing me saying to run. So I did, I ran as fast I could down the long dark corridor. After what it seem to be a eternity of running I stopped to catch my breath. That was a bad idea; I felt myself get picked up by the collar of my dress. Then I was thrown down on the cold hard wooden floor. I scream out as I felt a sharp burning pain in my back. I looked up to see those cold unforgiving eyes of the man I once called daddy. I couldn't help glaring at him in hate and the anger that boiled up inside me. I tried to get up but he put his large foot on my chest; crushing me. I couldn't get enough air and I saw my vision start to fade. I wasn't about to give up yet; I started to clawing at his leg. Finally I was able to cut him with my not so long; but sharp nails. He fell onto the ground shocked that I was able to hurt him at least a little bit. I stood up and started to run again. I ran to the front door and open it. There in the doorway was a man dressed in all black. He looked down at me with cold gray steel eyes. I was scared at first until the man smiled at me warmly. I started to feel safe even if I didn't know this man. I fainted from all the running and fighting that I did. It wasn't healthy for a young nine year old girl like I was to be fighting for her life. When I woke up I was in a king size bed with that same man watching me. He asked me to call him Raxtnur while I lived with him. From there my name change to Keri Kim and I became Raxtnur servant. It never felt right telling people to call me Keri, I really wish I knew my real name. Anyway I have vowed to protect Raxtnur with all my life became I have grown to love him.