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Chapter four

The truth comes in pieces

"Fara, Fara. Come play with us sis." A soft sweet voice stays to me.

"Yeah sis, let's play hide-and-go seek." Another voice says.

"Alright." I hear myself say. Then out of the darkness two girls. One girl had sandy blonde hair that had streaks of pink going through it. She wore a pink shirt and pink short shorts. The other girl had jet black hair with red streaks going through it. The blonde girl had sparkly blue eyes and the black haired girl dark red ones. They both had bright smiles on their faces. I felt like I knew these girls; but I didn't know them at the same time. I feel so strange all of sudden. Oh no, it happening again! I feel like I am choking. Someone, anyone! Help me!

Then I sat up in bed, beads of sweat rolled down my for head. I was panting quietly and had a hand on my heart.

"What was that dream about?" I asked to no one. "Why do I keep having that same dream, over and over again?" I sighed quietly as I stood up from bed. I looked out the window to see the sun peaking over the mountains.

"Another day and I still don't have the truth." I say to myself. Then I start to get ready for the day. I take a cold shower and get dress in my blue dress and apron. I am learning the truth; but only in small pieces. I learn it from my dreams. Like my name, I learned my name is Fara and I have sisters. Those two girls in my dreams are my sisters; but I still don't know their names.

I hate that I have to learn the truth in only pieces and my master won't tell me anything he knows. I really that I have to do this.

"Hello my dear Fara." Speaking of my master, here he is. He was wearing his usual red dress shirt with a black vest over it and red slacks that had black stripes going down.

"Good morning master." I say with a smile towards him. He puts a hand on my head and keeps walking without another word. I could see he was busy. I wanted to yell at him to tell me about my past; but then I would be punished. I don't want that, I have seen the servants get punish before. Not a good thing. I will just keep moving and hope that more answer will be answer in my dreams.

Faith P.O.V

It is now one in the afternoon and my mistress has sent me to town. She wanted me to pick up a dress from her dress maker. So I found myself walking though the Bless kingdom with the wind of freedom flowing through my blonde hair. I came up to this store that had dress display in the window. I walked in and saw no one was there.

"Hello is anyone here?" I called out. No one answer so I venture deeper in the store.

"Why hello there beautiful." I heard a smooth voice say into my ear. I turned on my heel in surprise and saw a very handsome boy there. He looked about nineteen and had red skin with silver hair. He wore a smirk on his face and his eyes had a mysterious glint in them.

"I-I'm here to get the queen's dress." I say to him.

He replies "right this way then." The boy moved a curtain out of the way and I wanted in. There in the room, dresses of all kinds. All around the room, I looked at them in awe.

"Here is the queen's dress." The boy gave me the dress which was of course pink. I thank him and before I left he gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Please come back." He says to me. I blushed a fiery blush and nodded. Then I ran off towards the castle. I was going to ask my mistress if I could go back there again.