it can shake down and make things loose, change the charge
of the electrons all at once. directions are: do your very best
and nothing less! learn in time to understand fear itself and
yourself; lose that. it should always be like that, wind
rushing past your eyes before it was easy now its
windfall, which is worse. this is the part that the Love
that built you up so high, sinks. oceans come in through
the window and nothing can me done. suddenly she is lamenting,
refusing my cursing words "god fucking damnit!" when I
say it all at once to the wall that represents her.
my open space, my dropping space, wide and dark,
I am frightless. a word I made up for the feeling.
lament but prosper! do not let them control you while
you are shining. make a proper fight of it, and a scene
make sure they all knew you meant it when you said
"this wall was made for me! to suspend and rapture
my love; I built it. until it was just high enough to
satisfy a fall. capable of shooting open holes in time
and desert hill. I don't feel the stars on my toes
because I am not in the universe anymore, so
close to her light." this time it was the same sam.
the same sun and in the same town, it happened
again. but he's not why I'm writing this poem!
this poem is for dubstep and strange games that
light up in the park, and leading on a boy marine
like growing tree to my light. he'll fall so hard
and I never will. this poem is for getting the fuck
out of this house before it kills me! kevin who
talks in tongues and Danielle who never called back.
and last of course it is about sam, the love of my life
gone away. empty phone logs, no calls from Mass
achusetts, don't make me say it again. it needs to


a/n feeling pretty unspectacular about ending lately,.