I should have been in love last week like
water in the wash but he fucking made his way
so slyly across the country and I lost, touch.
(I lost touch! do you under?stand? when his
fingers ran all over me like mammals migrating.
shivering spiders out of thighs with just the
tiniest bit of his tongue.) the loud march of
teeth batting each other! all no more. well
dry, throats parched. sun soaked, coastal.
he's not part of my kind, he comes from a
different atom category. I believed we belonged
because we were so different, but it's the reason
it always has to stop. I cannot keep it because
I am not properly made, to absorb his energy.
instead we just break barriers and bridges
that represent a whole lot more then
any words I've ever said. keep your heavy
clouds asshole, I know 9 homes
and all of them are here. (I'm learning to
understand he's not coming back.".