Kon's breath made steam in the air as he breathed the cold city air. His choice of clothing, ever fashionable if solidly monochrome, was thick enough to protect him from the winter chill. He had grown up in a small town that saw snow every year, so he wasn't unaccustomed to the weather. His sharp green eyes looked pointedly through choppy black hair. Kon was not in this strange city by chance, nor was he outside so late at night to enjoy the after dark lights; he was looking for someone and he spotted the tell tale signs of his objective when he caught strands of cotton candy pink hair curling out from behind a pile of boxes. Kon sighed and walked over towards the slumbering figure, there was a needle nearby, used for his drugs Kon had no doubt.

Ayajul had never been alright. Their adoptive father had gotten Kon from a nice enough orphanage, but Ayajul had been forcefully adopted from a foster family that had been physically and sexually abusing him from a young age. Despite years of therapy, Aya had never quite recovered and had developed several unhealthy complexes - not the least of which was a terrible sex addiction and a need to escape his own body. Aya had even become overly affectionate of their father and when he'd been rejected a couple of years earlier, Kon's adoptive little brother had run away… It had been infuriating and insulting that Kon couldn't be seen as a reason to stay behind but it wasn't until Kon had left for college that he even found leads for where he could find Aya.

Ayajul was still just as exotic as he had been when they were kids. Striking pink hair, alabaster pale skin, delicately feminine features emphasized only by his behaviors and long hair. Aya had always been ashamed of the scars that covered his body, but Kon had stopped noticing them after a few years; he noticed now though, Aya had new scars along with his old ones, more than just the needle marks in his arm, there were burn marks and cuts, he was bruised and had a busted lip… "What the hell is wrong with you…" Kon didn't expect a response, he might as well have been talking to a corpse for all the response he would get out of the pink haired male.

Kon bent down and lifte Ayajul gently into his arms. He was shocked to find him so light. Aya had always been frail, but now he was positively skeletal. Kon knew Ayajul had taken to prostitution and drugs to escape but he hadn't thought the life would turn such a beautiful and fae creature into something that looked like the victim of a Japanese horror. Kon practically cradled his younger adoptive brother in his arms and carried him back to his hotel room. Kon had decided during winter break of his second year in college to spend his time following all the leads he could on the pink haired run away. He'd spent a fairly large some of money finding Aya, but considering their father was wealthy and loved him as much as their mother did, whether Kon wanted to admit it or not, he had simply spent the allowance Kienne sent him to find Ayajul.

Once back in his hotel room, Kon laid Ayajul down in the bed and stripped him out of his dirty street clothes. The ebony haired man grimaced at the state of Aya's body. He could see the others ribs all to clearly, there were some nasty bruises along Aya's sides and hips. In the better lighting he could even see marks around Aya's neck. "What the fuck kind of person do you let do this shit to you?" Kon asked bitterly. "Why aren't I good enough…?" Kon stroked Aya's face gently, there was just something so frail about him, it reminded Kon of the first night he had seen Ayajul. Asleep in Kienne's arms, he had looked more like a pink haired puppy then a little boy. He'd been all bruised up then too, Kienne had told Kon that this was his new brother and because Kon was older it meant it was his job to protect him… 'Some job I did..' He marveled at just how much abuse Ayajul had taken; despite it all, his heartbeat was strong, now that he was inside his temperature seemed to be going back to normal and he didn't seem like he was in as poor condition as other drug addicts.. His hair was still relatively healthy and his skin, while pale and drawn, wasn't cracked or drying… Maybe he could convince the pink haired male to come back with him…

Kon redressed Ayajul in one of his own skirts and covered the younger man. While he waited for the drugs to wear off and for Aya to wake up, Kon went to the window and opened it. It was snowing pretty solidly now. 'How was he planning to survive this..?' Kon lit his cigarette and took a heavy drag before letting the smoke go to mingle with the snow… Kon's face was firm and displeased as his thoughts turned negative. 'How very representative of the world… Smoke, dirt, filth… Those things rise, while purity like snow can't help but fall.' Kon looked over at Ayajul.. If only Aya had never been in that foster family, if only Kon had worked harder to make him realize that there was someone who cared about him.. If only, if only, if only…. Kon took another steep breath of the toxic smoke. He didn't usually smoke, he tried to keep his lungs healthy for swimming, but the stress of looking for Ayajul and the need to blend in had caused him to pick up the habit. Now he smoked to give himself something to do while he waited for Aya to come back to himself.

It was four long hours before Ayajul stirred. It was early in the morning, somewhere between three and five, Kon hadn't been watching the clock and hadn't bothered to look over at it when he heard his adoptive brother stir. Kon dropped his cigarette and walked quickly over to the bed. He leaned over Ayajul, watching as a beautiful set of amethyst eyes, still clouded from his drugs, tried to focus up on him in the darkness of the hotel. "….F-father….?" Ayajul's voice was weak, he sounded dehydrated and hoarse from screaming; it made Kon's fists clench and his teeth grind to think about why.

"No." He returned sharply. Kon was well aware of how much like Kienne he looked, he was also well aware that Ayajul had been overly fond of their father but rarely showed the same kind of notions for Kon.

"Oh…" Was the weak response. Ayajul put an arm over his face, as though the sight of Kon hurt him like light hurt with a migraine. "Oh…" His voice trembled and Kon realized Aya was trying not to cry… His pink haired brother had expected that one day Kienne would come looking for him, that he would save him again and somehow, Aya would have another chance.

Kon felt a stab of betrayal that it wasn't enough for him to be the one saving Aya. "Well, now that you're awake. I'm gunna go take a shower." Kon said stiffly. He noticed how Aya seemed to go a little rigid at that comment. Did he expect Kon to do something to him? Was he thinking about running away..? "Whatever you do, stay inside. It's snowing out there." Kon left it at that, he would leave Aya to make the intelligent, or at least self serving decision to stay in the warmth.

Kon walked into the bathroom and closed the door; he didn't think to lock it. He just stripped down, leaving his clothing lying on the ground in a pile. It took a moment of fiddling with the handle, but eventually Kon got the water spraying good and hot. It was what he needed to warm his bones after sitting in front of that open window for so many hours and he let out a hiss of both pleasure an discomfort when the hot water flushed his skin and brought a familiar tingle to him. He heard the distant snap of Aya closing the window. At least he wasn't planning to leave if he didn't want the window open. Kon sighed and rubbed his face under the running water with his hands.. Why the hell had he gone through all this trouble for a selfish runaway who didn't even like him..?

Kon did not, however, heard as Ayajul carefully opened the bathroom door and slid inside. The long haired pink male dropped Kon's shirt on top of the pile n the floor. Kon, so wrapped in his thoughts barely recognized the rustle of the shower curtain; he was taken nearly completely off guard when bone thin arms wrapped around him, the still quite cold body of the shorter pink haired pushing up against him in an innocent yet still seductive way. "You came…" His voice was still harsh, but there was a kind of wonder in it.. "Why..?"

Kon dropped his arms, his hands resting on the slender ones gripping at his chest like a child frightened from a nightmare and seeking comfort. 'Why? I've been asking myself the same thing…' Kon wasn't sure he could give Aya a satisfying answer. "You're my brother." Kon managed, though the answer seemed to stick to his tongue. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't why he had spent so much time looking for Aya, or so many nights hoping against all the odds that his brother wasn't dead in a ditch or dirty motel room somewhere…

"Is that all?" Aya pressed his cheek against the warm skin of Kon's shoulder. Kon had always been larger then Aya, now he seemed enormous.. Like Kienne but Kon never pushed him away. Ayajul pushed himself closer to that warmth, away from the cold and the lonely. "Did you do it because he sent you…?"

Kon frowned. "Of course not! I came here because I wanted to find you!" Kon turned, forcing a little distance between them before pulling Aya tightly against his front. "I wanted you to be alive! You left without even saying goodbye!" Kon ground his teeth.. They weren't the only things he wanted to tell Aya, but it was all he could get out.

"Oh…" The response was a simple one, but Aya leaned himself into the warm embrace, surrounded by Kon's strong arms and the hot water pouring over both of them. Aya said nothing further, he was still in the haze of the drugs and wasn't entirely sure if the situation was real of a hallucination to keep him warm through the night.

"Aya…" Kon took the pink haired males shoulder firmly in his hands and forced the other to look at him. "I want you to come live with me. I live in a different city where I go to college. We'd be alone. Will you come live with me?" Sharp green eyes pierced into dull purple. Those lovely amethysts never quite held onto a spark. They twinkled from time to time, but a lot of Ayajul's life had only ever been about surviving and not about simply living.

Ayajul stared up at Kon. Processing slowly, his eyes began to widen when he understood what Kon was asking. "B-but…" Aya found himself with a soft blush and he buried his face in Kon's chest again. "…I… I want to but.."

"No Buts." Kon pulled Ayajul into his arms again and ran his hands over the boney flesh of his back. "If you want to then you're coming with me." Kon moved them so Ayajul was under the direct stream of water to bring his temperature back up. "But no more drugs and no more whoring." Kon said sternly.

Ayajul stiffened when Kon said whoring… Aya had found himself terribly addicted to things like sex… Drugs he could do, that was just a physical addiction, it would be hard but Ayajul had stopped doing drugs before. Any time something he had grown fond of started getting cut with other things he would stop for a while, find something clean and start up again. The pink haired male could just go back to massive amounts of sugar like he had when he was a kid.. But sex…. Sex was both physical, mental and emotional… "C-can…" Ayajul was frightened to even ask. "If I don't whore…" The word sounded sharp in his own ears. "Will you have sex with me..?" Had it not been for the drugs, Aya might had been much less bold about the situation, but his mind was blurred and so was his filter.

Kon was shocked by the question but ultimately nodded. "Yeah.. If you need it then just ask me."

Kon spent their shower cleaning Ayajul like one might clean a child before washing himself. When they were done, he dried them both in fluffy towels. He slung his own pants on and found one of the complimentary robes to wrap around Aya's slender form. He gathered Aya into his arms and took them over to the bed where he tucked Aya under the covers first before turning off the lights and getting into bed beside him. Kon wasn't surprised when he found himself with Ayaul wrapped almost entirely around him. The dark haired male just pulled the blankets over them tight and held his adoptive brother gently.

"…. Kon…?" Aya didn't move, but Kon could feel the pink haired boys pulse pick up. "Thank you.."

Kon didn't open his eyes, deciding to keep calm and try not to agitate Aya further. "Mm? For what?"

"Saving me…" Aya nuzzled into Kon's side… The truth was, when he ran away… Aya had missed Kon terribly. Kienne had not wanted him and Kon had looked so much like Kienne that Aya hadn't been sure he could separate his feelings for the both of them. Time spent apart had reminded him that he missed Kon, over and over… Ayajul had constantly tried to lure in tall clients with pale skin, green eyes and black hair so he could pretend that one of his beloved men had come back for him… Kienne had made his choice clear but maybe Kon would be more likely to want him around… Kon had come to save him after all…

"Stupid…" Kon tightened his grip. "Of course I wouldn't leave you alone."