1. " Don't clean your room so much. It makes the rest of the house look filthy."1

2. " Wow, a 70! That's going to hang on the fridge for sure."2

3. " You're eight years old, Susie. Don't you think it's about time you get a serious boyfriend?"3

4. " Skip your homework. Watch MTV with me."4

5. " Aw, you don't need to brush your teeth. You did last month, remember?"5

6. " That was weak, Peter. Let me give you some pointers on punching your brother harder."6

7. " Lola, those shorts are way too long. None of the boys will look at you if you don't dress sexier."7

8. " Ooh, Marilyn Manson! Turn up the radio, he's such a hottie!"8

9. " Sure, I'll extend your curfew. Why don't you stay out until your curfew tomorrow, in fact?"9

10. Oh my gosh! When did you get your bellybutton pierced? You should've told me! I would've paid for it myself!
11. Oh please, you dont need to take out the trash today.3. I heard you hit your teacher, THAT'S AWESOME!
12. Suspended again? Let's celebrate!
13. Is your room clean? No? Okay, that's fine.
14. Sure, you can go to New York with your boyfriend without an adult!
15. If we remove that desk from your bedroom, we could fit in a wide screen telly
16) Why dont you start a band?
17) Would you like to borrow the car? I just filled it up
18) Why dont you get your nose pierced at the same time?
19) We're out sat night, why dont you have a party?
20. Here's some money, want a boob job?