Law 1: If your parent's favorite song comes on the radio, you can bet you and everyone within 20 miles is going to hear it. If YOUR song comes on the radio, if they even allow you to listen to it, it will be played so soft you get ear strain trying to hear it.1

Law 2: They are not happy with the length of your shorts and skirts unless they are long enough to be capris or at your toes.2

Law 3: If you are on the Internet, they must interfere and tell you they have to make a call within the first five minutes.3

Law 4: When visiting someone, they will always say " Okay we're leaving," then stay another 30 minutes. Then they'll say it again and stay another hour. Repeat.4

Law 5: They will question you about any person whose name you innocently happen to mention until they know everything about them that you do, including their secrets you swore not to tell.5

Law 6: If you do not do chores voluntarily without them telling you to, they will yell at you for not thinking " Hey, I have a great idea, I'll clean the whole house from top to bottom."6

Law 7: If you DO do chores, however, there will still be something wrong with the way you did them.7

Favorite sayings of parents:8

1. " Clean your room, it looks like a pig sty!" Since when do pigs have clothes/CDs/ random junk? I thought they just had mud.9

2. " Why aren't you wearing earrings? And put on some perfume." I believe this is just my mombut maybe not.10

3. " Let me see that magazine." Grrrr.11

4. " Why can't you just get along with your brother?" Because he is trying his hardest to make me commit murder, that's why.12

5. " Are you going out of the house looking like that?" No, I was planning on stripping once I got outside.13

6. " Why don't you invite that nice girl over?" Because she hates me and I can't stand her, that's why.14

7. " You don't need a car until you can pay for one." Okay, so maybe that's true, but don't I need to have a job to earn money, and don't I need a way to get to a job?15

8. " When I was your age..." ZZZ.16

9. " Stop whining." But Mommmiiiieeee lol.17

10. " You have an attitude." Duh. 18

11. " Don't sass me." 19

12. " You need to make more friends." No, I LOVE being unpopular, Mom. Thanks for the advice.2013. " You and so and so would be perfect together." Oh really? Thanks a lot, I bet you'd say that if you saw the way he acts at parties.21

14. " You're so spoiled!" Okkkk I have no car, cell phone, allowance or similar items but okkk22