brothers- n. obstacles in one's path to be like Jesus, also main cause of world suffering.1

Makeup- n. ugly people's attempt to deny the obvious.2

Thongs- n. a piece of string slapped on a female's butt crack to save her from the disgrace of wearing no underwear at all3

Cafeteria- the new kid's nightmare.4

Clown- scary, psychotic person, usually an ex mental patient, who gets away with assault and harrassment because some strange people find them funny5

textbook- a book which is bigger than the Bible and contains far less interesting and useful information6

grammar- sneaky way of taking away one's freedom of speech7

football coach- 1. a fat man who gets glee out of sitting on his butt watching teens sweat overgrown jock who wants to relive the glory days of high school8

P.E.- cruel and unusual punishment specially designed to destroy one's self esteem9

high school principal- ex politician10

basketball player- one who takes gatorade commercials way too literally11

redneck- anyone who says ya'll, yonder, boot for the trunk of a car, or has a belt buckle the size of your fist12

Latin- a language people claim is dead but is referred to so often it must be a ghost13